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The Problem of Systemic Change

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Wave Pattern / Cyclical History Theory essay on civilization

Tidal Wave and Sail Boat[ Theme image – My ‘Tidal Wave and Sail Boat’ painting which is based on the ‘Great Wave’ by Hokusai with Van Gogh brush style. ]

Despite similarities of theories, violence vs non-violence is a critical factor for civil rights and modern history. Violent manifestos by the Unabomber or Discovery Channel Shooter, contradict the ethical wisdom of SCOD Theory. SCOD embraces more peaceful egalitarian democratic co-existence, because deconstructivist architecture can only go so far, until it has to be constructivist enough again to be utilized as shelter; the same SCOD theory applies to social systems as well. The problem of systemic change from intentional revolution is whether to advocate violence or non-violence; and how best to make needed changes. History and mythology tend to lionize violent war heroes; but modern history deviates from this due to the Civil Rights movement. 

The Netflix documentary on the Unabomber mentions the voluntary interrogation program (related to US secret agencies) at Ted’s University in relation to his psychology. I had not heard of it before, but it does sound very much like Project ‘Wormwood’ and other ‘MK-Ultra’ type operations that were unethical, and like war tend to create more terror. The paradox of using violence exists for the establishment as well as rebels. Very mathematical and scientific geniuses like Ted might have pre-existing mental health problems, but they need help rather than competitive character assassination which must lead to bodily incarceration or assassination. Despite their terrible methods, often terrorist rebels feel they are fighting for moral social or environmental justice. Their desire to do good can be encouraged with treatment, rather than pushed by further abuse or neglect. Hurting other humans tends to be less successful for defending causes, than non-violent civil disobedience protests and artistic expressions. 

SCOD theory favors peace and art not only as radical tools for social change, but also as parts of the utopian vision with which we would solve our problems and replace our systemic terror. The sadness of not being able to show your work to enough people to have a network of patrons, or the fear of not being worthy enough to do what you love are symptoms of a system that keeps us at perpetual war and in debt rather than free. Greater freedom means having more control over our own individual lives, and less dependent on the whims of others for the basics of life in civilization. The role of good democratic governments is to be run by the people, for the people. These reasons are why we like leaders like FDR (WW2 militancy aside), MLK, and Bernie Sanders. Environmental activist groups like Green Peace, ELF, Extinction Rebellion, and Sea Shepherd are disruptive so they make a social impact, but do not kill people.

Our corporate MIC (Military Industrial Complex) has our system so rigged, that paid players remove any real democratic opposition as ‘foreign influence’ aka ‘enemies of the state’ of the ‘War on Terror’ or the ‘NEW RED SCARE’. Our system bosses do not tolerate real change from third parties like the Green Party, because peace or environmental progress would reduce corruption. Corporate MIC propaganda war is a real problem.

Trump was a convenient democratic-republic glitch for corporations, as the system sometimes gets the ‘greater of two evils’ into office (see also Nixon, Reagan, and Bush I & II). Trump’s presidency was a result mostly of the corporate influenced electoral college and Hillary Clinton-DNC primary fraud. Corporate agents blame Russia for the Clinton-DNC emails getting leaked, but it was what was in the emails that turned blue states red (see WV and MI). Many voters hated Hillary Clinton so much that they voted for Trump, because at least he promised some of the liberal Bernie Sanders type changes (fighting corruption, universal health-care, and less wars). The obvious difference between Bernie Sanders and Trump is that Sanders has a successful record of fighting for populist positions like union worker rights over corporate profit; the campaign difference crucially enabled by grass-roots funding rather than corporate funding.

 The only way to hold the establishment accountable, is if you are not beholden to the criminals in power. The system usually removes peaceful potential threats like Tulsi Gabbard with smears, when they are too much against the MIC, and have too much credibility (Tulsi is an elected representative and veteran soldier), and tend to take assassination steps (foreign and domestic) when they have made too much change already (see history of CIA foreign coups, and the problematic Malcom-X, MLK, JFK, RFK cases). The Peace movement is not allowed to gain too much ground, because war is a racket for profit. People are beginning to see through the propaganda, I do not feel as alone anymore, from all the outlets I hear.

