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Repetition of Love

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Moral Mantras

The best lessons and beliefs in life should be recorded and repeated often; not just because we may forget, but because the words help explain what we want to practice faithfully, whether it is obvious to others or is for whatever reason unclear. Loving reminders help us to ease the pains in life, like medicine, and happiness eases suffering. That being said, Medicine affects people in different was, at various times.


Good Sex Means Loving Sex

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“The Goddess loves good sex. Good sex is not separate from love, compassion, passion, healing, caring, and sensuality; it IS all of those things and more when we are able to achieve orgasm. Orgasms are physical and spiritual ecstasy combined. Orgasms are called climaxes because they are the highest our physical bodies can take our minds, by transcending consciousness through love on the material plane. Our minds of course really experience the bliss, as with intense exercise or other more mental spiritual connections. Many people have tried to discredit the sacred acts of sexual love over the years, but it is a mistake to abuse the gift of loving sexual contact, just as it is a mistake to abuse drugs. Sex and medicine should always be used for helping ourselves or others, and not to harm. Healthy and moderate masturbation is a form of good sex. Bad sex involves physical abuse, mental abuse, callus emotions, addiction, or rape; which often makes victims hate even the word ‘sex’. Good sex once a day can keep the demons at bay.

Sex is not for everyone. Besides babies and children that do not know enough about the adult world to have mature relations with others; there are asexual (non-sexual) people that are either opposed or ambivalent about sex, for various reasons. This is why it is important to be able to talk about sex. The statistics of rape and abuse are still shockingly horrible. Oberlin College recommended that students have healthy dialogue about sex, before engaging in it, to avoid misunderstanding or regrets. Some people refuse to talk about sex, and even if they love having sex, their inability to communicate (if they are mute they can use sign language or letters) can be an indication that they may not know how they feel about sex, which as with mixed signs, means ‘be careful’.

Even victims of bad sex handle their recovery and healing and coping differently. Women can have very different attitudes about sex, perhaps more than men. Some women have orgasms while giving oral sex! Some women do not like to masturbate, but love sex with strangers. There are infinite combinations of preferences regarding sex. Pursue what pleases you, but not at the cost of others. If a person is not interested in having sex with you, and it has been made clear to you that they are aggressively afraid of you and hateful of your advances; then avoid them as much as possible.

Having good sex means being able to enjoy it, so find what works for you; with or without partners. If you have sex with a partner, try to do what you can to please them and check to make sure they are pleased as best you can. This is how reciprocal love works. If you can be loving and enjoy sex, then sex is good. Good sex is not just performance of an act, it is feeling good inside, while helping and being helped by thoughts and (if we are lucky enough) touch from another.”

– The Witch Goddess, Loving Sex by Miss Arta


Some Thoughts on Appearance

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For those that are too hard on themselves, but are able to be good to others; be content that you are ok as you are now. Growth and death are natural organic processes, that will happen with or without our conscious help. This is the mystery of internal will-power and external ‘higher’-powers. The secret to this mystery is if we are empathetically connected with life around us, our subconscious will do the hard work for us, of growing our mind ; it comes with open expanded awareness. Winning or losing need not disrupt our peace of mind and happy contentment, that we can already have; in part by our ability to be good to others, because other people may want to return our favors in order to keep receiving from us or reward us for giving. Not all promises can be kept, however. Therefore, self-generated happiness is critical to sustained contentment and joy.

Take time out to smile for yourself.

Many of us spend hours working on how we look, or thinking about how we look, or worrying about how we feel about how we look to others. All of that matters less than who we are to ourselves, and who we are to people that love us for who we are.

The cover of your book may look good, but the real book is in the inside content. People may judge your book on your cover, and may even buy it because of the cover art; however it is the people that love the book because you wrote it that matter most, even if there is no cover.

Rainbow Bubble Baby – Manifesto

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rainbow baby bubble

I am a rainbow bubble baby.

I protect my inner-child with my powers of imagination and love.

Rainbow magic shows several colors in the light spectrum.

