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Tree Slayer

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Tree Murderer – a story of legal killing

“I have murdered many. I have killed small babies and children with blades and saws, yet they were oddly missed by none. Only when I began using axes and chainsaws on larger adults did people take notice and miss them. My muscles strained and sweat poured as I worked on their destruction. Sometimes I was wounded by accident in my rush to slay and dismantle them. Their deaths began to weigh heavy on my heart, and even I began to obsess over their absence. I had lashed out at their limbs and skins before, but killing them felt very different. Never again would they breathe or feel anything. I am a tree murderer, but I no longer want to kill anymore because their deaths haunt me.”

The lives I took were not protected unless owned as property by someone who allows them to live, as few public codes protect trees on private property. These living beings have no voices and have no legal right to life despite being a part of our ecosystem. It is believed that human capital is anthropocentric and has no choice but to subjugate nature (*believed by theorists from Marx to Greenspan). Is it possible for humans to become ecocentric in harmony with trees? Unless we scientifically find ways to communicate with trees, perhaps we will never recognize their perspective as valid. Lumber, safety, and aesthetics are often reasons for legal mass murder for hire.

Art Challenges Opinions

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Challenging Social Views and Opinions of Art with Art

Views or perspectives in a work of art technically means we use cropping, fore-shortening, and radial lines to create the illusion from an individual point of framed of observation. In life we often use ‘views’ as a metaphor for ‘opinions’. The nature of views is so subjective, one would think society would be able to have more diversity on opinions of conformity and other artistic issues. Yet society is historically very conservative regarding snobbish upper class tastes. This is in part to protect the social status of the upper class, so they can point to standards of assigned value. Even the modern art movement, which started to rebel against elites deciding what is ‘good’ art, was soon adopted as a trend; valuable because of the price that elites will pay for what they want. The social value of modern art for the lower classes is almost lost today, as even art teachers are hesitant to have ‘low standards’ for ‘fine art’. Fine art is of course elite art which is deemed to have acceptable standards of excellence. Elite art snobs will also go so far as to say that art is not art at all, if it is not fine art. Those that buy their elite definition of art, may be required to do so when they purchase their college degrees and work to pay off loans; in obedience to wealthy clients and bosses.     

Challenging people’s perceptions of Art (or other personal opinions) is rarely rewarding. Usually arguing with someone or mocking their perspective can be disturbing, but is philosophically important for the larger issue of the value of Art to the Humanities and Civilization as a whole. It is necessary to expand tolerance of styles to value the lives of artists, and we are all artists (if we are at all capable of self-expression at least as much as a bower bird or beaver). Art as a common practice of the masses has been devalued by the elite, in order to sell us what we can hear and say, sell us what we can see, and sell us what we can wear; and set all of the standards for those things. This system of empire is how independent tribes were subjugated for taxes and larger wars. True tribal warfare existed without empire, but empires band tribes together for larger wars that never end because they extract resources from the victims. In the case of slavery and low wage immigrants the resources are the workers.

Punishment (hard penalties, control by fear and pain, blacklisting to deny earnings) vs Payment (easy motivation, control by reward and pleasure, rights to allow earnings)

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Labor Day Notes

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What people seem to miss about LABOR rights is that socialism, communism, and unions are just responses to living within Capitalism, and those labor responses were what inspired Marx. there really is no escaping Markets, they always exist. markets existed in Feudalism. Capitalism is really just rule of the Merchant class. Happy Labor Day!!!

Authority or hierarchy is the perpetual aspect that slaves or people at the bottom will always want to resist. Slave or Labor leaders like Moses, John Brown, or Goldman will always want to rebel against oppressive bosses. ‘Brave New World’ and other utopian examples in fiction are some of the only examples we have where people are so well served by their masters that rebellion is not desired over complacent pleasure.

Party platforms make no sense currently, they have nothing to offer the working class. i think the DNC and GOP should split; and the corporatists form a major combined party (upper class), and labor populists (working class) should form the other. Corporations and our own secret agencies undermine elections on their behalf way more than other countries sabotage us (check which budgets are larger).

Pollution gets worse and worse during perpetual worker vs owner struggles.

Profess What You Do

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Be professional by being you. 

Professional expectations are over-rated.

A case for ‘Professions’ to mean simply professing what we practice –


Volume of work can dictate labels, regardless of haters. Reputation as ‘good or bad’ can be more nebulous as tastes vary widely, compared to the proof of the pudding as being a produced edible product which is at least quite adequate compared to what most people could make. 


“He made thousands of shoes, so he was undeniably a shoemaker.” 

“Perhaps but he died penniless, so he was a failed shoemaker.” 

“But he was successful at making shoes, selling them is another matter.”


No matter how bad we are at things, certainly many worse things were sold by others of lesser quality, so price cannot be the gauge of a life. Quality does not determine profession if it is what we are professed to do, nor should it if we are allowed a niche market within our means. Professional qualities matter, no doubt, but luck plays a much bigger role than we think, in whether our talents are practiced or realized. Being ‘well-rounded’ does not mean always excelling at everything, it can and should more often mean being well adjusted on average, as in mathematics an ‘average’ is a reasonable means between to unreasonable extremes. 


Professional qualities when they exist are not over-rated, but our acceptance of needing to use that term only for good qualities which may be superficial is at least questionable. Professional qualities can mask unethical long term qualities, such as when rich company owners make all the profits while workers are forced on unemployment or worse. Be all you can be, be professional because it is what you do, as well as how you do it. If people do not like you because you were not your best, or not good enough according to them; it is not always the product, it is often the market. Markets are not gods. Customers are not always correct, often they are jerks because people are fickle and change their minds. Trades are about relations, and when they are good exchanges are about equality.

I am not a writer or artist for competition of label, i express myself because i cannot bear being away from imagination for too long. Competition of label is what it is, superficial. Labels are titles we apply to surfaces, for the purposes of artificial classification. ‘Identification’ itself runs much deeper than surface symbols.



