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NIKE: Nuclear Incidents Kindle Enlightenment

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[Essay for NIKE T-shirt design]

N uclear

I ncidents

K indle

E nlightenment

Davros lives! The Cold War was over, and the archetypal design war was on! The underground silos for NIKE nuclear missiles were flooded and silently waiting on the outskirts of campus. The technicians of NIKE became genetically cultivated to be a new breed of outcast architects. They marched forth from the icy North Lot, bent on extermination and rule of the Earth. Davros sent seekers to comb the Jetty, searching for model supplies. The white-caps had multiplied, spawning sports fans like a vast sea of soapy dish water. The white-caps became a grey race of skippies. NIKE is removed from time, held in suspension in a parallel dimension; perched on the edge of oblivion. We watch for survivors and plan our thought crimes. The day will come when we will storm forth again from the snowy North Lot like a cloud of ice locust, and commence the dawn of a brave new world of double-think.



Tribute To Drogo Empedocles

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“I really am not qualified to speak to his architectural skills: I can, however, speak to his strength of character, his concern for the built and natural environments, and his artistic and literary capabilities. All of which are exemplary. Much ahead of the crowd, Drogo understood the fragility of the natural world, and the responsibility we all have to live with it and not on it. His endeavors with the Sustainable Cooperative for Organic Development testify to this. The group maintains a blog with individual authors pages. He writes under the name Drogo Empedocles there. Here is a link to his works: The rest of the architecture world begins to catch up with him, but he was something of a pioneer. I can’t fail to mention his enjoyment of the language. I have found it rather rare to encounter someone who enjoys both brush and pen, but Drogo certainly does. He has a love for puns, and a love for his home “shire” Harpers Ferry, WVA, which appears in some of his pieces as Harper’s Furry, and in others and others as Harpers Faerie. I am delighted that I’m going to appear in the latter, as O-Laugh the Ordinary.”

from a recommendation letter by ~ Michael R. H. Swanson Ph. D.

Professor of History and American Studies

Roger Williams University

Bristol, RI 02809

SCOD Books

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SCOD Thesis Books

S.C.O.D. 2000: Architecture Thesis

SCOD 2000: Architecture Thesis (Kindle Version)

SCOD 2000: Alternative Introduction (Abridged Nook Version)

SCOD 2010: Thesis Text

SCOD 2015:  Thesis Text (Progress without images)

SCOD Thesis 2000: Organic Community Dwelling (v15)

SCOD 2020:  Fallout (Novel)

SCOD Ecovillage  /  SCOD Land  /  SCOD World

SCOD BOG Peeps:  Beautiful Organic Garden People

Beautiful Organic Garden People:  BOG Peeps 2

Ten Conscientious Objections to War

Grass Root Words  (Annual SCODzine)
V1;   V2;   V3;   V4; ….


SCOD logo


SCOD Thesis References

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Primary Case Studies


1. Landscape Design by Thomas Jefferson

2. Garden Cities by Ebenezer Howard

3. Organic Design by Frank Lloyd Wright

4. Arcosanti & Cosanti by Paolo Solari

5. Claymont Community by Bennett

6. Stowell Galleries in Harpers Ferry, WV

7. Odd Fellows Lodge in Harpers Ferry, WV

8. Pendragon Bed & Breakfast in Virginia

9. Forest Hostel near Savannah, Georgia

10.  Alternative Architecture


SCOD Case Study Image Galleries