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Thank You Letter to Loved Ones

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by Drogo Empedocles

Thank you to my loved ones. I say ‘loved ones’ instead of supporters, because ‘support’ emphasizes an engineering role towards production of projects alone, but I want to make clear the importance of emotional support roles that do not need to be concerned with financing and the basics of survival, but can embrace many factors necessary to thrive (joy, contentment, excitement, encouragement, etc). Friends, family, and fans are all very important success elements in human lives. I feel love even for strangers that support my work, because by showing support and affection for my art, writing, music, and designs of any kind they are validating an extension of myself; much like having children or pets are expressions of existence. The Arts are about expressions of our lives (animus), as they take energy to create. Art may not be alive the same way as biological organisms, but art works have psychological presence which can validate our personal feelings, our entire lives, or even the ontological concept of Life itself.

My patrons financially supporting me include family and friends specifically on Patreon: Beamer, Chuckles, Aeyla, Wim. Thank you for helping validate my life. I was blacklisted and shut-out of the main-stream job market due to my anti-authoritarian rebellious attitude towards creativity, self-expression, and desire for freedom at a young age in grade school. Those that believe in competition may not have ended a decade of soccer playing as a senior on the losing team, and perhaps have not been embarrassed enough to destroy egotistical ambition, even when based on hard work and practice. Part of my reason for publishing my old school art and writing is not just to show progress, or even hopes at shared nostalgia (which I do value greatly); but more importantly for other people, I want to support the role of modern art movements to validate the worth of every individual life, no matter their skill, for the sake of sustainable co-existence in civilization. Everyone is worthy to be recognized as an artist, one who can express themselves using their own bodies and other mediums. What people do with their art is subject to public views of course, but a right to peaceful life once we are born should perhaps be more a priority in culture than it is. Many out-dated terms like ‘earning’ often do nothing towards civil rights in society, where one percent can ‘earn’ millions of dollars, and refuse to share with millions of people. In economic theory of a limited supply of currency, this makes no sense to extract national wealth and only allow the most selfish to have it.

Despite my own personal problems and failings, which are many, at this point in my adult life I have paid off all of my debts (college & car), and helped other people as well, in my own ways. My non-profit group SCOD may have no income to pay members, but it is made of all those every associated with it, inspired by it, and who inspire SCOD projects. There are so many important projects still possible, as SCOD School remains free; if we were to charge eventually it would solidify staff and pay using a business model with office secretaries for bursar, treasurer, and accountancy; and lawyers for all legal matters. Yet economic theory is still very hotly debated in our minds, even after years of many personal transactions among members, paying bills is a fundamental challenge to creativity and free-will. Our projects are not always financially successful, but we have redefined success itself in the Arts to allow for organic sustainability, regardless of monetary systems or politics. I would like to now list and describe some of my own projects, which often tie into SCOD and involve cooperation with others.

Book, Blog articles, poem communications, Designs, Art, Music, etc… [to be continued…]

Audio reading of letter, recorded by Drogo on Mixcloud


Mental Note on How My Mind Works

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I naturally see negatives first, its how im set up in general.
So to train myself to be a better person, i develop my ability to see positives and to communicate them to others. Since i prefer positive social interaction, i try to improve that force from within first, then outwards. This is of course in accordance with my spiritual studies. The concept being that we create change from the inside – out. When I practice this technique, it does seem to feel real. That way its not just me saying nice things, its actually me thinking nice things too. It doesnt always work, but thats the idea. Peace (see i actually meant that).

Heart of Darkness

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Joseph Conrad’s the Heart of Darkness, takes place in a world within a world. It is a microcosm that contains dark places of the human soul (a region that Conrad vividly explores). At the ‘heart’ of this ‘planet of darkness’ is a rebel who has thrown away society as he knew it. This metaphoric ‘heart’ applies gravity to the plot. The ‘heart’ is epitomized in the character Kurtz.


Kurtz, the European ivory trader, has cast off his ties with the outside world, and has taken it upon himself to control and master his surroundings (including the natives). Kurtz represents man’s tendency to revert to animal instincts, and to exploit the weaker, (or ignorant) of the species. He becomes God to the natives, undoubtedly expanding his already crazed ego to the point of explosion. For most of the story, Kurtz is the unseen legend or myth.


I recommend this book to anyone interested in separate worlds apart from our own. It supplies (however limited) an in-depth look at an intricate sub-world of our planet. Conrad may not exhibit the intricateness of such authors as C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien, but he definitely delves deep into the realm of creativity and human sub consciousness. Untold darkness lies within the mind of man.


Foot note:  The plot for the famous film set in Vietnam (“Apocalypse Now”) is based on Heart of Darkness.