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Space Drogo – lyrics

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Space Drogo, always doing things with space!

Space Drogo, out to save the human race!

Space Drogo, the great king of the Appalacia,

Space Drogo, you betcha – he’s here to save ya! Space Drogo!

Always on a mission, space Drogo, flying in good condition!

Space Drogo, now you now his name!

Space Drogo, life will never be the same!


– Lyrics by Andy Sweeney 2019


Lullabies – Sleep Songs

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Sleep Song by Drogo


My mind is almost gone,

I don’t know what’s going on.

Lulled by a lovely tune,

I will be asleep soon.

Some way, some how,

I am going to the land of sleep now.






more to be added when im awake….

Creative Process: Vanity vs Self-Esteem

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listening to how i sang as a kid gave me the freedom i needed to try more with myself. I like half-poetry, half-chanting free-form songs for my voice; if i can focus on singing it how i want without caring about other instruments as much it is easier to sound ok I think. if i dont have to match every note exactly to something else, it becomes way easier. sort of like singing to a child, ‘professional stress’ is not a factor, we just use the voice we have as pleasantly or as silly as we want.

recording studios are really not better than just recording something meaningful, quality aside. since emotional quality doesnt depend on sound standards that are relatively the same. either way its someone pressing record, and then anyone can change it around later. vanity is funny, because if we dont want to look at ourselves in a mirror, it is usually because we think we would feel worse, however that means that by not doing it we are being more selfish to feel better, because we are afraid of not being good enough for whatever. Like when we dont want other people to look at an image we dont like of ourselves, when we think the image is not as good as we are, we are being vain. It is probably more humble to not be so concerned about how other people feel towards us either way.

the effort to record as in pressing record is not really a big deal. People make a bigger deal about how often they listen to themselves, superstitiously as though as many times as watching anything else will make them insanely vain and jinx their talent. society gives you a stereotype of how we should look and sound. I think thats the problem for a lot of people. Plus people tire of things easily, if they think they are getting nothing good out of it.

Self-esteem to want to listen to yourself, look at yourself, and learn from yourself is not usually the same as extreme vanity to the point of narcissism. The term narcissism has been over-used recently, like the word ‘creepy’, because we are all realizing how common it is to not understand things we see in each-other, that we consider different regarding ourselves. Some people are more sensitive to things, or caught up in psychological complexes than others, but really existence is a psycho-somatic mystery for all of us, even the ones that think they have solved it.

Be confident when you feel you need to express yourself and defend your work! If people do not like it, at least you were true to yourself, no matter how much they think you failed. Retrospect combined with empathy is actually how caring and considerate people judge things, not the history that psychopathic dictators think is justified in the name of ‘might is right’; this is usually a bigger problem than most of us will face by our own common whistling however.

Aeyla Goddess 13

Hey You Guys – Green Rap

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Hey You Guys (Green Rap) – AMM SCOD concept by Drogo, lyrics by Codiak, rapped by Codiak


People please wake up, our planet we are killin’;

Polluting all our resources, nothing left for the children.

Please think of the native americans before us.

Show respect for the mountains, open plains, and the forests.

Man-kind extinction, that’s what we are facing.

We maintain our cell phones, but mother earth we are defacing.

There is no way to deny it, there are changes in our climate.

Warfare and shrapnel, we care more about gain capital,

than the reservation (resurrection) of our fragile planet.

(Drogo, they don’t hear me man! Wake em up!)


Man-made chemicals, factories, vehicles; form death called smog.

Best believe we are breathing it all.

Children born with disabilities due to radiation in facilities.

Poisoned waters, West Virginia took it personal, I’m from there.

Nuclear bomb testing, gunned down while protesting.

This ignorance is persistent, mother earth needs our assistance.

Can’t stand by idly, there’s a fight brewing inside of me.

Elephants and rhinos getting murdered for their ivory.

Families misplaced, industries they replace THEM;

It’s all about the money, what about THEM?

Pipeline running through the MOUNTAINS.

Gator belts and shark skins.

Love comes from the heart AND soul.

