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Lullabies – Sleep Songs

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Sleep Song by Drogo


My mind is almost gone,

I don’t know what’s going on.

Lulled by a lovely tune,

I will be asleep soon.

Some way, some how,

I am going to the land of sleep now.






more to be added when im awake….


Creative Process: Vanity vs Self-Esteem

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listening to how i sang as a kid gave me the freedom i needed to try more with myself. I like half-poetry, half-chanting free-form songs for my voice; if i can focus on singing it how i want without caring about other instruments as much it is easier to sound ok I think. if i dont have to match every note exactly to something else, it becomes way easier. sort of like singing to a child, ‘professional stress’ is not a factor, we just use the voice we have as pleasantly or as silly as we want.

recording studios are really not better than just recording something meaningful, quality aside. since emotional quality doesnt depend on sound standards that are relatively the same. either way its someone pressing record, and then anyone can change it around later. vanity is funny, because if we dont want to look at ourselves in a mirror, it is usually because we think we would feel worse, however that means that by not doing it we are being more selfish to feel better, because we are afraid of not being good enough for whatever. Like when we dont want other people to look at an image we dont like of ourselves, when we think the image is not as good as we are, we are being vain. It is probably more humble to not be so concerned about how other people feel towards us either way.

the effort to record as in pressing record is not really a big deal. People make a bigger deal about how often they listen to themselves, superstitiously as though as many times as watching anything else will make them insanely vain and jinx their talent. society gives you a stereotype of how we should look and sound. I think thats the problem for a lot of people. Plus people tire of things easily, if they think they are getting nothing good out of it.

Self-esteem to want to listen to yourself, look at yourself, and learn from yourself is not usually the same as extreme vanity to the point of narcissism. The term narcissism has been over-used recently, like the word ‘creepy’, because we are all realizing how common it is to not understand things we see in each-other, that we consider different regarding ourselves. Some people are more sensitive to things, or caught up in psychological complexes than others, but really existence is a psycho-somatic mystery for all of us, even the ones that think they have solved it.

Be confident when you feel you need to express yourself and defend your work! If people do not like it, at least you were true to yourself, no matter how much they think you failed. Retrospect combined with empathy is actually how caring and considerate people judge things, not the history that psychopathic dictators think is justified in the name of ‘might is right’; this is usually a bigger problem than most of us will face by our own common whistling however.

Aeyla Goddess 13

Appearance & Reality in Art

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The best media that expresses the theme of appearance and reality, is the wide wonderful world of Art! One can assume that there are four sub-divisions of our sensorial existence in reality: visual reality, physical reality, olfactory reality, and audio reality; which are all dependent on each-other, and inter-connected with individual and group mental realities. There are also appearances of all our senses. A fifth sense could be considered to be our metaphysical imagination (spirit mind). Through drawing and painting visual arts, one experiences visual appearances and then mental appearance. Mental neocortical impressions of fantasy or reality, can be perceived in various combinations. That appearance can be taken to be the reality of what the art represents, until a later meditational analysis of our brains produces a different interpretation of our visual and mental reality, that we believe about the work of art; including what the art actually is, what it represents, and what it means to us or others.

For example, Pieter Bruegel the Elder based his detailed drawing work upon realistic observations, to represent figures and landscapes; however like Bosch, his art combines very surreal and fantastic aspects to what we can identify as figures and landscapes. Mental reality sinks in later, that his art cleverly pokes fun at the Christian Catholic Church. In fact, Bruegel ordered his wife to burn certain drawings because he thought they were “too biting and sharp”. Bruegel’s reality was hidden within the action, setting, and characters of his art works; because he was reluctant to openly admit his surreptitious views on the evils of society.

Bruegel earned his living producing drawings to be turned into prints for the leading print publisher Hieronymus Cock. His great successes were a series of allegories, which adopted many obsequious style mannerisms of his predecessor Hieronymus Bosch. In Bruegel’s works his sinners are grotesque, while the allegories of virtue wear odd head-gear. Imitations of Bosch sold well, like ‘Big Fish Eat Little Fish’ (Albertina), which Bruegel signed but Cock falsely attributed to Bosch in the print version.

Another example of a famous surreal artist is M.C. Escher. Maurits Cornelis Escher was brilliant for drawing impossible shapes, that appear to be possible 3-D objects at first due to his skillful rendering, but then reveal aspects of themselves to be mathematical line trickery upon further examination. Escher’s realism has 4 basic levels: structure, content, contour, and event integration. Structures in a drawing means 2-D surfaces are rendered with 3-D appearance, creating illusions of forms and spaces. Link structure with content phenomena, and form texture contours. Lastly, characters interact and integrate with setting events in a pluralistic world concept with recognizable motifs.

Salvador Dali is still the epitome of a modern surreal artist, even years after his death. Like other surreal artists, Dali leads the viewer’s mind through a maze, and then a sieve. Often his work is presented as being real in appearance, but in actuality is a painting, or photo, or film of dream-like illusions that are disturbing on a sub-conscious level. Dali creates appearance of fantasy, but the deeper Jungian subjective meanings are disturbingly hidden from casual glance.

Appearance and reality in music is strange to talk about, as we do not usually refer to sounding ‘realistic’, as we do with art appearing ‘realistic’. When music sounds real, we mean it sounds like a live orchestra or a real instrument, rather than an electronic synthesizer or recording. However music does create dramatic mental illusions with sound. Composers like Wagner, Mascagni, and Carl Orff were masters of telling audio stories to our hearing senses. Various musical instruments or voices can summon angry gods, peaceful landscapes, bold shining knights, beautiful flowers, and other associative feelings.