One famous example of internal change which can affect systemic change, is Dicken’s ‘Christmas Carol’. The main motivation which Scrooge will struggle with everyday after his Christmas morning revelation of joyful good-will, is his memory of the shocking awareness of self-made torture and terror that a snobbish demon of hell can be oblivious to otherwise. Religions tend to use both redemptive allegory (Jesus) and mythology (Revelation). Armageddon apocalypse mythologies are cyclical in that religions describe a ‘heavenly’ utopian life after death, before or after the next time a god decides to use their graceful warriors against their enemies. The Bible may promise eternal bliss, but it is quite clear that God can change his mind about promises if ‘Satan’ interferes (see Job). Although the ‘Beast’ may be defeated during one great war, it is clear that angels can fall from grace and become devils and demons who disobey. We have only one famous example, but how often it happens or what restrictions there may be in place at a later time are not at all clear. The Norse great apocalyptic war ‘Ragnarok’ is more clear about this wave pattern of decline and climax. The viking warriors believed that they must fight and die to go to the great hall (Valhalla) of Heaven (Asgard), where they would await the final battle of the gods after death, and the cycle of humans fighting and dying, and fighting as legendary deities would repeat again forever.


If we are the surviving minority, how would we make things better? How would our ‘good’ story of humanity resolve the problems of today in the future? Is it possible to have realistic and happy futurist visions?? I hope so.


[ Audio Recording of Essay ]


Corporate Media Addiction

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Do you have a loved one addicted to corporate media?

There is independent help available. [ SCODcast Audio Recording ]

This article is based on personal left-wing beliefs, supported by recent independent media Youtube channels. My primary premise for choosing channels that reflect my ethics are because it was impossible to find main-stream media support for the popular peace, civil rights, or environmental movements. Now that they are available, and even PBS and NPR are exposing their corporate bias, we have more options to get news and journalism and opinions which are better alternatives. My favorite daily ‘liberal’ media outlets are: Democracy Now!, Democracy At Work, The Ring of Fire, Kyle Kulinski, Humanist Report, Jimmy Dore, Kim Iverson, Redacted Tonight, The Real News, Joe Rogan, the Grayzone, Status Coup, and TYT (The Young Turks). TYT is one of the most influential networks, because they have funded many associates due to strong bold leadership from founder Cenk Uygur; who has also co-created ‘Justice Democrats’ (AOC and ‘The Squad’) and ‘Wolf Pack’ (get money out of politics). Some corporate shows (hosted by progressive liberal comedians like Cavett, Stewart, and Colbert) were able to entertain by pushing boundary issues in the name of getting laughs.

MSNBC, CNN, and other main-stream neo-liberal channels (stations) and newspapers are as saturated as Fox News by corporate propaganda at this point with their war on Bernie Sanders. They have always been centrist leaning for corporate wars, pollution, health-care, but on civil rights at least they were better than Fox; however now they are calling an anti-fascist leader a Nazi, which is obviously absurd. They are blatantly attacking the peace and environmental movements by speaking against our strongest leader. It is sad there is no main-stream outlet for a better future except for Bernie Sanders; but Sanders does represent the totality of liberal alternative visions for a stronger democracy and humanist America. Seeing them react so negatively when a civil rights leader becomes popular, exposes how serious they were about undermining leaders like Sanders from emerging in the first place. As Malcom-X said “The chickens have come home to roost.”

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) central bank said (‘The Green Swan’ paper) that climate-related events could be the source of the next financial crisis. The increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events could trigger non-linear and irreversible financial losses. In turn, the immediate and system-wide transition required to fight climate change could have far-reaching effects potentially affecting every single agent in the economy and every single asset price.

At Davos ‘Wall Street’ banks discussed how climate change alters the conversation around what economic growth can be, and how ‘policy-makers’ should pursue this end. “Debt, inequality and environmental damage are major issues for growth sustainability,” said economists at Deutsche Bank in a note last week. “However, one could argue that the first two are cyclical, whereas the third is potentially structural.” Deutsche Bank adds that, “The problem for the environmental lobby is that a world without economic growth may create a damaging backlash against such climate policies. Nevertheless, the problem with the status quo is that the irreversible damage to our planet will increase.”

