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SCOD Toys 1

“Toys set the stage for thoughts of young ppl. What is possible, what is challenging etc. so what came to mind was a product line for scod framed around learning of all types of heritage from Native American to ancient Egyptians Celtic and even outside that, fairies n such. All with not just toys, but lil history (perhaps a short mp3 video) and creative prompts a short bulb and cheap camera child could make their own movie kinda thing. Tech is at a point not so cost prohibitive. The other thought was players around sustainable communities. The materials and designs etc. all based on ur scod concept, made applicable for kids to explore and become interested in what we do. So why toys? It’s about $18billion in annual sales and we could use artist to help design. First target could be a model set. sale at farmers markets n such but also a website. Create a virtual community of sustainable community folks. Sales from toys would go towards building an actual scod. Ppl love apocalypse, chaos and the triumph of recovery. We could make this into experiential learning. Possible tap small business grants and education grants. We could even do adult nights enticing them with a package, children’s adventure/childcare type thing. And/or create immersive summer camps. Pbs… Documentary…. Combination of science creative play history… All planting seeds and thoughts about what their future can or will look like Total anti generally accepted educational experience leaning more towards Montessori then taking even further Instead of having copyrights others have to purchase, their “contribution” goes towards artist and maintaining of a sustainable community.” Makers and Shakers series – Tammy Lynn

creative commons (no copyright)

made in America

organic or recycled materials

alternative architecture

renewable energy

gardens and animals – BOG Peeps

play and learn

children are people too

everyone is an artist

we are all heroes of our own lives

Now you can be the hero!!!


Backside of Toy Packaging:

As seen on PBS!!! New from SCOD, BOG Peeps the Eco-Dweller series!!! Made in America by consenting adults, with organic or recycled materials. Alternative architecture is not just for hippies! Renewable energy is not just a pipe-dream anymore either, we make these miniature gardens dwellings and BOG Peeps animals using the elements of Nature! Play and learn that children are people too, everyone is an artist, and we are all heroes of our own lives. Now you can be the hero!!!

Series: Makers, Shapers, and Shakers; BOG Peeps Eco-Dwellers, Garden Guards, Wilderness Sprites

Teachers can hand out ‘kits’ of do-it-yourself SCOD Creative story projects, to encourage self creation in children. Toy packages tend to come with a figurine (doll), (doll) house, booklet, data chip