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SCOD encompasses science, art, history, agriculture, architecture, etc. based on active member consensus, but SCOD Facebook Group is NOT A DEBATE FORUM. The purpose of the SCOD FB Group is to educate the public and find new potential members with the desire to sustain mutual cooperation on scod projects.

SCOD is styles, fashions, movements, and the ways in which our lives interact, and are affected by theories, thoughts, dreams, and ideas. Worlds of scientific laws, and worlds of artistic impressions meet at SCOD; somewhere between psychology and philosophy. Most of the important debates have been debated, and we have arrived at various conclusions, which we are acting on, towards achieving scod theory goals.

We must find ways to support each-others’ projects, in what ever ways we can. Most important is positive feed-back, and emotional support for people; because criticism is so common in daily life for most people that are different. Diversity in projects is important, and I want people to be able to do things, and proudly say it is in keeping with SCOD.

SCOD is less about Dogma, and more about Love, Freedom, Nature, and Art. Those who have the responsibility to protect the group, some-times need to make decisions to excuse disruptive chaotic characters from group activities, to allow them to function more independently. This will allow the group to co-create substantially, and let individuals that disagree to do their own thing, as part of SCOD or not.

I believe in asking questions, rather than the popular trend of making fun of free-thinkers or rejecting differences. What one person sees as true, another might see as false; even if they are actually seeing the same thing but calling it by a different name. Theories become reality, and reality can become theory, and fiction can be based on either. Language is complex in that we are always ‘translating’ or interpreting what we think other people are saying with words that they think they are saying, which vary at different moments in time depending on mood, circumstances, and context.

The only danger I can see regarding allowing questions and ideas that others think are false, would be in acting on false theories, at personal risk. For example thinking that all police are androids, and so we try to deactivate their power source located in their groin area. But we do not always act on our thoughts or opinions. Otherwise I like to entertain all theories that I can, and actively pursue the theories that I think are worth it.

Also, the person that posts something may have complex opinions regarding the post. In some cases the person posting may think the post is false, and are just either being funny, trying to be rude, or curious about how other people will respond. So i tend to let things go if i can, and mainly encourage as much posting of interesting things as possible… with few exceptions, such as spam, repeats, industrial commercials, etc… Debating is important, and can be a great event, however I think it is good to be specific about details when challenging someone else’s posts. Opinions are personal, just like art, no matter if it is seen as “true” or “false”, that is why it is more important to respect the feelings of other members, rather than risk wasting tons of time by debating one issue. If people want to argue more than compromise, i recommend forming a separate debate group, make their own blog post, or carry on privately.

In our Cooperative, do not worry so much about responding to every annoyance or conflict. I would rather we focus individually on feeling good, rather than arguing with others. We should take care of each-other, with compassion; and take time out for ourselves for meditations and healing our health. Contributing members should be free to post things that express their own opinions, even if sometimes the posts are not agreeable to others sometimes; but an organic line can be drawn between major and minor disagreements; and the ability to distinguish is an ART not a science.

“We must act, though our efforts be imperfect. The path to sustainable energy will be hard, but we must do it.” – Obama on the radio during 2nd Inauguration.

Do what you like to do, and it will be good. SCOD will be there for us, because it is the space where the play takes place, and the play itself. In that way, everything we do counts. Diversity is important, and so we provide a haven for people that are not with popular opinion, whether it is science, art, religion, or culture. Our membership numbers are fed by our tolerance rather than our exclusiveness. SCOD may someday have a membership of zero, but it will not be for lack of trying. There must be a balance of questioning and decision making; and that must be determined by the active members who accept that responsibility.

SCOD members come and go, and those of us willing to lead, must also make a point to thank all those who advance and add to SCOD, even those who leave the group despite having been major contributors. Wishing well, blessed be. Thank you!   – Drogo


Congratulations President Obama

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I write this tribute to our first African-American President on the day of his 2nd Term Inauguration. I proudly voted for him this time. Last time I proudly voted for my Green Party Candidate Cynthia McKinney, who would have been our first Black and first Woman President. Before that I was Kucinich all the way. Many whites forget that it was not long ago that our culture treated blacks as property, because they were our slaves. Not only are we mostly ignorant about this history, it is almost impossible for most of us to feel their suffering, never mind trying to understand that we should celebrate the fact that we have a kind, intelligent black representative leading us now. It is true we can argue that maybe Obama is actually more white socially, but he is a decent negotiator between the two cultures.

Finally I feel the USA is back on track with social liberties, picking up from the 1990s and all the damage that was done in between, regarding racial, ethical, and cultural freedoms in general. Considering what a president has to deal with, I like Barack just fine.