Corporate media has been brain-washing most people to think the opposite of the populist reality however, and may help people to continue voting against their own interests for fake candidates that are always the lesser of two evils, rather than a legitimate candidate. It is worth noting that recently in elections their attempts backfire, and voters react by doing the opposite of what corporations want (2016 general and 2020 DNC Primary). The corporate DNC (Democrat Party National Committee) does not even need our over-paid top secret agencies to intervene for the establishment, because they steal the elections for corporations openly and legally in public, and with the help of commercial conditioning they even sway the popular vote. As a reminder to anyone who wants evidence of DNC rigging please reference the 2016 fallout: Jordan Chariton vs Donna Brazile, WV and MI voters chose Bernie unanimously and then voted for Trump, the Hillary Clinton email and DNC server scandal that revealed the rigging, and the DNC lawsuit where they basically stated on record “The DNC is allowed to make decisions that break its own rules, and we will do back-room deals anytime we want for the sake of our rich corporate donors”.

Corporate centrists argue “no reason to try things that will be defeated by republicans, because conservatives have all the power”, but the Obama message of “Yes we can!” is what leads and wins for populist causes (even though his policies were 1980s style republican according to Obama himself). Progress means pushing social boundaries, thus the name “progressive”. So it will be interesting to see how those the conservative corporate democrats (who think they are more practical) behave the more that Bernie wins. Is there a tipping point for many of them with money or social influence, if they have no personal integrity? How much corporate media addicts sell out to corporate interests is an interesting study. I think there is enough support for popular left ideas now to take over the DNC and replace the leaders, and those behind the times will either go to the republicans, as that party reforms after Trump, or get behind the civil rights movements our platform claims. The NEW GREEN DEAL is now a mainstream liberal political policy for implementation; if only corporate power can be checked.

There are a few things we can do to help those loved ones who cannot make the change for themselves, from corporate to independent parties or grassroots collective networks. The first thing is to play alternative forms of media for them; nice recordings of music they like, movies without commercials (Netflix), games, or local or online social groups. Next convince them to cancel their subscription to commercial cable TV and newspapers, at least for a trial period. Show them it is ok to let go of one habit, and replace it with a less destructive and more educational outlet. Finally show them you care by rewarding their cooperation with affection and gifts. Tell them over and over that they are not alone, and you love them.

Trumpism: Symptoms of Corporate Crisis

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Trump is a symptom of a larger crony corporate problem.

Sanders earns votes from workers because he gets the problems.

This economy really sucks, and has gotten worse every year since the 1990s for most people as far as cost of living and flow of lower and middle class income goes. The unemployment rate does not account for the larger numbers of people under-employed, unemployed and do not get unemployment benefits, and those not included in those other categories in Federal Records, so the real number of people in America who cannot pay their bills is much higher than is officially recognized.

Global Warming means mass murder. People need to know that industries who fuel Global Climate Change are committing mass murder, due to the political and environmental destabilizing that happens in extreme conditions on all levels of civilization, into the future for as long as the artificially caused imbalance happens. Overall global temperatures rise, climate pattern become more erratic, polar ice melts, sea levels rise, coasts go under water, political migrant crises and harder working conditions for outside labor cause economic and social civil wars, and the problems compound over decades and generations (see Bill Nye or scientists who can speak to non-scientists about it, if you don’t like Al Gore).


How does Trump compare to other presidents? Who else dismantled safety regulations and protection studies for the environment and all products (cutting EPA, USDA, NASA, NOAA, NPS, Dept of Education)?? Trump publicly sides with Nazis against Peace Activists which makes him worse than most modern presidents, and possibly Nixon considering Nixon gave in and created the EPA from public pressure to try to control pollution. Trump is an inside trader, con man who has committed fraud multiple times on large scales, profiting from being president in violation of the emoluments clause of the constitution, and then there are his cases of rape and pedophilia that are on official court record by the victims. People accuse Hillary of murder based on a theory I looked into, but it did not seem worse than what Trump may have done (Epstein) as he is clearly capable and has incited violence at his rallies and in tweets, and there is senate testimony that he threatens people mafia style in his regular business deals. Oh yeah he signed the Dakota Pipeline into effect as soon as he got in office, despite the victory of Standing Rock, and promotes continuing global warming, which means mass murder due to worsening conditions combined with race wars he promotes (Border Concentration Camps & Wall & Ice Raids).

