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A Suggestion for Anyone Famous or Rich

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Take the Success Pledge !


If I am very famous, popular, or rich I promise to make a public declaration. I will publicly announce that such extreme fame, popularity, or wealth is very undemocratic, and in contradiction with civil notions of equal rights, and it is also against certain ethical and wise teachings like that of Jesus and Buddha. I will say “In the modern age, such medieval trappings are an offense to enlightened thinking. Therefore by the power invested in me, I will use most of my newly found resources to improve humanity, to protect and preserve local environment and history, and I will begin introducing to the masses, other artists and authors formerly unknown; and insisting if you like me or my works, then you should also give them a chance for success.” This is an official record, and I will be honor bound to execute this will, should I ever have such insane luck.



The END of Public Libraries

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Welcome to the END of Montgomery County Public Libraries.

Dictators of Demolition:  Isiah Leggett & Betty Parker Hamilton

What was Business Manager Eric Carzon doing before the Great Recession? Obviously he was not saving any money for the County. If he is anything like Hamilton, he might have rolled over anytime Lord Leggett had idiot plans for the Libraries.

Lord Leggett and his fools have cut funding and cut staff, while at the same time spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on construction plans for new libraries. New libraries without the staff to fill them? That is reality in the Merry Land of Leggett.

Libraries were forced by Lord Leggett to kill 55 filled positions and abolished 20 vacancies in preparation for fiscal 2011. Some libraries were closed, with their entire staff terminated for expensive renovations; while expensive designers and contractors are still paid to design new buildings with no staff or funding to operate them in the future.

The county library system’s budget was cut down from $40 million to $28 million from fiscal 2009 to fiscal 2011. This year’s elimination of all summer reading programs and reductions to other programs, services and materials was just the beginning. Now we are helpless as the politicians reduce all worker paychecks by 8% while reducing all health-care benefits. The end of educated people working at libraries is near.

Libraries are often the only public gathering place for communities. As bastions of knowledge, libraries now must have computer internet access as well as old and new books, magazines, and public information. Library staff members are always busy assisting large groups of citizens and immigrants. All the computer stations are almost always occupied by people allowed to view pornography or anything they want. Long lines form at circulation desks, and phones ring continuously.

People live in their communities and neighborhoods where you need to provide the services, reducing libraries and staff does more long term damage than reducing the police force. The Mission, Vision, and Value of Public Libraries are being lost.

The Mission of Libraries is to offer free and equal access to services and resources that connect people to ideas and information which sustain and enrich their lives. Thanks to Leggett that Mission is under siege.

The Vision is to have a diverse, highly qualified staff that continually assesses community needs and interests to support, encourage and inspire our customers. Thanks to Hamilton the Vision has faded.

The Value of Libraries is to defend the right of all to learn and to grow through multi-media, archives, and recordings. Thanks to Business Manager Eric Carzon this Value will be terminated.

Libraries will no longer operate in an efficient and effective manner.

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