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Most Annoying Fictional Characters EVER

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Most Annoying Fictional Characters EVER

From Stories, Books, Comics, TV, and Films:

1. Jarjar Binks  (Star Wars Phantom Menace)

2. Urkel, Steve  (from Family Matters)

3. Barney  (the Purple Dinosaur)

4. Brainy Smurf  (from The Smurfs)

5. Woody Woodpecker (cartoon)

6. The Three Stooges

7. Sponge Bob (cartoon)

8. Anakin Skywalker (kid & teen from Star Wars)

9. Mr. Annoying (SNL)

10. Daleks  (Doctor Who)

* Annoying is often intentional and part of why many people like these characters



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RAMBO in Burma was better than expected.

Forging the new blade was reminiscent of Conan.

Stallone did everything for that movie,

rewriting and directing it too.

It is supposed to be toned down in some ways

from the horror reality of the Civil War there;

the rape, pillaging, sacking, and slaughters;

while still being a Rambo film (he survives).

I loved the very end, it helped close

his overseas tours after all these years.

Rambo did great bringing himself full circle.

Its what Conan 3 needs to be,

they did it in 4 films though.

Also they left room for Rambo V,

Using the Mexican concept they had, but

that was not used this time.

If they do Rambo V in Mexico,

It will be different, more like a Western,

As Stallone said.

Conan III “King Conan”

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According to the ArnoldFans site:

The news is sad but true, King Milius was given his walking papers by WB. TheArnoldFans put a call into the Milius Camp on Friday morning in hopes to lay all of these rumors to rest.

Not only did we receive the confirmation that Robert Rodriguez has been given the opportunity to direct a NEW CONAN in few years – but we also learned Milius and company were clearing out there desks! They are leaving WB once and for all. John Milius had a 5 year contract to be on the WB lot, however, after WB gave Conan away to Rodriguez, they decided they did not need Milius and kicked him off the lot without renewing his contract.

The director of the greatest Arnold film of all times is now heading over to the CBS lot to write for a new Western series called “Dodge City”.

Naturally, Milius is almost as pissed off as the true Conan fans! We all believe WB and Rodriguez will give us comic violence and an over-the-top popcorn film like “The Scorpion King” instead of a dramatic masterpiece epic that Milius had in store for Conan fans.

If Rodriguez can lure Arnold to his film, it will remain King Conan but will have an ALL NEW script. Otherwise we can expect an ALL NEW Conan… full of cartoon violence to make us laugh. Sigh. Dead forever is the Milius “King Conan” script!

The basic plot of King Conan may remain. Cimmerian barbarian Conan has risen through the ranks of the nation of Aquilonia during its wars with the Picts and the Hyrkanians, earning Emperor Fortuna’s trust enough to be named king of the land of Zingara, though Fortuna keeps Conan’s adopted son Kon in his custody as collateral so that Conan will remain faithful to him.

As twenty years pass, and Kon becomes a man educated and trained in the ways of Aquilonia. When Conan invokes the anger of Aquilonia by making peace with the Picts whom he had once helped Aquilonia conquer, an assassination attempt is made against him. Conan, however, escapes, finding the warrior spirit that 20 years on the throne had dulled.

Taken in by the Picts, can Conan exact revenge against the Aquilonians and reunite with his son, who has now taken his father’s place as the king of Zingara, and after twenty years, does Kon want to reunite with a father he hardly remembers ?

If the plot remains as such, and they get Arnold, it may be something. Crom help them if they screw this up. Sorry Milius, we were cheering for you.

Cross of Iron (1977)

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I just finished watching the film Cross of Iron (1977) and I must say it now ranks as one of the best war/anti-war films I have seen. It demonstrates what is, to me, the essence of the genre. That the particulars of time and place, nationality and politics are all irrelevant. That the setting is merely a vehicle for the examination of the best and worst to be found in humanity, which is brought about through the unimaginable insanity of the situations in which the players find themselves.

From the film’s commentary:

“The destructive violence shown here is endless. It’s an eternal cycle throughout history, just as the tendency towards Fascism, embrace of authority, super-patriotism, and its use to oppress others is always present in human history. The battlefield is eternal. It’s Peckinpah’s metaphor for human life, and it’s why his outlook is so grim and alienated.”

“[Steiner’s speech] is enigmatic, but the main idea is that politics can never work. That all of the political systems – National Socialism, Communism (and by implication, Capitalism) – which promise to free and empower people are lies, and merely new forms of enslavement. All are violence without mind – accidents – temporary forms of power thrown up by history and all are doomed to failure. No-man’s land, where Steiner says they stand, is the only enduring reality. But the individual can’t long survive there.”

“Peckinpah is in a deeply dark place, with no evident means to escape it. The despair is total! Psychological, political, emotional. No American film-maker has shown WWII with such absolute, uncompromising despair. It’s no wonder therefore that American audiences didn’t like this movie.”

-Stephen Prince, author of Savage Cinema: Sam Peckinpah and the Rise of Ultraviolent Movies