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Musical Psychology – Temporal Bias

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Popular Psychology Regarding Music and Temporal Associations

People tend to associate old music with the old mentalities born during the same period, vs associating new music with change. Often it has to do with the person thinking such things, and less to do with society. For example one person may have been addicted to drugs during their high school “Led Zeppelin” phase, and so they look down on listening to that music now. And someone that enjoyed themselves during their Led Zeppelin period, may love that music still. Even people not from the era the music was made, can have totally opposing feelings about their different associations.

In music for me it is about being open to the way other people play, and try to play with them. If they are not open to the way I play overall, there is not much to be done about it. There has to be a willingness to compromise and play together, just like in friendships. I have been making music since i was a kid, and this is my philosophy.

Make your own music, they way you want to make it. I encourage others to express themselves, especially if it does not hurt anyone else. Never mind if no one else likes the way you sing or play an instrument as much as you do. Playing music for yourself, is a very valid exercise and meditation.

I wonder how many public performers get told they suck, simply because the audience is grumpy or does not like their style??  Also technical issues with instruments can make people think players are far ‘worse’ than they are when not being affected by a glitch. I think most opinion works on vague impression. There is a reason most people that care about you will tell you ‘who cares what others think, play for yourself’; it is not that they really don’t care about the opinions of others, it is that they realize we care too much for people that want to bring us down to make themselves feel better. One reason people do not want to be in bands is because of ‘egos’; which means at least one or more people in the group being overly egotistical, controlling, and too selfish. When people want everyone to play only their way of playing, play becomes work to please the boss, and things get exclusive quickly.



Saruman Sings Symphonic Metal

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Saruman Sings Symphonic Metal

Christopher Lee sings as his relative Charlemagne

Album: “Charlemagne”

Genre: Operatic Rock / Symphonic Metal / Musical Pop

Released: March 15, 2010

Produced: Cadiz Recording Company


Dracula, Saruman, Count Dooku, or however you know him, Sir Christopher Lee sings about his historic relative King Charlemagne! That’s right: 8th Century Karolus Magnus (Charles the Great), King of the Franks as operatic rock! Charlemagne became the Christian Emperor of Western Europe, in the face of Pagan Barbarians and the wreckage of the Roman Catholic Empire. He was the Son of King Pippin the Short, and his worst defeat was against the Basques in Iberia (Spain). The oldest surviving historic epic in French Literature, “The Song of Roland”, is about one of Charlemagne’s knights when they were departing Iberia.

Now, this album plays as a dramatic Broadway musical; whimsical, over-the-top, emotional and even educational; complete with historic narration! Orchestral music, the type often used for Motion Picture Scores, bleeds into occasional Heavy Metal riffs. For fans of Christopher Lee, Medieval History, Opera Rock, and high quality cheese this album is a must!

Previous recordings with “Rhapsody of Fire” and “Manowar”