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Obama’s Healthcare Hypocrisy

Posted in Politics with tags , , , on June 22, 2009 by johnperryonline


“I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care program… And that’s what I’d like to see. But as all of you know, we may not get there immediately. Because first we have to take back the White House, we have to take back the Senate, and we have to take back the House.” …Barack Obama, 2003.

So here we are six years later, all those conditions met, and the man who is now president won’t even consider single payer as an option for healthcare reform, even though the majority of Americans, majority of doctors, majority of nurses and the majority of health economists want it. Even though it will cost us less than we’re paying now and cover everybody…even though it will save us $400 billion dollars per year in needless administrative and executive bonus waste.

Even though it will allow you free choice of doctor and hospital. So if you like who you’re seeing now, no problem. Keep going. Except you’ll have to deal with no co-pays, no deductibles, no bills, no exclusions for pre-existing conditions, and nobody will go bankrupt because they can’t pay their medical bills.

What do you suppose happened between 2003 and now to turn Barack Obama so squarely against single payer healthcare?

Ralph Nader put it pretty well this week:

“There’s only one explanation for Obama’s flip-flop on single payer. The health insurance and drug corporations have a hammerlock on Washington. And Obama is going along to get along.” – Pay to play favors for bribes.

It’s that simple, folks. He’s playin’ the game, along with most of the rest of Washington. They’re wheelin’ and dealin’ with their corporate sugar daddies, fighting to preserve a failed healthcare system that will continue to place profit above people while they only pretend to bring us change.

The Congressional Budget Office says that even under the best of the healthcare reform proposals now being considered, ten years from now not only will 36 million people still be uninsured, but we’ll also have ten trillion dollars in new expenses. That is not healthcare reform, people. That’s what’s revealed when you take away the smoke and mirrors.

Single payer is the only choice for real healthcare reform. Please don’t take my word for it. Check out the links, do the homework, learn the truth for yourself. Then contact your reps and demand it. If they refuse to support it, ask them why they’re ignoring the majority will of the American people. Don’t let them get away with telling you “the votes aren’t there.” Remind them that the votes are NEVER there until a vote is taken, and that their job is to advocate on OUR behalf, not on behalf of the corporate profit pigs who couldn’t care less about our health.

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Obama on other issues in hind-sight:

Follow the money to find out why Wall Street, Banks, and Big Business got bail-outs, and the average people in debt crisis did not. Obama could have helped the lower class and environment more, he chose to spend the most on businesses that pollute and rich people that scam us, same as Republicans. Did he preserve more land for national parks than a republican would have? yes. Did he help most people to afford the cost of living? no. Did he give environmental subsidies to promote renewable resources and green jobs? a little bit, but not enough for most of us to notice. Did he increase police militarization, incarcerations, and deportations? yes. Homeless people who lost homes, workers unable to pay bills, and most people noticed how that shit affects their lives, they could have at least used the tax refund of 100 bucks that Bush gave when he got out. That was the one thing that any republican ever did that helped me, to refund some tax money directly to the ones that need it most. To be fair Democrats defend a progressive tax rate overall.