Trumpism is not just about Trump, he is just the chump puppet face of corporate corruption for a world wide phenomenon of nationalist unrest and economic inequality. Other countries already had nationalist reactionary problems, and now have their own versions of Trump, emboldened by his words and actions. Fascism is in power and on the rise in more and more other nations. Italy, Greece, England (Brexit), Spain, China, Hong Kong, Central and South America… all have conservative nationalist movements that want to use violence on minorities and migrants (bigotry) as red herrings for systemic problems that have other causes. Even countries like Mexico and Canada have neo-liberal corporate politicians that want to cut down more forests and keep polluting (more oil pipe-lines) for Capitalism, although they do not want to use violence as much as neo-conservatives. Therefore it is clear that grassroots democracy and Green New Deals are the only way ahead for progressive humanists, regardless of party politics.

[ AUDIO Recording of this Essay ]

SCOD Detective Method

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For problem solving using case studies, history, and philosophy

1. Study – investigate a problem with evidence

2. Compare – question and test assumptions

3. Predict – logical deductive reasoning

4. Prescribe – historic and scientific based solution

5. Practice – solve and observe to know results

6. Repeat – as need arises by dialog, communication

Pine Beetle Plague

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Ponderosa Pine Northern Mountain Beetle Plague

Kingdom: Animal

Phylum: Arthropod

Class: Insect

Order: Coleoptera

Family: Curculionidae
Subfamily: Scolytinae

Genus: Dendroctonus
Species: D. ponderosae

Pine Beetles have been decimating the forests of Montana, Colorado, the Rocky Mountains, and parts of Canada. The current outbreak of mountain pine beetles is exponentially larger than previous outbreaks. It is the worst outbreak ever seen by many loggers, as millions of acres of trees have died since 2007.

The mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae, is a species of bark beetle native to the forests of western North America, from Mexico to Canada. It has a hard black exoskeleton and measures less than half an inch. Mountain Pine Beetles inhabit the mountain pines trees for which they are named; particularly: Ponderosa Pine, Lodgepole Pine, Mountain White Pines such as Limber and Scrub Pines, and Scots Pine. Other pines are less commonly attacked.

During early stages of an outbreak, trees already injured from poor site conditions, disease, old age, overcrowding, storm or fire damage are attacked. As beetle populations increase, healthy trees are attacked. The beetles kill the trees by boring through the bark and feeding on the phloem layer, where they lay eggs. Pioneer female beetles initiate attacks, and produce pheromones attracting other beetles for mass attack. The trees respond to attack by increasing their resin output to defend itself. In addition to the amount of burrows, the beetles carry blue stain fungi, which can block the tree resin defense. Over time (usually within 2 weeks of attack), the trees are overwhelmed as the phloem layer is damaged enough to cut the flow of water and nutrients. In the end, the trees starve to death.
The damage can be seen from afar, in the form of reddened needles. Entire groves of trees after an outbreak will appear reddish for this reason. Usually, the older trees die first. After long and hot summers, the mountain pine beetle population can increase dramatically, which leads to the deforestation of large areas, and wild fires.

White pines are slow-growing trees and may not even bear cones until they are a half-century old. John Muir counted tree rings in the California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. One white pine trunk was just six inches across, yet over 400 years old.

WARNING: Rising temperatures during longer summers speed up beetle metabolism, and therefore not only increases their diet, but also speeds up their cycle of reproduction. It may be the largest forest insect blight ever recorded in North America. Climate Change has worsened the situation so far, and Climate Change is furthered by the significant effects of the plague on forest capability to filter greenhouse gases.

Here are some mixed approach recommendations if you are a property owner with trees that are dying:

1. Cut the dead ones, and keep thinning your woods (just as you would for fire protection)

2. On single trees you can try packs of pheromones, but the effectiveness is uncertain. Like with Deer repellent there are too many variables that get in the way of the desired effect.

