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Tofu Lizard Memoir 07

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Journal Entry 07

Today I got to ride on the Cordite Solar Electric Mower! Man that thing is totally SCOD. Cordite modified the former gasoline fueled riding mower to run on solar powered batteries. The batteries charge during the week, when it is not being used. SCOD children decorated it with brightly colored paint, and for May Day they had it covered in flowers like a parade float! Ha! Alternative living is the best. The people at SCOD are not anymore dysfunctional than most of the people that were considered normal at my old office work place, its just they are proud of being different. Bio-diversity is accepted and celebrated here at SCOD.

In the memory garden today I found the rusted remains of an old truck. When I asked about the old truck with ferns growing out it, the response I got was “Your Mom!” Well it turns out that was the name of the SCOD truck. “Your Mom” was an inside joke, so that when you mentioned the vehicle, it was funny because it always seemed like an insult. “Your Mom” belonged to Sima Ke. Sima Ke was a founding member of SCOD, but his family duties required him to return home to the north. Apparently “Your Mom” was diesel, and ran on Vegetable Oil in the warm months, and had a second tank of regular fossil fuel diesel in cold months (due to viscosity differences). The last time “Your Mom” was operation, Sima Ke was chasing some invading scraggs off the property, but the rednecks fired back with a 22 and hit “Your Mom” in the grill, and combined with winter ice, the truck ran off the road into a tree. The accident was fatal to “Your Mom”, and now she is at peace in her final resting place among the flora, and other ruins and rusty sculptures.



Tofu Lizard Memoir 06

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Journal Entry 06

Later that afternoon I met Cordite the Horse Master and Blacksmith. He had been fixing some utilities around back, in between chopping wood. The three of us played a knife throwing game, on a target board. Drogo assured me that my job working at the bar would be easy. I only had to serve basic food and drink like bread, crackers, soup, water, coffee, tea, and beer. Also there was no cash register, just a strong lock box that was chained to the bar, since tax was included in the prices, and prices were always rounded to the nearest dollar.

That night they showed me to my room in the Inn (end of the Tavern). A few other people passed through the doors, but I knew I had time later to meet everyone. Thanking Drogo and Cordite, I began unloading my pack. I felt quite safe and welcome at SCOD. There are few places in this world that I have been to where I felt so at home.

In the morning the call of the rooster woke me up. I followed the smell of breakfast back to bar at the Pub end of the Tavern. My bed at the Inn had been comfortable enough, and although my door was unlocked I knew my possessions would be safe. There were not enough strangers like me around to worry about, I mused. Things were going to be ok. I was finally reaching the conclusion that this was going to be the happiest time of my adult life, and leaving my old office job was truly the right thing for me to do after all.


Eric Meulemans Interview

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Name of Person interviewed: Sir Eric Meulemans

Reason interviewed: Pipedream Pub

1. Why did you start the Pipedream Pub:

The Pipedream Pub began – as many college-year endeavors do – as the mad hallucinations of a closely-knit group of friends, who desired to actualize their medievalist fantasies in the form of a Prancing-pony-like hangout where they would be free to eat hearty whole-grained breads, play eclectic music of all sorts at all hours, become learned beyond measure in artes arcane, use an abundance of hyphens and ellipses, and generally just hang out and be awesome with one another and perpetuate awesomeness upon the world.

Given the practical constraints of construction of such a physical reality, and, as so many such similar dreams are interrupted by that thing mortals call “life,” the Pipedream Pub lingered in a perpetual Pipedream state, waiting to be brought to fruition in its originally conceived form but over time evolving into much more. Rather than merely being a physical place, the Pipedream Pub became a virtual storehouse for the common interests and developments of its members, who seek to collect and disseminate knowledge for the betterment of those worthy of it.

2. Give some advice for anyone wanting to do what you have done:

Not to sound like a well-worn Nike slogan, but… just do it. If you desire something, pursue it. If you dream of it, build it. Too many among us look upon a mountain in the distance and think “I’d like to go there someday” and yet never take a single step towards it. Move your damn feet and you’ll get there – eventually. Remember, just like the NSA says, the impossible just takes longer.