In poetry each verse gives an appearance to the reader or listener, and the reality derived is subjective. John Greenleaf Whittier’s poem ‘Snow Bound’ descriptively portrays New England life and structures during snow days. One can almost feel the cold of the snow, yet is kept warm by the brilliance of the writer’s passionate imagination. Lord Byron makes clear the emotions in many of his poems, creating ideal or realistic images within the reader’s head. Poets manipulate emotions with words, to engage the audience.


  •  [ from SCOD Thesis Philosophy Theories ]

Music – AMM Trip-hop

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AMM = Appalachian Mountain Militia

Band:  J.B. C.O.D.I.A.K., A-Rob, and Mac Hatfield

Remixes by Drogo Empedocles

“Hey You Guys” aka “People Please Wakeup” (Eco Rap)

AMM Beat 150

“Real Talk” ft. CODIAK, Arob, & Mac

“Screwface”  ft. CODIAK, Arob, & Mac

just some favorites….

Hillhouse Digi 5.jpg



Native American Modern Beats

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American Indian Music



Montreal, Canadian

Canadian Club DJs, ‘Tribe Called Red’




















WV/MD/PA/VA/OH-area Independent Bands…for all of you local (or not so local) music lovers…

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Okay folks, here it is, my list of my most favorite-est local bands…bands you should check out- bands you should most certainly go see, if you get the chance (and if they are still around).

A little background info: I am a resident of the Eastern Panhandle of WV; the partner of a bass player; the daughter of a guitar and dulcimer-playing father and a mother with a lovely voice; the aunt of a 12-year old young man who knows music by ear and can play any instrument you put in front of him; a lover of live local shows; and a newly- inducted member of a local band that includes my husband, and two of my good friends (brothers from another mother). I’ve been tagging around with my husband for the last 10 or so years as he’s played in 2 different bands and with various solo folks. I’ve taken thousands of photographs, made tons of flyers, recorded hours of video, and attended every show. Local musicians are artists who put their souls on display and create performance art at every. single. show. they. play, whether it is for an audience of 10 or 100.

Anyhow, I invite you to give a listen to the following local, independent bands, but keep in mind, this is certainly not a complete list. If you like what you see or hear, please subscribe to their pages, listen to their tunes, go see them in action (unfortunately, like I said, a few of them aren’t around any more)…it will be well worth your time, and it’s always a good thing to support your local artists (I should know)!


(Hard rock psychedelic doom from MD)

Watch: Beelzefuzz- All the Feeling Returns

Six Ton Shogun

(3 piece instrumental/audiovisual band from WV)

Watch: Six Ton Shogun- Rennaissance


(Psychedelic doom metal from VA)

Watch: Helgamite- The Apiarist

Admiral Browning

(Instrumental bliss from MD)

Watch: Admiral Browning- The Binary Language Of Moisture Vaporators


(Straight-up rock with soaring vocals from OH)

Watch: Lo-Pan- Chichen Itza


(Heavy instrumental from WV)

Listen: Hovel on Myspace


(Stoner doom ambient post-rock noise from WV)

Listen: Nagato on Myspace


(Doomy thrash from MD)

Watch: Slagstorm live in Hagerstown, MD


(Sludgy noise rock from MD/VA/WV)

Listen: Akris on Bandcamp


(Dark Appalachian Pop from WV)

Listen: Cheshi on Bandcamp

Arming the Architect

(Metal from VA)

Watch: Arming the Architect- House of Claymont


(Old-school heavy metal from VA)

Watch: Monolith live in Strasburg, VA

Noetic Pull

(Funky, groovy rock from WV)

Watch: Noetic Pull: Cobra Kai

Black Blizzard

(2 piece love from WV)

Listen: Black Blizzard on Bandcamp

Pale Divine

(3 piece doom metal from PA)

Watch: Pale Divine- Angel of Mercy


(Cosmic sludge from VA)

Listen: Foehammer on Bandcamp


(Punk assault from WV)

Listen: RHIN-Bastard

Karma to Burn

(Instrumental stoner desert rock from WV)

Watch: Karma to Burn music vids

Faith in Jane

(Groovy stoner doom metal from MD)

Listen: Faith in Jane on Bandcamp

Old Indian

(Jammy rock from MD)

Listen: Old Indian on Bandcamp

At the Graves

(Heavy sonic one man band from MD)

Listen: At the Graves on Bandcamp

Eat Asphalt

(Metal from MD)

Listen: Eat Asphalt on their website


(Slow terror from MD)

Listen: Fortress on Bandcamp
























Celtic Music Favorites

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Celtic Music is emotional and full of energy. Celtic songs can be slow and sad, and quick and lively; loud and proud, or soft and gentle. I love them all.

Drogo’s favorites

Celtic Bands: Pendragon, Enya, Clannad, Loreena McKennitt, Seven Nations, Pogues, Drop Kick Murphies, Chieftains, Unfortunate Rakes, Boiled in Lead, and many more

Celtic Songs: Whiskey In the Jar, She Is Like a Swallow, Wind That Shakes the Barley, Anam, Poison Glen, Mummers Dance, Dulamon, and many more