Corporate Socialist Welfare

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State funded Corporate Communism or Company Socialism – call it what you want but this is a political-economic label to describe when Capitalist governments give more welfare to big businesses than to citizens. Militaries have always been run as state run communist dictatorships, and companies have too when they are monopolies, because of something called ‘crony capitalism’. Crony capitalism allows government to be corrupted by the largest businesses to a point where they become indistinguishable economically.


“Who sets the rules for regulators matters. If you care about fairness: Amazon paid $162 million in taxes last year; Walmart (Amazon’s closest competitor) paid $3 BILLION in taxes. How do we have that magnitude of difference? It is financial engineering; what Amazon has done is intentionally reduce ‘profit’ in order to subsidize business tax and go for larger market share. Amazon is anti-competitive since they can print money essentially using internet cloud services, no competitor comes close.” [- Saagar Enjeti] Also Amazon stock shares are worth over $3,000 each, while Walmart stock is only $130.


Regarding the ‘Vote Corporate or Be Shamed’ voter shaming that is popular now – Noam Chomsky has survived this long as an outspoken liberal because he does not rock his boat on the waters of the system; he is like Bernie Sanders in this way – he does not threaten corporate power enough to totally lose his status in high society. Sanders explained this as avoiding the Ralph Nader model of politics. The Corporate Right will keep giving us criminals to react against with no ranked choice for the freedom of vote; it is a ‘chicken or egg’ stand off. We need both the adult chicken (serious third party) and the egg that it lays (ranked choice voting legislation). The chicken must first get fertilized for the egg to eventually make a new chicken. If significant numbers do not start voting for non-corporate candidates at the highest levels, there will never be enough power to change the law to provide ranked-choice voting nationally. To me the metaphor is clearly there must be a chicken first, to lay the egg. The popular corporate way of thinking is that another animal’s egg must hatch and evolve into a chicken. 

People are starting to question the conventional position on the 2 parties, and as scared as Trump haters (like me) are about nothing changing ‘no matter who’, the corporations are more scared that non-corporate candidates would change things radically regarding the class system. Joy Gray explains that people that keep giving in to the 2-party system will continue to do so, given the model that exists. Successful movements actually include threats to power as well as non-violent martyrdom like MLK. MLK can be used both by the system as idolatry to perpetuate subservience after ‘reforms’, and by rebels who want a legally approved hero. MLK did threaten power as well which legitimized the deeper grievances of the riots, which was why he was assassinated.

Keep It Corporate means – “Vote Blue no matter who supports a corrupt system that results in Trump” and “Vote Red until the planet is dead.” Trump is literally the end result, the epitome of the 2-party corporate system; the only other option corporate management will ever give us is a Trump-light (Biden); and the differences lessen each election that strategy works.

I get paid by Corporations (Amazon, Tesla, Apple, etc), but i do not work for them; I work with them. This subtle distinction is how I am able to speak out against corporate management, and not be fired. I do business with them and own shares of their companies, which means I actually work with them; but I refuse to let them substantially censor my opinions (popular or not).

Liberal show hosts have been saying “Voting Green Party did not work last time to move the DNC Left.”; but perhaps next time if enough people vote for non-corporate candidates the hosts will say “Snubbing the Green Party last time did not work, now more are ‘throwing away their votes’ towards candidates they prefer (aka voting freely). If only there was a way to get them to vote for candidates they hate.” Nope, whatever corporate party advocates say I am never knowingly voting for a corporate candidate again. The sad thing is that many corporate party advocates claim they hate the corporate parties (tragic irony).


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Modern American Urban Uprisings

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‘Black Lives Matter’ is a large movement that grew from police brutality against ‘blacks’ in the 21st Century, and has been a significant part of protests under Obama and Trump; but it is important to also realize the ‘dark’ history of the Civil Rights movement that is already existed and includes recent protests. Imperial, dictatorial, and tyrannical power goes beyond racism, and can exist within the superficial label or framework of any political-economic system. Top-down class systems of power exploit and abuses labor for a plutocracy, whether we call them republics, democracies, socialists, or fascists.

Riots are rebellions by citizens against authority. There are often covert under-cover state agents or ‘bad actors’ who provoke violence and entrapment, beyond occupation or destruction of property; but overall when protests become riots or aggressive mobs it means the people feel an overwhelming need to express civil disobedience in an almost religious sacrificial way. Authorities will defend corporate and public buildings against the public, because they want to keep the power to control public buildings away from the people.

“One of the cops who pulled me out of our van to beat us, was someone i went to high school with. He hit me with his gun in my head, and blood went everywhere. At police head-quarters they kicked me in the genitals.” – Amiri Baraka of Newark, NJ

“I watched the military tanks roll in. It is the violent side of the civil rights movement that is never told. Between 1960 and 1971 there were 1000 urban uprisings against police brutality.” – Larry Hamm of Newark, NJ

Disney Democracy

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I think Disney could transition to democracy internally someday.

One reason for this could be to follow a conservative legacy of profiting by following popular culture, which happens to progressively represent “consumers” aka people. While a consumer expects to be entertained by stereo-typical characters, social taboos are also addressed usually as ‘meant to be broken’ plot tropes. It would benefit Disney’s public charm (aka propaganda effectiveness or commercial marketing) to represent investors by allowing more ownership of public domain aka democratic power.

It is a good thought experiment to question what the future details of such a transition of power would be, economically and politically. Things would probably be more utopian, as people would be more stable in multiple ways. With a substantial social safety net (anarcho-socialism), an anarcho-capitalism would emerge with control over politics and economics. This is what Marx referred to as the eventual ‘Communist Revolution’, which would only come with a destruction of state governments (according to Dr. Richard Wolff). Our political labels are fairly modern, which divide parties; but the human arguments between parties of power are probably as old as civilization (at least).