3. How do you view “Sustainability” in what you do?

I view sustainability in the same way as many of our ideals: it is a constant goal but one rarely attained. Too often we fall prey to the ills of society and the weakness of our own will, but if we remain aware of these failings we can strive to better both through diligence. Sustainability is not just “reduce, reuse, recycle,” it is something that allows for the continued existence and well-being of ourselves and environment through minimal initial impact and long-term considerations of use.


4. What is your opinion of “Cooperatives”?

Sounds like some commie plot to me…

Cooperatives have a strong history and continued presence in agriculture for many of the same reasons we intone it here. That it provides for mutual benefit of members with reduced risk, bringing opportunity which could not ordinarily be attained on one’s own. Few are those with all of the skills necessary to conceptualize, design, build, maintain, and manage an organization, and those few who can likely will find it impossible to do all of these in the time they have, so working together and utilizing the strengths of one another to attain a mutual objective is almost a necessity.

5. How important is “Organic” design in your life, as opposed to simple mechanical design? For example in the food you eat, buildings you live in, and work you do…

“Organic” is certainly a bit of an overused and perhaps mis-applied term these days, but I admit a strong fondness for it anyway. Yes, I eat as much “Organic” food as possible, as I wish to limit my intake of toxins as much as possible and to support what I believe to be the proper direction of food production.

From a design standpoint, nature has already figured out how to work everything. Mimicking natural organic design is preferable to reinventing the wheel, yet we so often try to anyway. We tend to live in boxes, and this is not because they are beautiful, or efficient, or even necessarily convenient, but because the building industry told us we should. What other animals live in a box besides the ones we lock them into?

6. Do you have any other plans for future “Development” of these or any other goals?

Yes. I will attain effective immortality so that I have the time in which to meet them all.

ps – Eric Meulemans works at Albion Swords (Albion does make the swords from the Conan films, but the originals (which he is holding) were done by Jody Samson).

PDP Comic Strip

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PDP Comic Strip

PDP #1

Na’vi Inspired Dagger

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Cordite made a Moose Antler Dagger and sheath:

SCOD in Wisconsin

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SCOD had been developing connections in Wisconsin, as brother Cordite has relocated there together with EmBee. Wisconsin seems to be an interesting State, judging from the area around Madison. There are many alternative establishments there to study, communicate with, and be a part of.

Albion Swords is the number one manufacturer in America of museum quality swords. Their workshop surpasses that of Toledo Swords in Spain. Also they have been filming an independent film called “Devolution: 2012”.

Circle Sanctuary is a beautiful gathering place for pagans of all kinds. Head Priestess and Co-Founder Selena Fox is welcoming, delightful, positive, and charming as a hostess for events. Circle Sanctuary has circles, animal sanctuary woodland, and was responsible for getting pentacles put on military tombstones for pagans in Arlington Cemetery. There is also a private Cemetery at Circle Sanctuary.

House on the Rock is the most amazing and bizarre house to ever exist. It is a professional tourist attraction, and is as large as many amusement parks. The architectural composition is so eclectic, it is impossible to explain in one paragraph.

Phelan Vanth has established a ghost tour known as Wicked Witchconsin. Hanging Day in Mineral Point Town has a new meaning on Halloween every year now! Doing this tour independently has given her the freedom to bring you the most gritty and blackest story of Point’s history.

The town of Mount Horeb has Trolls and the Mustard Museum, Madison University plays Quidich (from Harry Potter), and the farmland is beautiful. There are many active pagans and hybrid vehicles in Wisconsin. More reports will certainly be about Wisconsin, and Cheese.

Swords & Horses

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Swords and Horses are both anacronisms that were once a dominate part of human civilization.  Now in the modern world they are still around, yet they have lost their importance to most people that populate the planet. To the masses guns have replaced swords, and automobiles have replaced horses.

Yet for some, both Swords and Horses represent a glamour of nostalgia and romance that seems to be lacking otherwise.  Cordite and others will perhaps share with us some perspective on why these things matter to those that have not forgotten.  Strong and powerful, swords and horses are still noble.  Here we will examine why.