New Postings

Anyone can leave a reply comment without joining anything, and without even giving an email address. SCOD Blog makes it easier to post your work, than most other blogs. We remove unwanted steps, like registering and crap.

If you want to become more involved with our Blog, here is how:

To show up on the menu as a SCOD Contributor you must not only be known to SCOD, but join WordPress (free with email address).  Then write an email to Administrator Drogo ( with the email that you used to join WordPress. The Administrator then adds you as a “Contributor”. Finally your icon will show up in the starboard column under “Contributors” when you post a full essay (with new essay Title) in a Category (not just reply as a comment). The option for “New Post” should be on your upper left.

SCOD Blog Categories:

1. Individual / Independent

2. Outside Cooperatives / Communities

3. Philosophy interpreting our World: Subcategories are all rational thought subjects in recorded History

4. SCOD Pipedream Pub
SCOD Medieval Tavern, SCOD Projects, SCOD Architecture, SCOD Art
(obviously there is cross-over, so you can post under multiple headings)

5. Uncategorized  (things that have not been labeled yet)


2 Responses to “New Postings”

  1. doctormetropolis Says:

    Yeah Brother…

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