If Disney is not dedicated to this, republican democratic veneer alone will not be enough; as Disney will still be seen to worship the golden calf of beautiful appearance for the sake of ugly greed (unbalanced wealth). This would only be possible in a time when at least one party (in the corporate two-party system) would be able to be self-ruled not by money, but by ethics. The beauty of the idol would be judged as real only by the people, they would be the judge of appearance. The power of the corporations would then dissolve the power of the government, as democratic companies would replace totalitarianism; so political terms like ‘tribalism’ and ‘communism’ could be inverted linguistically to mean the opposite of their contemporary popular meaning (neo-fascist corporate centrist propaganda labels for why public power is evil).

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Commercial Addiction

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Capitalism has made the world addicted to commercial products.

Commercials are a primary revenue method for media, so we have been bombarded by advertisements as a way of life for generations. It was not always this way; there was a time for thousands of years when life was more organic socially, and common people sang while they worked on community crafts. Yes there were always big cities and pharaoh-type slave-drivers and lordly bosses for whom people worked, but the masses were less dependent on polluting and consuming for the rich.

Sadly most people are so addicted to commercial products, they consider spending money on independent artists to be a ‘cheesy waste’. Culture is brain-washed to be economically snobby. You can call me pathetic for wanting a more grass-roots economy, but there are millions disenfranchised by our commercial system, even while being fans of products they have been conditioned to buy because they ‘like them’. Professional critics play a prominent role in perpetuating this social-economic problem.

i like plenty of commercial products, but i have found it very hard to get people to spend even a fraction of what they spend on companies, on SCOD associate art no matter how much i publish and promote. Our economic purchasing habit situation is a problem, but it will not stop me from working on my projects. Quality should be more sustainably defined for the good of all society, rather than designed to support the rich. So many ignore this large economic problem by saying “You should make better stuff and advertise more if you want to make more money.” To me that crass attitude is part of the problem, again because they think of quality in terms of class idol worship, rather than average people’s lives.

To all those like me who buy independent and organic products as much as their budget will allow, thank you with all of my heart! We are in this together. Our efforts are not in vain, it is not selfish to want to live a better life and leave a better world to children who care more about other animal and plant lives. We should encourage each-other to ask our friends if there is something of theirs they want to trade for, rather than expecting them to get the nerve to ask us and seem ‘pitiful’ for wanting value to their lives.

– Drogo







Cops Need Weed

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Two stories about the desperate search by police for pot –

This essay is based on memoir notes from my SCOD 2018 road-trip, but police have harassed me several times over the years for many minor traffic violations; usually they just gave me warnings and sometimes a ticket, but their attitude was always accusatory and offensive to be intimidating. The main problem with cops that I want to point out here, is how they are trained to lord their authority over citizens and escalate tensions which causes more problems. The ‘War On Drugs’ is unjust; but although I was more high on the coffee than I was on cannabis, I am not endorsing driving while intoxicated unsafely above legal limits. Laws against the medicinal herb called cannabis are still enforced Federally and most state and county cops still actively search and harass people for it. For those that do not understand the difference between cannabis (pot) intoxication and alcohol, in general pot makes people safer than being sober or high on coffee, because in general a pot driver will drive slower. Sometimes pot also makes the user paranoid so they check for problems more often, and hesitate to take risks. I was warned at the pot shop in Colorado and by highway signs that law enforcement officers were cracking down hard on pot, even though pot was legally being sold for the first time in almost 100 years (see racism and class warfare).

My long SCOD road-trip had gone well up until I entered Nebraska (see my notes on Cahokia & Arcosanti). I was driving from Denver CO going from route 76 to 80 into Nebraska. I saw a cop car (SUV) as I approached an underpass, and the highway narrowed to one lane in a forced merge. I observed the cop tailing me with obvious intent to find any reason to pull me over. I was pulled over by the cop for not signaling on the forced merge with no cars parallel to me, and no tight or shifting positions front to back. I had been told by cops previously not to use my warning lights when pulled over, because they consider that suspiciously incriminating as it competes with their flashy lights; so my reasoning for not using my turn signal when being forced to merge was that I did not want to act overly cautious. My out-of-state plates and car loaded up with bags were juicy for a criminally suspicious mind dedicated to law-enforcement for pay over social sympathy. Everyone knows being a cop is a hard job, because they put their lives on the line; but they can quit if the job is unreasonable, and we can demand legal reform to reduce abuse of power.

Nevada cops probably like to wait there in that forced merge spot, to stop civilian cars for that specific trivial traffic violation to search cars for drugs. The Nebraska County Cop’s name was Anderson, and he was a young white man with a snarky attitude. I had smoked some pot in Colorado hours ago, and was settled in for a safe drive across the state of Nebraska; but Officer Anderson was intent on ruining my trip. After he looked in the passenger window, he told me the feeble reason he pulled me over, and said he smelled pot; so I said that is because I smoked recently.

Officer Anderson then asked me to step out of my vehicle, and if I had any weapons he should know about. I said “No, wait what do you want to know about? What do you consider weapons? I have a walking stick.” “guns”, “no”, “knives”, “yes”, “why?”, “I like knives, they are legal and useful.”, “is this a stolen car?”, “No I own this car, it is mine.” I told Anderson that I am sorry for entering his state of Nebraska, and I could simply return to Colorado if there was going to be a problem.

Anderson patted me down and paused at my pants leg. “whats this? uh-oh, oh a button”. He told me to get in his vehicle with him, in the front passenger seat, as he was detaining me. Anderson flipped many switches, and occasionally I heard noises from the armored cell in the back. Was there an animal or another human back there? The county sheriff’s deputy Anderson then interrogated me with a series of bladerunner type questions to gauge my reactions.

Where are you coming from?”, “Arizona”, “oh yeah, how did you get there?”, “southern route through Texas, then up through Arizona and Colorado. I am tired from driving all night.”, “oh ok, how long have you been on your trip?”, “A long time”, “how long is that?”, “several weeks”, “that is not long, I consider short time days or weeks, and long time months or years”, “Ok, I meant relative to smaller day trips, im sorry sir”, “are you thirsty?”, and he proceeded to inquire about my personal life, so I explained i was feeling depressed because I had lost my house and did not know where I should live or work.

