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B.D.U.: Boot Camp Diary Unauthorized

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Title – BDU: Bootcamp Diary Unauthorized
Subtitle – My Un-Official Air Force BMT Journal

This non-fiction historical book is a real 2006 memoir and analysis of Air Force Basic Training (BMT), including some personal auto-biographical experiences and opinions. This journal has been made public to document the psychological treatment of young soldiers by the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) training system. It is based on a secret diary inside an official notebook that the author kept during training, despite constant antagonism by the Training Sergeants (TIs). While not every experience is included in this first edition for Amazon, it is unabridged compared to the official summary edition submitted to commanding officers. This more expressive version contains strong adult language. Airman Stowell (also author of ‘Operation 10 COW’) provides specific details and general summaries from original notes and actual documents about BMT, and is both honest and patriotic. Mouth-piece propaganda for our conventional establishment will seek to discredit authentic journals like this, as individual civil rights are threatening to authoritarians who want ritual hazing and brain-washing to be a confidential surprise (despite films showing historical accounts dramatized, see ‘Band of Brothers’ and ‘Full Metal Jacket’). It is the US ‘War On Terror’ training version of war time stories that have been attacked for showing realism in their home countries (see Solzhenitsyn & Grossman). There is no top secret information revealed here, but it is a personal perspective for national self-reflection about the unethical tyranny of psychologically conditioning soldiers to perpetually operate on hate, anger, and fear. If you like this type of work, please write a supportive comment on Amazon’s sales page for ‘BDU The Book‘, thank you!

Long live our American ideals of freedom, democracy, and peace!!!

“I’m a historian by profession. I’ve probably read several thousand journals and diaries in my time, including ones by soldiers and others living through the Revolution, Civil War, Spanish American War, and others. This book reads true, both in content and form. One would expect a diary to be disjointed and have a grammar glitch or two here or there. Someone undergoing the physical and intellectual traumas of this type, and writing on the run to boot, is not going to write with the polish of a Victorian sitting at his desk on Beacon Hill.” – thank you so much Professor Michael Swanson

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Blackberry Cove Herbal Book

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West Virginia Wise-woman healing with wild herbs in the Appalachian Mountains; according to organic, rural folk-traditions.

BookCover-frontBC Cover 3


2nd Edition (Full Color):  Paperback book

2nd Edition (Full Color Illustrated):  Kindle ebook

2nd Edition (Greytone Illustrated):  Paperback book

3rd Edition (Text Only):  Kindle ebook

Interview with the Author Linda Rago 

Audio Recording of Monthly Chapters

Audio Recording of ‘Spiral Gift‘ Chapter

Audio Recording of ‘Grandmother’s Methods

Audio Recording of ‘Herbal Healing


Tofu Lizard Memoirs 05

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Journal of SCOD Member Tofu Lizard – Entry 05

The Medieval Pub was very much like the drawings on the website. Heavy timber-frame, with mixes of half-timber infill, scale-shingle siding, and masonry. Mostly earth colors. The Pub commanded a view of the whole site from atop the hill, as the road wound up to it. I introduced myself, and the people outside told me to go on in. Every visible structure and material was hand-crafted. The heavy wooden door creaked as I opened it and went inside. There was a tavern bar on the right, tables and more public rooms on the left, and a fireplace hearth straight ahead.

“How can I help you?” the Bar Keep asked.

“Hi, im new here. My name is Tofu Lizard.” I said.

“Ah well, met. I am Drogo.” he said.

Drogo offered me a free drink of water in a goblet, with a flagon beside it, should I want more. He said that he was the architect and owner, besides acting as bar keeper. Drogo said he mostly manages the property, and other people usually work there. He generously offered me a job working at the Pub and as a field hand. SCOD would not pay me, but in exchange I got to live there for free, provided I worked my shifts, and I could still get tips and extra money on the side, if I sold my own crafts there.

*  [continued in Entry 6]

Harpers Ferry

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Harpers Ferry, WV near the Appalachian Trail Headquarters

At the house, I decided the aspects were ripe for a long hike up the mountain known as Loudoun Heights again. Loudoun Heights, VA was the current setting for a book I was writing at the time in the “Harpers Faerie Magic” series. The temperature had come down from an average of 100 degrees, to 90 degrees. Putting aside chores and projects, there comes a time when one must set out on a day hike. Day hikes can be calming or an adventure, and sometimes both!

It had been years since I had hiked the entire mountain along the top ridge, but I missed it nostalgically. I had many memories from teenage years of camping and hiking all over the mountain with friends. I went through my list of walking sticks, and which ones were available at hand – I decided to go with the bronze poker that Dad and I used for the yard fire-pit. It was cane size for my height, and proved to be sturdy. It also is closer to being a sword than my wooden staves, which was good for combating over-grown foliage on the path; although tall staves have their advantages also (spider webs).

During the hike I saw many animals and insects I expected to see, because I had seen them up there on the mountain before, or at least in the yard. I saw many deer, common birds (crows, turkey-vultures, cardinals, bluejay, etc), a few rare birds (woodpecker and maybe a bird of prey), butterflies, and squirrels. I also saw spiders, gnats, mosquitoes, ticks, flies, bees, hornets, wasps, but luckily no snakes! I walked through 15-20 webs during the course of my hike up and across the mountain, and all of the webs had the same notorious spider handing in the middle. I say notorious, because I have seen them in the woods since elementary school, and because one finally bit me on this hike. I felt that these spiders were not classified properly, so I wrote my own web article on them: White-back Spiny Hermit-Crab Spider. In West Virginia this variety of the Spiny Orb Weaver (Gasteracantha cancriformis) is distinct from the Southern versions. Hermit-Crab Spiders have become the dominant woodland spider on the Appalachian Trail.

Before Noon I got my gear together. In an empty backpack I put: snack food, water bottle, knife, string, handkerchief, binoculars (light weight), and cell phone (camera + video). My cell phone was lighter weight than my digital camera and certainly my older video cameras, so it was good to have all those features in one; it just meant I had to email each of the files from the phone separately which takes time. Still, the tech is easier to carry, and more affordable to process than 10-20 years ago.

I knew that having those items would help me on my trip, as I set off; and so they did.

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