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Seeking Authors for SCODzine!

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‘Grass Root Words’ is a Naturalist periodical journal for essays, poems, and short-stories on inspirational themes like history, education, evolution, environmentalism, civil rights, philosophy, arts, and discoveries in science. Contributing authors include all ages; alive or dead; famous or infamous. This is like a grass-roots ‘Leaves of Grass’, except anyone can be in it, not just Walt Whitman.

Grass Root Words ab

Volunteer authors can email me (Drogo) drogo76@hotmail or find me on Facebook and send their short writings (poems, essays, or short stories) for ‘Grass Roots Words’ SCODzine Kindle ebook collections. I will publish anything less than a page that fits! Send your writing any-time because late-comers will just be added to a later issue.

Grassroots – any organic social group supporting at least one common cause, as opposed to a movement that is organized by official power structures. Many local volunteers in various places can lead to massive unified parties, like patches of grass.


Eighteen Hundred and Frozen to Death

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Interview with musician Wes Hess

Member of the Martinsburg, WV Band “eighteen hundred and frozen to death

wes hess-vocals

josh householder-bass

dave pereschuk-drums

bob parker-guitar



1. Why did you start 1800 and Frozen to Death?

Me and my cousin Robert Parker love music and have been playing around with music for a long time and finally found the right guys to it.

2. Give some advice for anyone wanting to do what you have done:

Just do it, learn to play, do it for fun, make friends, go to shows, watch and learn.

3. How do you think “Sustainability” has evolved since the 1800’s?

Well the disposability of products has only gotten worse since the 1800’s, im also a part time scraper, turning in junk metal for recycling, i like tom Waits idea of using old junk cars to make instruments.

I think our modern world puts too much emphasis on industry, like making disposable products out of plastic that lasts for hundreds of years; like plastic water bottles, i refill them. There’s far to much junk, and not enough people reuse or recycle (to balance it out).

4. What is your opinion of “Cooperatives” / “Communities”?

They’re great; without cooperation from our local community we could not have got “out there”, i love homemade local art and music and try to support it at every turn.

5. How important is “Organic” design in your life, as opposed to / or in relation to mechanical design? (For example in the food you eat, buildings you live in, and work you do…)

I certainly need more of it, i think a natural way of living in harmony with the world around you is essential to a happy produtive life. of course im surrounded by all sorts of modern new fangled contraptions like cars and computers; but its hard to live without them in this day and age. But i’d be very interested in learning more about “Organic design”.

6. Do you have any other plans for future “Development” of the band or any other goals?

Yes we are in the midst of recording an album and want to play out live.


Number One in the heart of a chart frozen in time!

Visit their Music Website

Here are some of their songs:

Monsters Bride, Zombie Cheerleaders, Empirical Lapdog, etc..

The Truth About Modern Tea Parties

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The truth about modern ‘tea parties’, as with the original historic ‘Boston Tea Party’, is that they are not a single political party. Political ‘tea parties’ are events and projects in reaction to the control of existing political parties. A ‘tea party’ is an act of rebellion, with anti-establishment attitudes towards taxes (not to be confused with traditional tea parties, where you sit down and have tea while socializing).

The ‘modern tea party movement’ was started during President Bush Jr.’s second term. From 2005-2008 rallies and protests were held around the Country out of frustration with unwanted wars, and increasing taxation without representation. Even more people (like myself) became aware of and joined the movement online, using Youtube as a platform for communication and expressive documentation through video, audio, and text collaborations.

SCOD’s involvement with the founding of the Modern Tea Party Movement (MTPM) came by being a member of TPA (True Patriot Action), and TPA collaboration videos that often used grassroots music. Other TPA activists that SCOD worked with during the early years of the MTPM were FreesoulJAH, Witzkeyman, Conkling, Citizenkong, Leafdude, Firemynx, Amandadevik, Coffeedude, Methadone4life, Anarchyclayman, and many other Youtube users. TPA search tags should confirm this article to anyone unfamiliar with the true origins of the MTPM.

I believe that CNN and major commercial news networks missed the underground origins, because they were not following our grassroots (non-commercial, non-corporate) activities. Now (in 2010) big media is only reporting the current Tea Party news, as the movement has grown and evolved. I believe the change in the movement lumping it more into the Republican camp, is due to the fact that many independents involved were Ron Paul supporters and a Democrat is president now. Ron Paul was a Republican before running for President, although the core of his beliefs, as shared by many followers, is free-market anarchy (anti-government). Combine that with a semi-black-liberal Democrat President and you have a ton of disaffected Republicans, replacing many of the independent and green liberals (like SCOD) who were pissed at Bush.

So let us be clear about the origins of the MTPM; we were protesting a Republican President who we wanted IMPEACHED, and we were sick of not being represented in Congress (with the exception of Kucinich, Keeney, and Wexler). Clearly the resentment against our corrupt government run by big Pharma and the Military Industrial Complex, is extended to both the Republicans and Democrats. Resentment of Big Government, and the ‘taxation (often) without representation’ that runs it, is obviously keeping the MTPM alive and well, and perhaps growing and maturing it (according to the press).

Conkling (Musician Ralph Buckley)

Ron Paul’s Tea Party 2007 video (Conkling)

2007 Ron Paul Tea Party member (joined November 08, 2007)

SCOD: “Sabotage Ministry” NWO TPA ReMix