Where were you headed?”, “Iowa to visit mom, and then Indiana to visit aunt pat. Maybe im too tired to drive so I need a motel. I slowed down because im trying to not get into an accident by rushing, I would rather take my time.” “it looks like you were ready to drive straight across. where did you say your mom lived? why are you nervous? You said you were coming from Colorado, not Arizona.”

Yes I am coming from both states, I was in one before the other. ive always been afraid of cops, and last time I was pulled over because i made a wrong turn the night after my father’s funeral. A cop pulled a gun on me for wearing a bandanna, and he threatened to shoot me for getting out of my car because I thought he was a friend.” “That is not good.” “I know. he lost his ability to serve. He was a marine vet with ptsd serving as a park ranger. When i went in to the NPS ranger office to complain about him the next week, they told me they had problems with him and he was no longer there.”

The cop was a buzz-kill for sure, and tears welled up in my eyes as I recalled the times I was bullied by those in uniforms before. The pot I had earlier was sedative indica, but I was being extra safe with average speed and sensible spacing, and I remember everything about this encounter vividly. The cop made me more alert and upset, but I was still more grounded than I would have been without my medication. Yes cannabis helps me to manage my anger, and be a happier person; with a few minor side effects relative to even over-the-counter medications.

What will I find if I search your car?”, “You will find 1 joint, im not a salesman. I am not good at wanting to ask people for money; nor am I interested in convincing those who want to haggle or disagree, that my price is fair. so you wont find bags of pot. what you will find is bags of legal garden herbs I use for spiritual smoking blends called kinik-kinik: peppermint, lemon balm, mugwort, and mullein. also peacepipes. I admit I like to go to powwows.” “peacepipes are not illegal. ok im going to search your car now. if I only find what you say, you can go with a warning. the sun began to set as he searched every pocket and zipper and bag in my car. he set the colbert bag on the road, for some reason. he looked in the spare tire compartment. he shined the flashlight in my eyes when he could see i was impatient after the sun was setting. I thought for sure he was stealing my cash, planting evidence, and was going to send me to jail.

Finally he said “ok step out of the car, i am going to let you go with a warning because you were honest with me; but first we are going to destroy evidence.” He threw the joint on the road between our cars and said “step on it and crush it” so I did. A perfectly good waste of expensive legal but illegal herb. He then said I can go and pointed me in direction of the exit. “are you sure?” I said “ill need my driver’s license back, because im not that stoned.” he snorted as if to say “dont incriminate yourself by referring to any intoxication” and gave it back. I shook his hand and said thanks for showing me some respect and saving me from a fine and driving while tired; although i later found out he had damaged my grandfather’s briefcase i used for my books, because he was tearing it apart to look for hidden drugs.

When i eventually arrived in Iowa, Uncle Bruce the Corporate Democrat aggressively blamed me for ‘looking like a criminal’, and suggested cops should use more dogs on people like me who “look like one of THEM”. I asked “Who is THEM?” Luckily my Mom was sympathetic, but I have found it too uncomfortable to want to visit my Centrist Liberal relatives there anymore. Bruce also told me that only naive college students are excused for voting for a communist like Bernie Sanders. This fit in with his question about my interest in communes, but I had teased them that their Methodist retirement community was the best kind of communism. The argument I had with Uncle Bruce and Cousin James about music theory is worth an entire essay, on its own (strict reading and playing vs self expression with improvisation / literal vs abstract / classical vs jazz).

In Indiana I had another exciting adventure with Pat Long. We went to the Zoo, and had lots of local coffee before I left (which I should have mentioned to the police later, but was too nervous). Leaving Indiana East to go home: Oak st. south to Sycamore. east to 421. south to 465. east to 70, 43, 40, 68, 70. Traffic was crazy, and Ohio police were out in force pulling tons of cars and trucks over. I thought I had passed all their traps, so I sped up to just over the speed limit so i could pass some of the traffic and get out of that area; when i saw another police vehicle, waiting to pounce, so i signaled and changed lanes quickly, too quickly. Sure enough the SUV started following me too closely for me to slow down, and i felt i was too close to the truck in front of me. The police lights went on after a few seconds of following me, so i pulled over on the dangerous highway.

I was stopped in Ohio by Ohio State Troopers, again for another minor traffic violation that most cars do and are not stopped for; and again released; this time by officer Wilson after a long ordeal with his dog and his Sergeant. I was hyped up on 2 large cups of coffee, so I was fumbling around to quickly get my registration out of my glove compartment, when the cop came up on my passenger window and watched me, obviously suspecting that i was up to no good, and probably had a gun. I was simply nervous and disorganized, but he didnt care. I began by saying “I understand profiling officer, so you can search my car if you want; but I want to explain up front that I have already been pulled over by another officer who already searched my car.” He called in a sergeant who was very matter of fact about finding me at fault because I was driving too close to the vehicle in front of me (which I rarely do). “Do you remember that flat bed truck? How many car lengths were you from it, you think.” I admitted I was too close, and apologized for not being at a safer distance. Then the police dog was led around my car, and scratched at my door. Thankfully they did not use the dog to attack me, but instead they had me step out of my car again and pointed to a spot between our cars, with the roar of the busy highway beside us.

I knelt down on the pavement, allowing them to execute me with a shot to the back of the head if they want. Instead officer Wilson shouted “No! Stand.” So i quickly stood back up, and he patted me down. I explained again to him that I had PTSD with police having guns, and said I could explain why i was “so nervous” (again forgetting i was hyped up on coffee). Fortunately Wilson chose to save me another search of my car, by putting me in the armored cell in the back seat of his vehicle. There he said “Ok, talk.”

Officer Wilson allowed me to explain calmly what my problems are. He called the Nebraska officer Anderson, and confirmed my story with him. Then Wilson asked how that stop ended up, and not wanting to incriminate myself or Anderson (in case he did something illegal by destroying the evidence), i simply said “Yes he found what i told him he would find, and we worked it out.” He thanked me for my honesty. Then Wilson asked if i had other drugs, and I said “No sir, I dont do that shit.” as i stood at attention like they taught me at basic training. Then Wilson said “I am getting a ‘medicinal marijuana vibe’ from you, and said they did not think the dog smelled any existing pot, because as I had explained it was removed previously. I said with a smile, “Yes sir, you are correct.”

