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SCOD Alternative Fuel Vehicles Project

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Creative Commons Cars – Share your ideas here so no Company can buy it and bury it! Once your idea is public it is closer to immortality.

Have you ever wanted to design an innovative auto? Please contribute your design ideas to this theoretical project for the greater public good, by simply posting them here on this page, or contacting us. Using sustainable industrial design concepts, even if only fictional, will help encourage innovation and other alternatives to traditional fossil fuel combustion engines. Please submit essays, drawings, photos etc. that can all be used by others without copyright. There is no deadline, and all entries will be published here.

Also feel free to post inspirational examples of any alternative fuel ideas! Check out the SCOD Gallery for Alternative Fuel Vehicles. If you contact us, we can add your ideas to that webpage also.

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Note: You do not have to be a professional industrial designer or an automotive expert to be a part of this collaborative project. SCOD is simply seeking a collection of creative designs.

2012 Alternative Fuel Car List

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This is just a quick summary of some popular hybrids and other alternatives. Advertising has still not improved to help promote this new technology. So even with the American Car Companies going Bankrupt, and getting Billions in Bailouts, most Americans still don’t know shit about hybrid cars, or don’t give a shit, or both. A recent SCOD poll answered by 20 people showed: most were interested in learning more, but only 2 people actually owned an AFV and the rest had negative responses. All of this despite the fact that it has been proven for many decades (about a century) that fossil fuel combustion engines pollute our environment on a mass scale. Sad.

2012 Alternative Fuel Car List

(prices have gone up since 2007, despite the recession)

Toyota Prius Hybrid $24,000 51/48 mpg

Honda Civic Hybrid $24,000 44 mpg

Hyundai Hybrid $25,000 35/40 mpg

Chevy Volt Sedan $40,000 gas only backs up battery

Nissan Leaf Electric $33,000 no gas

Mitsubishi I micro-coupe ???

Ford Fusion/Focus ???

* note: or you can buy a diesel and use bio-diesel in warm climates

Alternative & Renewable Free Advertising!

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Free Advertising for Alternative Power Businesses!

Please list any companies that help support alternative power on this blog page (reply below). 30 states (including Washington DC) have legislation requiring utility companies, distributors, and suppliers to include some power from renewable sources. Many small companies are focusing on helping clients with state energy program credits. Currently most of our electricity continues to come from burning coal.

Here are some small companies that are making a difference in Frederick County, Maryland: FITCI Incubator, US Photovoltaics, UR Solar, TimberRock, SES Frederick, Potomac Wind Energy, Chesapeake Green Fuels, and Nelson Commercial Plumbing.

Each small company only manages about 300 client households, compared to the entire population, but it is a start.

Solar Power

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President Barack Obama toured Solar Energy Plants in 2009. In the spring he toured Las Vegas, Nevada; then he visited Arcadia, Florida; where he announced that $3.4 billion in “smart grid” energy technology grants included $267 million in Tampa, Florida.

A Florida Power & Light project received one of the nation’s largest grants: $200 million to create a smart grid in the company’s service area. The University of South Florida was also involved in the research and technology of the Arcadia Plant, but they received significantly less grant money.

Solar Power has taken a back seat to Oil, along with all other alternative energies for decades. Oil took the Industrial Throne from Coal, although Coal is certainly alive and burning pollution all over the United States. Oil as a dark liquid evil, also inherited the crusades in the Middle East, which Spices once caused for centuries.

It is only by supporting alternative renewable, clean energies like Solar Power that we can begin to take the dominant causes of War and Pollution away. Active Solar Power has come a long way, but not nearly as far as it would have if it were not owned by Oil Companies (see the history of BP Solarex). Passive Solar as well have much potential.

Both Passive and Active Solar Power can be used by almost every home in the United States if we make the technologies more accessible to the public. Advertising campaigns have done nothing to educate the public on these issues for decades as well. Some may still not understand the Power of our own Star, the Sun; and it’s continuing ability to provide us with more Power than we can use.