Our young ones gotta know,

tickin’ time bomb, and the world about to blow….

world about to blow….

not a word about the blow….

word about the blow…


SCOD Punk Rock Songs

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Mosh mosh mosh, Oi oi oi

Mosh mosh mosh, Oi oi oi

Run around and show off your color!

If you have a dollar give it to your brother!

Dance around until your souls go dim,

(what i really wanna know is….)

Are you as funked up as I am?!?

Mosh mosh mosh, Oi oi oi






SCOD Music on Soundcloud

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Sustainable Cooperative for Organic Development

Free Collaborative Music on Soundcloud:

CCLA (Creative Commons License with Attribution)

Junkrod Music Band

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Interview with Matty Boh Kleier

Drummer for the Band Junkrod

Baltimore, MD

“Junkrod” Joe :: Guitar & Vocals
Matty “Bo-Hemian” :: Drums
Darren “Drunkrod” :: Bass

Questions and Answers written in 2011

1.  Junkrod Origins

Joe (our frontman) started Junkrod in 2002 after moving to Baltimore from upstate NY. He met Al Horn (who I just met last week and is one hell of a dude) who shared a similar vision of playing raw rock n’ roll taking elements from Punk, rockabilly, and “real” country to form a style called “Cow Punk”…after Al’s relocation to Myrtle Beach, Joe was left to reform the band into Junkrod Joe and the Cadillac Hearse which took more influence from Rockablilly and Physcobilly and released the album “Hornswaggled” in 2005. Soon after its release Joe met me (after he saw me play in a band that opened for them) After having differences with the previous drummer he asked me to audition (ie. play a show with him with no rehearsal and little time to prepare! haha!) halfway thru the set he looked back and told me i was hired 🙂:-) Once Joe and I started playing together we instantly molded…I’ve played with alot of guitar players but its never been as easy as it is with him. Naturally we started writing new songs which started to focus more on fundamental blues and classic rock n’ roll of the 60’s and 70’s. This became a problem considering at the time we had an upright bass player which restricted much of the new material we were coming up with (you can only have upright with certain musical styles that make it sound complete) With this being our restriction we drafted our friend Darren to play electric bass in late 2006. With this change also came the cutting of “and the Cadillac Hearse” We felt although the music had changed from the original Junkrod the vision of playing raw, true, real rock n’ roll with no image or gimmicks was re-established. Which is essentually where the name comes from….its not a Hotrod…its a Junkrod, it might not be pretty on the outside but man does that motor run!!


2.  Junkrod Style

We don’t like to say we’re any particular style…that’s the hardest question people ask us! we all like so many different styles and let them come through in our music its hard to pinpoint what we “are”. Usually i say Heavy Blues/Rock n’ Roll with a little bit of “billy” thrown in! I just like for people to see us live or listen to a cd and have them make their own decision on what genre we are. With that being said…what do YOU think our style is?! 😀:-D


3.   What do you think about when you play?

It depends…if its one of our newer songs i’m thinking about the music. Whats the next beat i have to play, where do my hands have to go next to hit the drums, “Darren don’t fuck up that note!!” haha! is joe gonna extend this solo?! If its a song i’ve played a million times, the last thing i’m thinking about is the music…it just comes naturally, like walking! Sometimes i’ll look out into the audience and wonder what people are thinking…and every show i look out a couple times to see Bunny to make sure she’s paying attention! hahaha!


4.   Advice for others wanting to be in a band like Junk Rod?

Be prepared to work hard for something you love, don’t settle for mediocre…if we don’t think a new song is as good as the last one we wrote we don’t play it! Stay true to yourself and your bandmates.


5.  What future plans does the band have?

Conquer the world…isn’t that everybody’s plan?! haha! Stick it to pop music and show people there’s something out there other than the generic bullshit the music industry tries to shove down your throat!


Band Self-Description:  “A garage of rusty parts, bolts, sounds and prayers to drive fast, get drunk, or get angry to. Heavily influenced by dirty, swampy blues, punk, surf, & psychobilly while covering lyrical themes of dark places & demo derbies to roller girls and retribution.”