I know I have been lucky, I did not suffer any legal penalties. I shook hands with Wilson and I thanked him for not shooting me. He said “Cops are the good guys” and i said “I know police are supposed to be good, and sometimes do good things when they serve and protect. I thank you for your kindness, compassion, and mercy officer.”

Still shaken, I returned home to hear news of more protests against police violence and environmental pollution. I am still shaken to this day, as my mind is haunted by how my life could have been ruined if the cops had been more aggressive, and if I had not been able to manage my anger as much; or how I could have avoided the situations if I had not gone on the road-trip, or not liked herb, or any number of issues.

A city hall meeting was taken over by ‘black lives matter’ protesters in a 2018 video. Men danced across center stage, and vocally and physically showed dominance by public non-violent demonstration art. There was a new court ruling in Massachusetts – “Environmental protests are not criminally responsible by reason of necessity”. Americans are still causing anarchy now, to demand true democracy. The power of the laws rests in the people, and that can best be practiced by deliberate actions. Freedom for self-governing in politics, business, and relationships is important. Laws are made to serve us, not us to serve laws.

I could have been a cop, because using anger to bully others is easy for me. When I was a military soldier, wearing my uniform made me want to use my authority to intimidate and control others, as was done to me during training; despite my best efforts to change their arrogant attitudes that favored using threats and abuse rather than better forms of control through reward. That is when I began to see how primitive our brutish training methods still were. I became sick of being part of a command system that indoctrinated fear and abuse primarily, rather than education and compassion. I thought we had advanced more as a culture, but perhaps fear and abuse are simply easier ways to brainwash and control others to do violence, which is needed to impose the laws of an empire. As much as I dislike St. Paul, I gotta give him credit on this one, for seeing the error of his ways, during his career of authoritarian abuse on behalf of Rome. It is not fun to remember traumatic events, as our minds force us to relive them over and over; but our conscience is telling us they are important for a reason. If we can remember the reason the events might be important, then we can focus on the lessons rather than the trauma. Humanity should focus efforts to relieve suffering, not cause more of it. This is why I use my white privilege to say “All lives matter, not just cops.”

Maybe instead of militarizing the police, we need to use more cannabis and have more of a ‘please force’. To honor civil rights maybe we can regulate laws more like a large urban Mayberry, instead instead of making more fascist troops to relive Nazi Germany. Cowboy culture seems to get in the way of easing racial tensions, but that is another story about economics and greed.

Lastly, cops need weed a bit too much. I know pot is strong medicine, but I am not sure any amount of pot can solve the systemic problem of police aggression. Whoever reforms the system will need to be sympathetic to the good herb, no doubt about it. Cops need weed.

[ Essay Audio Recording ]

Jazz Lounge Song

“Fly me to the moon, because cops need weed.

It ain’t about wall street greed or the dirty deed,

It’s all about STRESS baby. Stress.

So don’t be a dope, take a toke,

Safety first, killing less folk ain’t a joke,

and it won’t matter whether you are rich or broke;

because I love you!”

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Fatal Police Shootings

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Civilian Vs. Police Deaths By Firearm Shootings 

According to the Washington Post and CNN articles more civilians are killed than police from shootings, at a ratio of apx. 50 cops / 1000 civilians. The term ‘civilian’ is used here because although police are supposed to be citizen civilians also, police have become far more militarized with their training and equipment; and police (ICE) have a war against immigrants who are not citizens. Police are taught to kill people as quickly as soldiers, making neighborhoods into war zones.

Not all civilian shootings or murders are reported by police,* to protect themselves. Even some high profile public cases where a cop clearly murdered an innocent victim, are not recorded as shootings in their official case files. So the statistics will tend to have errors in favor of the police. Many of those fatal civilian murders may be accidental or justified because the victims were violent criminals, and when the police get their parades and pay in those cases they should be congratulated. However if a few hundred of those 1,000 murders were ‘questionable’, that would still mean that cops were responsible for more than double the unjustified killings that are committed against them; and that is assuming that all cop murders are unjustified. All too often cops are considered above the law by courts, so they can commit crimes like murder legally; because “their jobs are hard, and they put their lives on the line to serve and protect”.

The stress of being a cop has more to do with our racist and unjust system, which orders cops to enforce laws against poor people, harsher and more often than against rich people. Racism has more to do with wealth than race, because more ‘whites’ are wealthier than ‘blacks’; and so racial stereotypes (profiling) have more to do with who has money for lawyers and who has political power. If more blacks had more money than whites, the racism would be reversed; therefore racism is subject to classism. Those in power keep their power by oppressing everyone else, even those in their own ‘race’.

To further explain why race is less of a factor in shootings than money, the statistics show very clearly that more whites are killed than blacks; most of the murders occurring in lower class neighborhoods, and most victims are lower class. There are more ‘whites’ than ‘blacks’, even though many ‘blacks’ may have more white relatives than black relatives. Race is far more superficial than ethnicity or culture; even personalities are more substantial than a person’s appearance. We have many more black cops now more than ever, and still more blacks are killed in proportion to their population than whites (death rate per race).

Cops shoot more whites than blacks. However the reasons why cops shoot so many people to begin with, has to do with their militarized training and equipment. It is long past time that their funding be spent on more humanist programs to retrain police to actually help people more often than hurt them. If cops were trained to be more friendly and helpful as social workers, there would be less crime and less violence in society; so there would be less excuses to brainwash citizens into bullies with badges. Currently police badges are licenses to kill.

“Although half of the people shot and killed by police are white, black Americans are shot at a disproportionate rate. They account for less than 13 percent of the U.S. population, but are killed by police at more than twice the rate of white Americans. Hispanic Americans are also killed by police at a disproportionate rate.” – WP

Cops shoot to death about 1,000 people annually. People shoot to death under 50 cops annually. “47 officers were gunned down by the end of 2018” – CNN

The Covid Riots are not just about George Floyd or ‘Black Lives Matter’, people of all colors are expressing their rage over the oppression of civil rights by law enforcement and those who make the laws. The masses are pissed because our cost of living exceeds our income, and we get harassed and attacked by police. The prison industrial complex is largely for profit, and allows modern slavery.