[notes: Active refers to Solar Panels where sunlight is made into electricity; Passive refers to any designs which harness the thermal energy of sunlight for heat gain]

1. The Blue Van with Pink Polka-Dots

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Once upon a time, there was a blue van with pink polka-dots, and a brightly colored rose painted on each door. It had a Grateful Dead bumper sticker partially faded by the sun. Although it is not known first hand by the author, I’m sure that the interior upholstery reeked of marijuana. Often I see it stream by in a roaring blur of happy color, and yesterday it ran over my dog. All in all, … it is quite a bohemian contraption.

Top 10 Hybrid Car List 2007

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TOP 10 Hybrid Car List 2007

Here is a basic list gathered from Hybrid websites, lets work together to increase our mutual knowledge.  Biodiesel, Ethanol, or Gas/Electric are considered better than only electric, but continued research, education, and advertising is needed.

I hope that prices have come down years later. Advertising has not improved to help promote this new technology. So even with the American Car Companies going Bankrupt and getting Billions in Bailouts, most Americans dont know shit about Hybrid Cars, or dont give a shit, or both. Sad.

2007 Hybrids (gas/electric):

1.  Toyota Camry                     $27,000

2.  Toyota Prius $22,000

3.  Honda Accord                    $25,000

4.  Lexus RX 400h                  $25,000

5.  Lexus GS Sedan                  $25,000

6.  Ford Escape                        $26,000

7.  Honda Civic Sedan             $23,000

8.  Mercury Mariner                $28,000

9.  Honda Insight                      $25,000

10.Cadillac Escalade                $30,000

Diesel Engines / Diesel Fuel

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Diesel Engines

German engineer Rudolf Diesel invented the first Diesel Engine in 1892 based on the hot bulb engine and for which he received a patent on February 23, 1893. Diesel intended the engine to use a variety of fuels including coal dust and peanut oil. He demonstrated it at the 1900 Exposition Universelle (World’s Fair) using peanut oil.

Diesel Fuel

After the Diesel Engine was invented, cheaply refined fossil fuel “oil” quickly became known as Diesel Fuel. I think was a horrible mistake. We should have embraced a fairly clean and  renewable resource like vegetable oil, instead of polluting our environment in the countless ways with petroleum fossil fuels. Some petroleum based products are a good thing, no doubt. However regardless of how “cheap” and “easy” it is to get crude oil, it would be cheaper and easier to filter the billions of tons of FREE used vegetable oil that gets thrown away by restaurants around the World every year.  In otherwords we have a fuel resource that has existed for decades on a mass scale, and has been ignored because of the stranglehold that Oil Companies have on our system.

This stranglehold by Oil Companies on global economies and politics has lead directly to military actions, police actions, wars, street violence, invasions, revolutions, and economic problems around the World. Our corporate quest for Oil has led the US to support Iraq’s war with Iran, which has cause grass-roots rebel terrorism in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and turned Iran against us. Our lust for Oil to run our engines also led to the invasion of Iraq, and its occupation in order to control the Oil Wells. Terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and the Taliban were created in large part as a resistance against our desire to put Oil pipelines through their Homeland. Some who wanted our Oil Money were angered when we betrayed them by not supporting them against their neighbors, which also led to problems. Basically they want us to stop messing around with their land and lives.

Developing Diesel Engines to run better on used vegetable oil, is the best answer to problems that fossil fuel has caused. When Oil-Man President Bush admitted we are addicted to Oil, it is safe to say we have a problem.  We have to make decisions as individuals that directly address the problem, and stop waiting for it to fix itself, or someone else to fix it. We need to speak out, aid in better education, purchase alternative technologies, and publish works in support of these changes.

Biodiesel refers to a diesel-equivalent, processed fuel derived from biological sources (such as vegetable oils), which can be used in unmodified diesel-engine vehicles. It is thus distinguished from the straight vegetable oils (SVO) or waste vegetable oils (WVO) used as fuels in some diesel vehicles.