Bubble magic gives temporary micro-cosmic protection.

Babies are innocent and helpless human spirits.

Rainbow Bubble Baby! Rainbow Bubble Baby!! Rainbow Bubble Baby!!!

  • Dr. Drogo Empedocles

Anger & Depression

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Many depressed people harbor a lot of anger, but don’t always recognize it. Anger can contribute to depression; and vice-versa. Friends who can communicate on a deep emotional level will help victims to regain the ability to perceive life with hope.

“In your anger do not do harm to yourself or others unnecessarily; if it can avoided. At the end of the day, don’t go to sleep angry, if you can deal with it; for it might breed more anger in the morning. Be kind and compassionate to one another and it will be returned unto you.” – Inspired by Celtic Book of Dawn

Having a sense of purpose can help people to live their lives fruitfully despite whatever hardships are thrown their way. Keep on keepin’ on! Don’t let things get you down that don’t need to get you down. If normally you leap to safety, away from what is hurting you, may not always be possible if you have been tied down by another force. Once you are unbound, you must retrain yourself to avoid dangers.

Sadness, Depression, Loneliness, Guilt

Anger, Fear, and Hate

Physical Abuse / Psychological Abuse

Loyalty, Pride, Mercy, and Pity: Integrity

Dealing with Depression often requires sensitivity, compassion, and patience. Depression does not discriminate. It affects people from all ages, races, and classes. It results both from specific events and chemical imbalances in the nervous system. The causes are numerous, and the variety of effects can make healing difficult. We must understand these variables of depression in order to properly suggest appropriate treatments. Self-acceptance through awareness of the Universality of Nature can be a positive first step out of depression’s smog.

For some, Christianity holds many answers, for others Buddhism, but the commonality of these major religions is that they are simply different versions of the reality of human existence within Nature. Followers of Christ have one way of explaining things, and followers of other Messiahs have other ways.

“I am now the most miserable man living. If what I feel were equally distributed to the whole human family, there would not be one cheerful face on earth. Whether I shall ever be better, I cannot tell. To remain as I am is impossible. I must die or be better, it appears to me.” – Abraham Lincoln

Depression is a human condition, recognized in early civilization by the Greek physician Hippocrates who called it “melancholy”. Romantic notions viewed it as ‘pining-away’ for someone or something lost to them. Today depression is considered an illness, affecting the entire body, mind, and spirit. One in five people suffer from depression during their lifetime. Sadness and anger are natural, and accepting this fact is important.

Addictions and Depression have a reciprocal relationship. Depression is the leading cause of addictions like drug abuse, and depression often results from losing something that they were ‘addicted to’. After heart disease, depression is the #2 cause of lost work days in the USA. Depression is a leading cause of suicide.

Whether it is loss of a loved one, loving affections, or a material associational loss, depression can manifest in an individual exhibiting their inability or refusal to adapt to enjoy life again, despite loss. Mental health experts define depression as an ’emotional state of dejection and sadness’. It ranges from mild discouragement and moodiness, to feelings of desperate hopelessness and despair. These naturally occurring human emotions, become constant antagonists of the depressed person.

Symptoms of Depression

Continuous irritability

Insomnia or Fatigue

Loss of enthusiasm

Extreme thoughts of suicide or death

Professional help is recommended in order to determine if other physical problems exist beyond psychological depression. Modern science is constantly finding more connections regarding the Universe and our place within it. So with the help of modern science and medicine, you can reflect on your own life experiences and existence within Nature to be liberated from the manacles of melancholy.

Often, only 1/8 of an iceberg appears above the ocean surface. Depression can hide like this. Some people may refuse to accept their emotions, viewing sadness and sorrow as signs of weakness. Resentment may be held against someone who has done something to them, or abandoned them in some way. Resentment may also be held against one’s self in the form of guilt. Bottled resentment won’t go away until the feelings are realized, admitted, accepted as a common reaction, and a decision is made to actively express a true release of negativity, or true responsibility of love.