*”The police report lists Breonna Taylor’s injures as NONE, even though she was shot 8 times” and murdered in her own home without committing any crime. – Democracy Now! June 11, 2020

Cop violence is not just a black and white issue, it is a working class issue.












AMM ALM – ‘All Lives Matter’ Album Series

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Skin color is surface, culture is deep.

ALM Album Related AMM (Appalatian Mountain Malitia) Music Sets –

‘ALM Black Light‘ & ‘Black Lives Matter Too; Not Just Rich Lives‘ & ‘No Lives Matter’

All lives matter (ALM), not only RICH lives; no matter the color. RAINBOW power. Black Lives matter (BLM) even during a ‘Trumpster Fire‘ when they are being treated like they don’t matter. All lives matter, even when they are not being respected. This AMM album series was recorded in West Virginia (under-ground) old school; and remixed as live sets during the Covid Crisis Protests, enjoy. The ALM and BLM movements are together (2016). Our current civil unrest is more about working rights for all citizens and races, which worries the 1%. No matter how you identify, here’s rainbow in your eye.

This album series is live FB DJ set recordings from AMM 2006 to 2020, past and present mix. It includes a variety of music styles and voices recorded in the Harpers Ferry, WV area (304). AMM was founded by JB CODIAK and friends. ALM Album themes range from MLK, Black Panther, to Death Rap. Besides being generally anti-racist, because members and associates can be any race combination and identify as whatever they want; AMM supports progressive politics like UBI, UHC, and zero tolerance for police aggression.

All Lives Matter‘ provocative phrase and word semantics regarding racist (human vs ethnic) perspectives:

“According to an August 2015 poll, 78% of likely American voters said that the statement ‘All Lives Matter’ was “closer to their own” point of view than was ‘Black Lives Matter’. Only 11% said that the statement Black Lives Matter was closer. Nine percent said that neither statement reflected their own point of view.” 

President Barack Obama spoke to the debate between Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter. Obama said, “I think that the reason that the organizers used the phrase Black Lives Matter was not because they were suggesting that no one else’s lives matter … rather what they were suggesting was there is a specific problem that is happening in the African-American community that’s not happening in other communities.” He also said “that is a legitimate issue that we’ve got to address.”

MacHatfield on ALM – “No matter how “woke” a pc person thinks they are, this phrase is not offensive to say it; it is not an “either/or” it is inclusive of all human races (the term “race” being fake or artificial). If people want to say ‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM) to talk about people who appear or identify as black, they can; but BLM has been used to imply that black lives don’t matter currently (to who?), which is racist because black lives actually do matter, despite how racist the system or individuals are; and no matter how much it makes anyone feel like black lives dont matter, many of us have always felt black lives matter (audience is critical). Black lives do matter (speaking to anyone who thinks they don’t), and the BLM phrase does point out that law enforcement and corporate society treats most blacks (who also, no coincidence to the history of slavery, are often poor) terribly; most of these ‘black’ are people who cannot afford lawyers or the cost of living. There are statistics that show those identified as “blacks” suffer more than “whites”, no matter the actual “racial” mix of the person (see social-racial identity). The ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement has been a large part of the Covid Protests, but dividing ourselves by race is what the rich masters always want. The issues affecting “black americans” are class, not just surface racism but systemic economic working-class injustice too; which is sustained by race wars among workers. Minorities feel the oppression by corporate bosses the worst, because they are used as ‘scab-labor’ when the majority (whites) strike. To use the terms ‘black’ or ‘white’ to describe people can be called racist, since it is a surface description that assumes stereo-types belonging to most people who appear light or dark skinned should or should not have any number of cultural attributes which make them another race, other than human. I fucking hate Nazi racists, no matter their color.”

“While the immediate spark for this moment was the brutal murder of George Floyd, his killing was not an isolated event. It is not the first time a black man has called out “I can’t breathe” as he was choked or lynched. We can draw a straight line that runs from slavery, to Jim Crow, to legal segregation, to de facto segregation, to institutional racism, to the killings of so many in recent years – George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Ahmaud Arbery, and others.” – MD Senator Van Hollen

Most of us can agree that skin color is superficial. White and Black cultures are actually not as black-and-white as the labels might appear. Cultures are not bound by simplistic definitions of appearance; cultures are complex and overlap as they change. And change they do, despite conservative cores, cultures constantly evolve just as species do. Cultural depth includes problems of poverty, working class racism, public and private violence, wars, family, and plutocracy etc. Racism is used as a tool for warfare against other individuals or groups who appear different, and are blamed for problems; however as a cultural tool racism mainly benefits those in power over the majority, while the masses insult and harm each-other. It is easy to use racial labels to insult people we don’t like, because we want to use anything we can to hurt them; but the more people resort to judging by appearance, the more racism becomes a problem for everyone.

Law enforcement is a class struggle, where oligarchs wage war against the lower classes legally. Racial diversity on police forces has not stopped the war on the poor. Enforcing laws more aggressively against the poor, more than enforcing laws (at least those that exist) against the bigger rich thieves, benefits those running the show. History has shown that companies will break worker unions any way they can, and scab race wars is most effective to keep wages low. General strikes are most effective for equality, when most workers are willing to refuse to work for masters.

RIP M.F. and J.J. on this album. Special thanks to Donald Greene for donating the pre-AMM archives from his personal collection.

‘All Lives Matter’set 1 on FB

‘ALM Black Light – set 2 on FB

Black Lives Matter Too; Not Just Rich Lives – set 3 on FB

‘No Lives Matter’  – set 4 on FB

black lives matter

Covid Crisis Protests & Solutions

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During the Covid Crisis and 2nd Great Depression a series of protests began against government oppression, the largest being ‘Black Lives Matter‘ protests across the USA. The climax of the protests was sparked by the police murder of George Floyd, a poor black citizen of Minneapolis, Minnesota who was non-violent with covid. As protests and riots grew, more cops and the National Guard increased violence to impose martial law in many places; but in a few cities there was a more enlightened civilized response.

