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Delft TU Library, Holland

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Central Library of Delft University of Technology (TU) in Holland by Mecanoo Architects

This angular and environmentally dynamic library was opened in 1998. It was designed by Mecanoo Architects, which was a 61 person firm located in Holland near Delft TU. The library design was based on four themes: The adjacent pre-existing Auditorium (by Van den Broek & Bakema), the site absence of campus atmosphere in the university quarter, the need for advanced technology, and of course plenty of room for shelves of books.

delft mecanoo 5

It is a “Triangle of Glass and Grass”, with a large tee-pee like ‘Cone’ in the middle. The glass around a few sides allows a large amount of day-light inside. The grass sod roof brilliantly allows people to use the entire area of building as they would a yard, in addition to the library. The center cone allows natural light also, and a communal study space.


The grassy roof lawn of the Delft TU Library forms a harmonious whole with the campus walkways that emerge from underneath the adjoining assembly hall. The Library roof can be walked upon, but also offers a place of dreaming, reading, and picnicking under open luminous sky. Teachers, students, and visitors call all meet informally in this public space.

delft mecanoo 3

The concrete / stucco Cone structure is open topped and 150 ft. high. The Cone and the cavernous entry are the only main features that are seen from campus, so it appears as though most of the building is not there. On the other sides, the wildly-canted glass wall rises from the parking lot to a max height of about 14 meters (40 ft.). At night the glass wall glows exposing activity within the 4 levels of library stacks, study areas, offices, and storage. The grassy roof shoots across the site creating a gently sloping area in contrast to the nearby ‘Brutalist’ style Auditorium.

delft center circle

Changing illumination (luminous flux) upon the Cone accentuates the sculptural shape as an abstract Platonic solid form, partially deconstructed. The channeling aspect of the Cone shape is intentional, as it is conducive to gathering with focus. The glass walls are towards the North, so they get non-direct ambient light. Horizontal bands around the glass facade facilitate ventilation between the window panes, and give distorted impressionist reflections from the outside on sunny days.


The perforated roof overhand is supported by stilted tubular steel struts, and rises from a foundation perimeter plinth-bed of fine stones. Under most of the structure is a spacious hall. A ring of glass circumscribes the Cone at roof level, allowing natural light (solar lumens) to wash in along the curved white stucco funnel side.

Delft University of Technology Library (DUTL) stocks one of the largest technical book collections in the World. Most of the books are stored in stock-rooms in the basement, but those that are accessible to the public are arranged in a single enormous book-case and are within hand reach. The combination of books, computers (with internet and catalogs), and people allows for knowledge, interaction, and better citizens. 300 out of 1000 study spots are equipped with computers (this may have increased).

This ‘Library as landscape’ evokes the feeling of how our ancestors believed technology to be magical, and magic arts were held by their spirits under hills to keep it safe. Not only priests and royal family members are allowed to visit this sacred place of tomes, it is open to all that seek it.


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The END of Public Libraries

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Welcome to the END of Montgomery County Public Libraries.

Dictators of Demolition:  Isiah Leggett & Betty Parker Hamilton

What was Business Manager Eric Carzon doing before the Great Recession? Obviously he was not saving any money for the County. If he is anything like Hamilton, he might have rolled over anytime Lord Leggett had idiot plans for the Libraries.

Lord Leggett and his fools have cut funding and cut staff, while at the same time spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on construction plans for new libraries. New libraries without the staff to fill them? That is reality in the Merry Land of Leggett.

Libraries were forced by Lord Leggett to kill 55 filled positions and abolished 20 vacancies in preparation for fiscal 2011. Some libraries were closed, with their entire staff terminated for expensive renovations; while expensive designers and contractors are still paid to design new buildings with no staff or funding to operate them in the future.

The county library system’s budget was cut down from $40 million to $28 million from fiscal 2009 to fiscal 2011. This year’s elimination of all summer reading programs and reductions to other programs, services and materials was just the beginning. Now we are helpless as the politicians reduce all worker paychecks by 8% while reducing all health-care benefits. The end of educated people working at libraries is near.

Libraries are often the only public gathering place for communities. As bastions of knowledge, libraries now must have computer internet access as well as old and new books, magazines, and public information. Library staff members are always busy assisting large groups of citizens and immigrants. All the computer stations are almost always occupied by people allowed to view pornography or anything they want. Long lines form at circulation desks, and phones ring continuously.

People live in their communities and neighborhoods where you need to provide the services, reducing libraries and staff does more long term damage than reducing the police force. The Mission, Vision, and Value of Public Libraries are being lost.

The Mission of Libraries is to offer free and equal access to services and resources that connect people to ideas and information which sustain and enrich their lives. Thanks to Leggett that Mission is under siege.

The Vision is to have a diverse, highly qualified staff that continually assesses community needs and interests to support, encourage and inspire our customers. Thanks to Hamilton the Vision has faded.

The Value of Libraries is to defend the right of all to learn and to grow through multi-media, archives, and recordings. Thanks to Business Manager Eric Carzon this Value will be terminated.

Libraries will no longer operate in an efficient and effective manner.

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Maryland Budget Cuts = Drastic Library Layoffs

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Maryland State Budget Cuts Public Services

County library workers in unions, pay more than $500 a year in dues. What have all those dues done for them? SHIT-ALL. That is the sum total effect that paying all those union dues has done for thousands of workers in 21st Century Maryland. Luxurious Legislators have waited until the State deficit is almost $800 million, before they decided to radically chop down the life-long careers of countless loyal State workers and their families.

Montgomery County Executive Dictator Isiah Leggett is calling for a reduction in government spending for the first time in more than 40 years. Regardless of political party, there is nothing “democratic” about his legacy. He spent all the County’s money on bullet-proofing his personal security, and a gold-leaf bathroom in his office. Now in his $4.3 billion budget Monday, he calls for cuts across the state, including libraries and other services. The plan also gives schools $137 million LESS than required by the state. Leggett is calling for an energy tax that would cost about $3 per month for the average household. He has called for a $62 million ambulance fee that was rejected by the county council in the past.

All of these drastic cuts are his attempts to address his own political follies that have aggregated into one of the largest budget deficits in the region. Leggett is proposing no pay increase for county employees. He would eliminate hundreds of currently filled jobs and impose 10 days of furloughs for non-public-safety employees. The overall job reduction amounts to well over 750 work years.

This massive reduction in much needed public service, is almost as bad as the General Assembly cuts to Baltimore’s highway aid from the state. The evidence is clear that the public demands more access to these services, yet the wrong decisions are made. There are many ways to cut budgets over a period of years, without forcing a mass exodus.

The future of civilization in Maryland does not look good. Already homeless and people without internet access clamor at the doors of the libraries. What will all those thousands of people do? Get a job with all these cuts? Yeah, right.

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