Breasts Are Beautiful

Male and Female breasts are beautiful, and we should be less ashamed of them in society. Many rude people enjoy making-fun-of, degrading, and insulting bare breasts. A person showing nudity (even genitals) is not anymore rude than the person that labels them as rude. Nudity is as natural as our bodies are, and clothing is artificial. Protective clothing is certainly useful and good, but so is our freedom to be nude.

Russian and Ukrainian women’s groups (Pussy Riot and Femen) are bold enough to protest the absurdity of laws clearly designed to shame women. Americans need to practice their freedoms more, to help the world to be less oppressive. It is amazing that women in oppressed countries are daring to suffer, and press the boundaries of what the ‘free world’ considers acceptable in public.

Kimberly ChestWowven Breasts

green lady C-cups.jpg

drogo chest 3


Bare Breasts 1Bare Breasts 2


[All models for my art are at least friends of mine, please be respectful of these images.]



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