Sure there are policies I disagree with. For example I do not threaten people with nukes or guns. So I am not as conservative as Obama on many issues; and perhaps I would have not bailed out all the banks and auto companies, but I remember the political pressure that was put on him by all those that believe in Wall Street and all that shit, and I am sure there is some bribery going on there to make it all function. I do not gamble like that, but obviously those rich people do. The worst things about Obama (and JFK) is that for all their kindness, they tend to go along with whatever the military wants, so I question everything from Drone Strikes to the regular military shit.

Ok I would also legalize Pot.

Besides those issues, I agree with Obama on Gun Restrictions, Gun Rights, Gay Rights, Equal Rights, Ethics, etc… and most of all Environmental Protection, Alternative Fuels, and Renewable Energy in that we need more of these things. I think we need more radical change faster, but fast change can have worse side effects sometimes than slow change, in a culture where almost half of the voters do not want those changes. So there you have it.

– Drogo

“A decade of War is now ending. Peace need not be maintained by constant War.”     – Obama.


West Virginia Rap

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2010 Midterm Elections

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I guess according to the press voters think we need another Iran-Contra deal, like the shit they pulled after President Carter, to make it seem like caution was bad, creating mega-bubbles in the economy. I remember the 80s, and it was a wonderful fairyland based on greed.

Radio and TV News is making it seem as though the Republicans and Republican influenced Tea Party are going to gain control over the House and the Senate, under President Obama. It seems very sad that they did not want such a ‘liberal’ president, and they thought Bush was better. Even though the Great Recession started during Bush’s second term. It was during that time I was forced by circumstances to join the US Military, because of political pressures that stopped me from working other available jobs. There were very few green jobs around where I lived, and I was not in a position to move, without being homeless.

O well, it’s like voters are once again saying, “Fuck the future!”

Imagine if everyone voted for their favorite candidate or leader, and not just for the 2 main options presented by the 2 parties of stalemate. I know, it’s too radical. ^%(^%(&%(&^%(&^

US Victory in Iraq! August 31, 2010

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We Won the War in Iraq! August 31, 2010

Today we won the War in Iraq. As most of our combat troops are leaving Iraq, we can say, “We came, we saw, we kicked ass.” Congratulations US. Thank you President Obama for helping this to happen, and giving a ‘milestone’ speech today on the subject of Patriots. As he said, Patriots can be for or against War.

Today is also the day that I am officially out of the US Military, myself. As of 16:00 this day of the God of War Tew (Tuesday), I have been given an Honorable Discharge from the Air National Guard after 5 years of traditional service. Therefore to honor this day, I here no longer must guard against admitting that I was in the military, as the military restricts the first amendment rights of it’s members under penalty of court-martial law. Operation 10 COW contains my conclusions.

When is the next war? We are already in it (Afghanistan). O well, let us pause to remember the costs of war. Let us never forget the fallen.

World Peace may be impossible, but perhaps we could have less ongoing impossible-to-know-when-the-end-is Military Wars. Now that is worth fighting for!

Oil Spill in the Gulf Music Videos

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Obama “Who’s Ass To Kick”

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President Barack Obama 2010

2010 Gulf Coast Response Video

SCOD 2010

Gulf Spill

Remix 1

SCOD 2010

Oil Spill

Remix 2








Who’s ass should we kick?  Prosecute war criminals like Bush Jr., Chenney, Rumsfeld, and others who lied to personally profit from wars that killed and maimed thousands. Kick BP’s ass out of the market, then subsidize green energy more, and kick fossil fuels the way of the dinosaurs! Let’s get a move on. Kick anyone’s ass that stands in the way of real environmental progress.

As the oil kept gushing out into the Gulf of Mexico, it was as if our hope for change was spilling out too… Obama refused to fight to change the system that was polluting and draining our national wealth for the few.

Who’s ass to kick to get Hope & Change? Hindsight 2020:

Obama was better than Trump, but “the need” to bail out rich companies was a lie, and “wanting to help lower classes” was a lie because none of us got bailed out who went homeless because of those companies, and that paved the way for Trump. Obama describes his own policies as old school Republican centrist, in other words trickle-down economics. His largest accomplishments (besides some Healthcare and some National Park additions) have favored rich people getting richer (bailing out wall street, big banks, big companies, etc), and most of us getting poorer. The system would not have collapsed because competition fills in market gaps. Being the first black president certainly worked to make me give him the benefit of the doubt, and i trusted him and voted for him. In hindsight i think i am not the only one disappointed in his sincerity, and wonder why it was Bush Jr that was the only president to actually give us any help directly to the lower classes (tax refund of what was it $200?) Now Obama is saying we should not fight for hope and change, it is better to vote for corporate centrists who will keep the money where it is. I am still glad i voted for him, because Obama was no doubt better than the Republicans he ran against. McCain would have been worse for sure.