In mythology characters deal with sorrow, suffering, and loss. They can often show ways to overcome depression.

Psychological Causes of Depression

Resentment towards someone else

Resentment towards yourself – Guilt

Low self-esteem

Unrealistic goals setting yourself up for failure

Negative perspectives “The glass is half empty”

Physical Causes of Depression

Endogenous chemical imbalances (manic depression)

Slow recovery from an illness or injury

Undiagnosed physical ailment

Side effects of drugs

Dietary deficiencies

Manic depression is bipolar and treated with lithium for mood stabilization. Treatment cannot end there, because unfortunately people can still get themselves into psychological ruts and end up making bad decisions despite a placid mood appearance on the surface. For clinical depression doctors can prescribe tricyclical antidepressant medicine which can also help stabilize nerve cell chemistry. Some people may be able to heal themselves of minor depressions, but for more serious cases steps should be taken to notify friends, family, doctors, and psychologists.

Master and Student are crossing a River. A young Girl needs help crossing the River. They carry the Girl across the River. The Girl thanks them and goes on her way. Later the Student mentions to the Master his feelings of concern for the Girl. The Masters says he put the Girl down by the River, but the Student is still carrying her. The lesson is to leave your worries behind you, and put down worries that you do not need to carry with you.

– Zen Buddhism

To alleviate depression, a friend can be one of the best cures. Psychologist Javier del Amo proposes that depression is caused in part by a process of isolation. When a person lacks meaningful communication with others, their emotions become frozen or paralyzed. To remedy this situation, del Amo advises that the depressed person needs a friend who will communicate on a deep emotional level. This communication can help thaw their emotions, allowing them to perceive positive again.

Devote time to listening to friends for mutual benefit. If they allow you to help, you help them and they will hopefully return the favor in some way later; this is healthy friendship. Help them with tasks that they temporarily lack the desire to do. Be positively encouraging or cheerful. Utilize soothing music and atmosphere; don’t wallow in melancholic problems. Help them to think, feel, and care beyond themselves; but don’t be overly antagonizing. Involve them in useful tasks or activities, to draw them out of the past into present living. Engagement in tasks help connect one with the here-and-now. Check on their medicines, work, hobbies, and other people in their lives. If your looking for more friends to meet, join a group; like a Pagan coven. There you will meet other people with comparable stories. You are not alone. Most of the gods welcome you to worship them in all their natural splendor. When you get to know a spirit in a personal way, they will communicate with you as a friend. Just as with any creature, if they are not nice to you, then it is not a healthy relationship.

Anger Management is not just avoidance or repression, it actually means accepting what is a part of natural human emotions that occur more-or-less in everyone, and dealing with the feeling by venting, controlling, or allowing it to motivate to action as a catalyst for change or work. As with other emotions, it is about moderation which sometimes means managing what is always there under the surface.

You won’t like me when I’m angry. My secret is I am always angry.” – Bruce Banner (aka The Incredible Hulk)


Natural Medicines for Anger & Depression should be used in moderation: exercise, fresh-air, sun-light, fresh-food, cannabis.

Medusa sculpt

Lyme Disease

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SCOD Member Lonna Anderson has written several papers on the subject of Lyme Disease. It is a common illness that plagues BOG Peeps everywhere. She has been living with Lyme’s since age 15.

The Lyme strategy – All for One & One for All

Beginning the Journey & Descending into Initiation

Lyme and the Emotional World


“The world of microorganisms reinstates an age-old truth that we may now consciously integrate back into our new-world paradigm: the concept of living according to a unified world-view. “Lyme disease bacteria are among the most advanced organisms in the world” (Rosner, 2007, p. 80).


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HIBERNATION – “a state of being during extreme cold, forcing many creatures to become dormant in their hibernacula (their winter quarters or place of retirement…Florida ?)”

It’s winter. It’s very cold. Climbing out of my warm nest to put a log on the fire, I feel like a turtle in its shell. I would much rather just stay under my warm covers and hibernate !

