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The musician known as FreesoulJAH is a spirit dedicated to peace, love, and freedom. Although his desires for humanity are harmonious, sometimes he uses subtle discord in a melody. It is clear that FSJ believes there is “more Light than Darkness”, but as a realist he is unashamed to communicate with the “darker side” of life.

Building upon Hippy and Rastafarian language, he is a free poet and a philosopher of Earth-based ethics. Transcending negative stereotypes, it is clear that he enjoys challenging the status-quo through alternative means. His songs reach between experimental folk and acid-rock, with an open hand of friendship.

FreesoulJAH is an artist that loves life, and shares with others. He is accepting of others, and has participated in creative community projects with other artists. FSJ is an example that we can express “free love, truth, wisdom, peace and justice” through music.


Politics / Political

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“Politics” as a subject has opposing connotations:

1. Politics: politics as usual; mearly surface gossip, popularity politics, political as an ends unto itself, selfish, ruthless power gain…

2. Politics: higher authority; the workings of government serving the people, a person’s most valued beliefs expressed politcally…

SCOD attempts both Political Indepence as an Intentional Community outlet, but also claims “real world” ties to certain political movements in relation to the individuals active with SCOD.  Youtube has been an excellent outlet for Americans, with channels like TPA (True Patriot Action), JPerryAM, Freesouljah, and Davis Fleetwood (among many others).  It is hoped that as they find time, channels like theirs may post blog essays here, in this Politics Category.