3. Hire a company to spray your woods (get together with others)

* Fun Fragging Facts:

The lifespan of a single pine beetle is about one year.

Temperatures less than −40 °C for days, kills most pine beetles.

Although Climate changes may be increasing plagues in warmer areas, some hope may lie in Climate changed areas that are colder, with longer winters (like winter 2010 on the East Coast).

Creative Humans Vs. small crushable Beetles = Humans win!

Deer Overpopulation

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Human overpopulation is the main contributing factor to the overpopulation of deer. The overpopulation of deer affects the urban environment, just as urban sprawl displaces deer from their natural environment. Urban growth and deer overpopulation are both symptoms of human overpopulation.

Bring back the wolves! Heh, well maybe not. Wolves are dangerous, that is why we slaughter them. Despite the fact that wolves are dangerous to humans, they are part of the natural food chain. We have disrupted our own food chain in recent centuries with the annihilation of natural deer predators, like wolves. Although it is not easy, we must take responsibility for our own impact on the eco-system.

Automobiles kill more deer, than hunters do every year in America. Vehicles hitting deer on roadways is a problem for humans, as well as for deer. If you care about the deer, this should upset you as they are getting slaughtered by the millions. If you care about humans or automobiles, then there is a major safety problem on highways and roads. If you care about vegetation, gardens, farms, and public sanitation then our country homesteads, towns, and cities are endangered.

A group of deer often eat enough crop in one night, to destroy a season worth of human family food without being seen. This is easily done in a single garden location, especially while the plants are young. Fencing off every field and garden from deer is not practical, although it helps to have some type of ward or protection.

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is spreading throughout deer populations nationwide, parallel with deer overpopulation. CWD is a neurological disease of deer producing brain lesions, behavioral abnormalities, body deterioration, and death. CWD is a TSE similar to mad cow disease in cattle. Prions, the infectious agent, are proteins without associated nucleic acids (not bacterial or viral). Hunters are not recommended to use the meat.

Tens-of-Thousands of Americans are infected with Lyme disease, a statistic increasing every year. Lyme disease is spread through deer ticks. Lyme disease causes painful skin blotches, headaches, aching, and swollen joints. There is treatment but no known cure for Lyme disease in humans.

Deer overpopulation is harming humans, not just our rural and urban environment. Hunters, animal rights activists, and environmentalists must come together to solve the problem. If we do not, then more automobiles will kill more deer and humans, in a tragedy worse than life before cell phones. If humans are the cause of the problem, let humans find the answer. If apathy is always is our collective answer to problems of our own overpopulation, then Nature will find answers to our problems. Natural answers are not always in our best interest, and not in your best interest if you don’t want to be killed by plagues caused by overpopulation.

* plague in it’s Biblical reference refers to swarms of crop eaters, not just disease; although a deer is a large bug to have land on your windshield.



Chronic Wasting Disease Alliance (website 2009)

Urban Deer Action Committee (Ozarks First, website 2007)

“Controlling Deer Overpopulation by Increased Hunting” (Maerong 2006)

“Too Many Deer” (Conservationist Magazine 2005)

“On a Collision Course with Losses” (Nelson, D., and W.A. Banaszewski)

“To Hunt or Not to Hunt” (Weekly Reader, Current Events, 1997)

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Overpopulation / Education

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Global Humanity Problem / Solution Summary; After Decades Modern Civilization Conclusions are the Same

These are the same results I found during my Architectural Thesis in 2000. The larger the amount of humans on the planet, makes for less available resources per person over time. Overpopulation makes our impact EXPONENTIAL, for better and for worse. The responsibility of Stewardship is also therefore increasingly harder.

War and Environmental problems become harder to handle, while we at the same time develop better tools and more workers to help pre-existing problems. Civilized SUSTAINABILITY can be seen as a large building; the more you add on to accommodate people, the more you have to maintain, and larger problems are created that may be un-sustainable. Utopia was never perfect, even in the original novel by Sir Thomas More.

My most positive conclusion (besides escapism, nihilism, or negativism) has always been EDUCATION. It is the longest way, but the best answer. High-tech games are only beginning to address the needs of education for the future, but we must develop many more tools.