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Circle Garden

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The Circle Garden

Celtic Guard-In of Vegetables inside, and Herbs as Guardians around the perimeter, outside the fence. The circle being one of our most natural and primal symbols: sun, moon, earth, wheel of the year, cycles of life, etc… Known and respected by ancient tribal shaman and cultures around the World.

So I asked: “Why do we not have more Circular, or Round gardens?” It seemed like the answer was not because of any natural reason, but rather due to our artificial applications to our evolution, that are not always congruous with other natural elements. Square or Rectangular gardens or farm fields are by far, the normal standard; and this development is historically parallel to rectangular architectural convention as well. Once wood is cut and straightened in lumber mills for boards, as a rectangular object it is necessary to make building easy with right (90 degree) angles. However, if wood is left more in it’s natural rounded state (the sides of a branch), then our designs are different to accommodate that practicality. I began to see our lack of rounded landscape features as ignorance, and part of our stubborn opposition to the strongest Natural form.  Indeed after years of working the garden, it is not only easier to work soil within rounded edges by hand tools, but it is more spiritually rewarding to me, and therefore I enjoy it more.

This garden is organic. We make loads of compost on the property, wheeled or brought by shovel or bucket over to supplement the garden soil. Perennials dominate the garden, keeping it alive automatically every year. Some perennials are evergreen, while others simply die back, to regrow from roots, bulbs, or seeds every Spring. Water is mostly supplied naturally by rain, or rain catchment systems. Additional water (especially during droughts) is supplied by conserved town water. Upside-down reused glass bottles of water saturate the soil for hours. Most of the garden is from volunteer plants now, re-established and perpetuated annually during growing seasons. Otherwise organic store-bought seeds or seedlings are purchased. As seedlings grow, I use mulch from the yard or neighborhood: cut lawn grass in bags, leaves raked from last Fall, old cardboard weighed down, and fallen bark from dead wood. Before Winter comes I have harvested various amounts of: garlic leeks (lemon grass), chives, basil, peppermint, rosemary, lavender, sage, mullein, lambs ear, lambs quarters, wild mustard lettuce, wild spinach, dandelion, tomatoes, green peppers, sun flowers, squash, cabbage, chard, spinach, lettuce, kale, etc… most of which flowers and produces seeds by the end of the year, even after cutting some of the leaves of the plant.



SCOD in Wisconsin

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SCOD had been developing connections in Wisconsin, as brother Cordite has relocated there together with EmBee. Wisconsin seems to be an interesting State, judging from the area around Madison. There are many alternative establishments there to study, communicate with, and be a part of.

Albion Swords is the number one manufacturer in America of museum quality swords. Their workshop surpasses that of Toledo Swords in Spain. Also they have been filming an independent film called “Devolution: 2012”.

Circle Sanctuary is a beautiful gathering place for pagans of all kinds. Head Priestess and Co-Founder Selena Fox is welcoming, delightful, positive, and charming as a hostess for events. Circle Sanctuary has circles, animal sanctuary woodland, and was responsible for getting pentacles put on military tombstones for pagans in Arlington Cemetery. There is also a private Cemetery at Circle Sanctuary.

House on the Rock is the most amazing and bizarre house to ever exist. It is a professional tourist attraction, and is as large as many amusement parks. The architectural composition is so eclectic, it is impossible to explain in one paragraph.

Phelan Vanth has established a ghost tour known as Wicked Witchconsin. Hanging Day in Mineral Point Town has a new meaning on Halloween every year now! Doing this tour independently has given her the freedom to bring you the most gritty and blackest story of Point’s history.

The town of Mount Horeb has Trolls and the Mustard Museum, Madison University plays Quidich (from Harry Potter), and the farmland is beautiful. There are many active pagans and hybrid vehicles in Wisconsin. More reports will certainly be about Wisconsin, and Cheese.