My own reflections on the current “all lives matter” protests: in Savannah Georgia authorities allowed us to protest in the streets for Critical Mass biking multiple times. ‘Black Lives Matters’ might be more angry, but they were mostly unarmed and probably would have just marched and got bored if there were no cops acting like bullies in direct opposition to civil rights. Military grade guns and industrial standard-issue projectile weapons shows that only cop’s lives matter because they are the law on behalf of the owner upper-class. If cops were trained to approach as peaceful friends to citizens, it would automatically begin to diffuse, but oligarchs dont want that. Protesters should get smarter and take over government, not play tag with cops. Our rich owners want us fighting each other so they can keep getting richer. 

Boston Tea Party: What did the tea company have to do with the English government? It meant something to our founding fathers as a symbol at least, right or wrong. It was probably wrong that they dressed as tribal natives to blame it on them. Was it wrong to destroy private company property and terrorize loyal citizens just to rebel against the English government? We are taught that those illegal seditious violent actions of the Revolution were legitimate. 

Recently in modern history our national defense budget has increased for covert government agents to infiltrate protests; to sabotage, break windows, and do violence to turn them into riots so there can be conflict and excuses for those with more weapons to crack down as authorities. Police refer to these set-up under-cover actions as “stings”, when they pose as criminals to create crimes and include others or get them to commit the crimes which may not have happened without their budget, false sincerity, and dedication to provocation. Leaders of protest movements usually use non-violent means only, to get goals met; but videos show escalation by the crowds by agents with no goal except to express rage and provoke cops, which makes no sense from the position of the mostly unarmed AND unarmored crowds. Government agents tend to dress in black or tan in the videos, and can be seen acting violently to implicate the mostly peaceful mass of protests; by pushing mobs into police walls and destroying property.

In martinsburg wv there was a violent clash of heavily armed militarized cops against angry unarmed citizens who marched towards them. I’m curious who in the crowd thought that marching towards the police line would do anything but cause a conflict? from a stand point of saving black lives, it made no sense; only if they sang kumbaya or lullabies would it have made a difference with cops trained to be bullies and always escalate when disobeyed.

Cop violence against lower-class citizens and citizen property is worse than property violence against cops, annually. More cops are getting shot by metal bullets than protesters maybe, but more citizens (not just during protests) are being shot and hurt and killed by cops, than cops being hurt overall. Good job Frederick and Germantown cops who are with the citizen covid protests! The cops marching with the protesters and guarding the buildings and vehicles during parades is clearly the answer; not blocking and attacking angry protesters as potential rioters. We are in the 2nd Great Depression, and the way out needs to be better democracy, not martial law. Our military (both active, reserve, and guard) should be used less on civilians (both foreign and domestic), and police should be less militarized and more civil. 

Kyle Kulinski, Krystal Ball, Kim Iverson, and others have suggested great responses for better solutions. Their solutions support civil rights leaders like Sanders, West, Yang, and others; because we need UBI (universal basic income), jobs programs, less lower class taxes, and UHC (universal health care). “We can live in a world where the police don’t kill people by limiting police interventions, improving community interactions, and ensuring accountability.” – Campaign Zero

2020 covid riot





US Security Commission Plans

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Corporate Intelligence Agency Plans to Increase US Automation in 2020

Original SCOD awareness of this information was from a Jimmy Dore video with Whitney Webb about government plans for technological control (tyranny) from National Security Committee on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) 2019 documents released by FOIA. 

NSCAI Home Website: “The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence was formally established in August 2018 by the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2019. The Commission’s members were appointed in October and November 2018. In March 2019, the Commissioners first assembled to receive orientation information and briefings from the White House, Department of Defense, Department of Commerce, and various agencies in the U.S. Intelligence Community. The Commission began its substantive work of reviewing artificial intelligence advances and associated technologies after the initial meeting. There are fifteen Commissioners appointed to the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence. Of the fifteen Commissioners, twelve were appointed by members of Congress, two were appointed by the Secretary of Defense, and one was appointed by the Secretary of Commerce. ” 


Summary of Agency information: 

According to the official documents of the NSCAI, they believe the US Government needs to be more competitive with China by implementing AI more. In order to meet their goals, events like the ‘Covid Crisis Pandemic’ are useful to force implementations using emergency powers. Replacing workers with AI would be much harder, without substantial public support.

National Defense Magazine helped explain that the NSCAI “was tasked by Congress to research ways to advance the development of AI for national security and defense purposes”. “We really worked on what we consider to be the most urgent challenges … and what we thought might be the most transformative opportunities presented by AI for national security,” – said chairman Work. “Adopting AI-enabled systems responsibly, rapidly and at scale will allow national security organizations to understand and execute their missions faster,” the study said. “It will change the way we defend America; how we deter adversaries; how intelligence agencies make sense of the world; and how we fight.” 

AI technology also poses two main threats: what an adversary could do by hacking us, and accidents without safeguards, the report said. Other threats include: the erosion of U.S. military advantage; risks to strategic stability; the diffusion of AI capabilities; disinformation and the undermining of the nation’s democratic system; erosion of individual privacy and civil liberties; accelerated cyber attacks; new techniques that could open up vulnerabilities; and accidents, the report said. Our government must work to avoid a future where “AI contributes to a world of greater centralized control; empowers authoritarianism; is utilized as an instrument to repress dissent and impose conformity; destroys truth and trust within societies and between states; and is employed in reckless, irresponsible and unethical ways,” the study added.

The commission is considering 7 basic principles as recommendations, including: 1. global leadership in AI; 2. adopting artificial intelligence for defense and security purposes; 3. building a shared sense of responsibility for the welfare and security of the American people between the private sector and government; 4. the importance of people; 5. the preservation of free inquiry; 6. the compatibility of ethics and strategic necessity; and 7. the importance of maintaining the United States’ values and rules of law in its employment of AI, according to the report.