My theory is this : it is natural for warm blooded humans to slow down in cold weather. I will call it the burrowing impulse. I suppose this goes against many other theories which suggest that humans need to speed up and keep the blood flowing to keep warm, but somehow this does not always work for me. So, I resort to a cup of coffee in the morning, as many of us do, and pasta dishes become increasingly important for energy. Then there are energy bars, and some strongly caffeinated drinks which are really not good for people. Sometimes plain old inspiration provides motivation to get going, and then there is always the fear of loosing ones job if late for work. Perhaps the most popular incentive is the pleasure of foraging for food at a favorite local market place. One way or the other, warm blooded humans rally to the cause of living in this human world we have created.

After running around, doing all the outdoor chores on this icy, windy day, all I want to do is lay down and curl up with a good book, or a good man if I had one, and relax. My fingers and feet are cold, and I am lethargic. Is lethargy a form of mental hibernation? There are many types of dormant conditions in the natural world. So I contemplate hibernation, and how nice it would be if only…

.if only I were a bear or a coon or snake or turtle. However, in my reading on the subject I have learned that many critters do not really go into true hibernation. Such is the case for most bears, especially the polar bear, for the female usually births her cubs, cleaning and feeding them as well during hibernation. The male is usually out fishing !

Here in the mountains where I live I am thankful that the black snake, by now in deep hibernation, is no longer after my chicken eggs, although fewer eggs are laid due to the cold, shorter days. Perhaps I should get solar panels on the roof of the coup as a source of electricity ! Not a bad idea. The woodchucks have happily withdrawn into seclusion, dormant in their burrows. Their breathing and heart rates are slower and body temperatures lowered. I am happy, no, thrilled , not to see them! Of course, they are no threat to the vegetables in my gardens as there is nothing growing right now, except for the salad bar in my cold frames, which I mostly keep closed from the weather.

One thing I always miss throughout the winter is the wonderful music of crickets, katydids, frogs and toads, and so I must patiently await their emergence from sleep. Spring cannot come soon enough for most of us, but winter is a necessary time of renewal. Most seeds need stratification, or a period of deep freeze, in order to germinate in the spring. Also, many pests who do not manage to sneak into your house or find a warmish place to hide, will die off. I am thinking specifically of the infamous stink bug !

Of course, the butterflies have disappeared too. Some, like the Monarchs, migrate south. However, one tough cookie, the Mourning Cloak, spends the winter in hollow trees and some live to “talk “ about it. I wonder what they would say about their time in the tree all winter. Maybe something like “Boring !” Same goes for moths which are in the pupa stage, all wrapped up in cocoons. I am beginning to wonder if I really want to hibernate. Maybe I should go south, but one needs money for that, plus I really am not retired, and likely never will be.

I would be remiss if I did not mention turtles, one of my very favorite animals. A good friend of mine who lives in Northern Minnesota, where temperatures have already been down as low as -25 degrees, said in an email that he does not know how turtles manage to survive winters there. Most winters the ground freezes anywhere between 3 and 6 feet down. So how does the soft body of the turtle, encased in a thin shell, manage not to turn into an ice cube ? This has always been my question too. Perhaps we should just chalk it up to one of those Great Mysteries of Life. Any theories ?

Not all turtles manage to emerge from the ground in the spring, as was the case of Timothy in a semi-true story by Verlyn Klinkenborg. Told from the turtle’s perspective, his last thoughts were, as recorded in the book :

I dig and dig. Settle the dirt on my shell. As deep as I can go into the warmth of earth. Carefully overlaid with autumn’s debris. Anchored. Immured. Landlocked. Becalmed…” and never to rise again from his hibernaculum, dead about the age of 60.

I believe I shall be content with that cup of coffee in the morning as I watch the snow fall, find delight in the variety of birds eating black sunflowers at my feeder, take that brisk, life giving walk to care for my chickens, and sing Silver Bells as I give thanks for being a warm blooded human being !

Many Blessings, Christine

Christine S. Maccabee Dec. 2014