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Beards and Naturalism

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To me there has always been a clear connection between facial hair and Naturalism. My theory is that throughout recorded history, men grow beards to defy the fact that they could shave it off with a razor and look more feminine; usually to rebel against the social norms of shaving and assert their manhood and / or be more in tune with Nature.

There is a reason that barbarians that lived wild with nature had facial hair and industrious Romans did not; and there is a reason that when ancient Rome became more intertwined with barbarian cultures, that it became popular in Rome to wear beards! The more industrial a society or culture, the more they will want uniformity for the wearing of helmets (chin straps and gas-masks), stream-lined mechanical safety, and uniform equality for those that cannot grow facial hair thickly or completely (like boys, women, and some men).

Facial hair, like other hair, is considered by many of us Pagans to be a spiritual connection with Nature and the Gods and Goddesses of Nature and Nurturing. Consider that after many terrible industrial wars it has been popular for veterans to grow beards. Famous Naturalists like John Muir, H.D. Thoreau, Walt Whitman, and even Emerson (in old age) all had beards for obvious anti-industrial reasons.

Even those that grow a beard because they are ‘too lazy to shave’ are more harmonious with Nature by allowing their beard to grow, and not artificially shaving it off. Also there are many religious, spiritual, philosophical, and personal reasons for having beards. So before you judge people based on ‘un-fashionable trends’ that you perceive, consider that it may be more or less significant to the person with more hair.

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Dreadlock Hair Care

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People should wear clothing and hair styles that express themselves. Clothing should have your name on it, not a commercial brand tag. The more hair you have, the more it can be shaped and decorated to fit individual personalities.

I use oils and waxes in my hair. I find bees wax is the best to lock the dreads, however REAL beeswax needs to be melted; so i use a candle, hold the wax cake close, let it drip onto a metal surface, apply melted wax before it cools while it is still malleable. Murrays pomade is part petroleum / part bees wax (even though it says 100% bees wax, it means the bees wax is real that they make it with, if you read the ingredients). In the photo below you can see the real beeswax cake on top of the tin lid, which i drip the wax onto, and then use my fingers to apply it.

When your locks are first forming, use REAL BEESWAX to hold it together, and use braids and bands. This will keep them water-resistent, soft, good smelling, and very natural. Then after the locks have ‘locked’ use oils to reduce dandruff, and keep them strong and water-resistent (to avoid dry-rot or mildew and easier hair drying).

One of the most natural and affordable oil blends to use in your hair can be found at most stores. It is called “Africa’s Best: Ultimate Herbal Oil”; and is a mix of soy, sesame, olive, castor, and multiple nut oils; kiwi, ginseng, and aloe extracts among other brilliant ingredients. This oil can be used as a healing hot oil treatment, bath oil, body skin oil, cuticle oil, massage oil, hair & scalp oil! Also I have used this oil on leather, wood, and metal to preserve them too!! Best of all its about $3 usually!!!


note:  curly and long hair forms dreadlocks easier

Punk Rock

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Punk Rock

Evolving from garage bands of the early 1970’s, urban industrial working class citizens began expressing their political and anti-establishment angst. Punk Rock defined itself with less emphasis on music quality, and more emphasis on speed and shorter songs. Just as urgent anger can drive a worker to finish a job faster, anger is released in punk rock as an urgent call to pay attention, to celebrate the moment, to seize-the-day, or just-do-it!

1976 is seen as a pivotal year for Punk Bands like the Ramones, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, etc. Being ‘Punk Rock’ means practicing any non-conforming or socially shocking vocals or physical behaviors. Punk Rock physical behaviors include looking or strange and/or acting illogical. Punk Rockers look different by wearing improvised and socially rejected attire and hair cuts. Although the shock value of Punk Rock is communicated by audio, visual, and physical modes, the underlying principles of Punk Rock are actually breaking through to alternative thoughts.

Into the 1980’s and 90’s Punk Rock subcultures were often fierce and divided. Punk Subcultures are defined either by their own style, or an associated genre: Rockabilly, Thrash, Surfer, Skin Head, Straightedge, Skater, Ska, Oi, Celtic Punk, Goth, Gutterpunk, Glam Fashion and Big Hair. Informal urban tribal gangs as audio based social movements. True Punk tends toward aggressive rebel anarchism.

Pop Rock (Popular Punk Rock) existed from the beginning with elements seen in New Wave bands, and artificial bands created by producers. Pop Rock continued using Punk Rock into the 1990’s with The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Mighty Mighty Bostons, Green Day, The Offspring, and other bands popular at colleges.

In the 21st Century a Pop-Emo appreciation of The Cure and Radiohead produced many new bands based on moody, sad personal emotions; with less emphasis on group hardcore resistance to established norms. Punk Bands like Bad Religion continue to express paradoxes in themselves and civilization, loud and proud.

Punk Rock is freedom of thought and expression in music; which extends and resonates through all the arts of life. Punk Rock has certain modern stylistic trends that identify it for labeling (for example as a similar but separate tradition from Acid Jazz); however punk as a philosophy can also be used for any anarchistic revolutionary action, look, or behavior.

Drogo Hawkest


“A righteous student came and asked me to reflect
He judged my lifestyle was politically incorrect
I don’t believe in self important folks who preach
No Bad Religion song can make your life complete
Prepare for rejection
You’ll get no direction from me
You’ll get no direction from me
You’ll get no direction from me”

–  from “No Direction” by Bad Religion


“a sense of self-definition and also sort of playing music for music’s sake and being part of a family for family’s sake.”
Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi)


“Punk rock is just another word for freedom.”
Patti Smith


“Undermine their pompous authority, reject their moral standards, make anarchy and disorder your trademarks. Cause as much chaos and disruption as possible but don’t let them take you alive.”
Sid Vicious