Despite the transformative potential of artificial intelligence, the U.S. government is not making enough investments in the technology, the report said. “Federal R&D funding for AI has not kept pace with the revolutionary potential it holds or with aggressive investments by competitors. Investments that are multiple times greater than current levels are needed,” the study said.

Some of the related tactics proposed include AI transportation control to replace private vehicles, citizen tracking and monitoring, drones in every neighborhood, industrial automation to increase reduction of workers, AI medicine delivery to replace private doctors, and other civil rights issues.

If you would like to make an inquiry to the Commission, please email:

The NSCAI includes big corporate members from Google and CIA affiliate companies. AI controls many aspects of computers, robotics, social media, and surveillance systems. 


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Rockefeller Foundation GBN Report: ‘Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development’

Cheating Is Unfair

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A cheater is a player i hate because they try to beat me by bending or breaking what i consider to be the rules to their benefit. We can agree upon rules, but without honest discussion about the rules we will not know how people feel about the validity of the conventional or accepted rules. Accepting or agreeing to rules holds no water when parties or players cannot be trusted with obeying what they see as trivial or obstacles to goals or values that they have, no matter how much other people might protest. 

I tend to say a computer game AI that wins is ‘cheating’ because they are programmed to be better at playing the game than i am; and a person who breaks a promise is dishonest rather than a cheater, because i dont view relations as just a series of trivial social games, i feel there is more depth to love or compassion that is not always tied to a series of conscious selfish strategies (selfishness can be unconscious, but that is its own discussion). A person using unauthorized hidden notes on a test is cheating, and a person who cannot talk about personal problems with a partner has social challenges within a dysfunctional relationship. Cheating implies to me that things are either a test or a game, and therefore not serious or real as relationships or feelings. Perhaps rather than see relationships as competitive games, we can begin to talk about love as bonds which can unite many people together.

Regarding nature we often use the serpent metaphor. When asked why the snake bit us when we trusted it, the snake replies “because i am a snake, I bite other animals.” More people are liars than they want to admit, and more people want to accuse other people of lying to gas-light their own problems. No matter who is more guilty, there are underlying problems in society that go unaddressed regarding the psychology of honesty and our abilities for discussion and desires to volunteer information that may be used against us fairly or unfairly by various parties or partners. When we get to know people, we learn what we can trust them with, more or less in general during phases of their life, based on our experience with them and our perception of them. We can also label levels of crimes and discuss the hierarchy of importance of laws.

We can say “cheating is cheating” much like “sinning is sinning”. Most of us can look at something and sense it is an exact copy, or something a bit different; and begin to determine differences and similarities between two things. In art it becomes very tricky because tracing is an accepted method for learning how to draw, for professional architectural design (we trace) for modifying designs or drawing perspectives from photos, and in digital art what i do is tracing for my digital portraits; aka cheating. People accept it because it is a surface overlay which is new.

I take these issues seriously regarding the semantics, I want to understand what people expect. The world of art and antique forgeries is INSANE; works are both highly valued and highly penalized. When an artist is honest about doing a fake, and the fake is amazingly accurate, they are rewarded and the risk of penalty disappears. We can say “all is fair in love and war” and “life is unfair”, and yet sometimes we put war criminals and corrupt politicians on trial and get divorces; both ways exist in reality and are clearly problematic for many. Do I hate cheaters that rig or play the system to their advantage? Yes I hate cheating because it is unfair, especially if I am not rewarded by the rigged or played cheating; although sometimes cheating is used to achieve justice, such as stealing from the rich to give to the poor; but “two wrongs don’t make a right”, unless one way is considered fair or legal (such as taxes on the rich, but taxes and distribution of wealth are still highly debatable also).

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The Lesser Evil Corporate Scam

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Corporate Political Two-party System Satire

Our presidential election is always a ‘Coke or Pepsi’ challenge, but more now than ever your vote matters! Don’t disobey! Vote blue no matter what they do. Vote red no matter how many are dead.

“i want root beer owned by another company” No, just plain Coke or Pepsi cola, no other flavors. “i want tea” no. “i dont want a drink, just food” no. i am sure those of us that would vote for a 3rd party candidate will get blamed again for the neo-lib losing, no matter how fake or corrupt they are. Other flavors and brands are not allowed in the comments section by rules of the election. Now more than ever it is important to vote Coke or Pepsi!! People can unfriend me if they don’t like my posts, or i can unfriend them to avoid voter fraud in my two party system, that is fine since i don’t really hear from them unless they want to complain or correct.


Never forget they serve us, it is their job to earn our vote.

Giving a vote for 2 choices that dont care about your interests gives them more power than they deserve. The system gave us Trump more than any misguided voters, the electoral college preferred Trump despite the popular real vote.

If the DNC loses to Trump, it will be their own fault due to their corruption, and not the voters they do not represent. If you think Biden is somehow better than Trump, vote for him if you think your vote matters. I got told i focus on the problems too much, but how we got Trump is a corporate crony problem and not just racism. All comments to this will be deleted, this is my personal statement on my page. If you want to study what I have, my references are available. Vote or don’t vote however the fuck you want, and the electoral college or supreme court will decide either way.

When people protest, they make themselves vulnerable to attack by the company, family, and fellow workers. They are called lazy and suffer for change. Yet, without protesting we would be under constant martial law. Jah bless the protesters. This is not a debate forum for how to protest or when to protest, so all counter-protest comments will be deleted like threats by the company hit-men. Yes obviously for epidemics safety rules apply.

Here is the edited Facebook post –

“Vote Coke or Pepsi for president! – Let’s see how many people I can unfriend! All other alternative options proposed will get your comment removed and you will be unfriended as a Russian agent. If you vote Coke or Pepsi you will also be unfriended, but your comments will be kept and votes will be counted. Welcome to my 2-party system. Protesting this question may result in a fine or arrest. Your decision has never been more important than now.”