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Nostalgia Is What It Used To Be

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Nostalgia hits me hard often, but it is not just melancholy; my nostalgia an odd mix of ecstatic joy, understanding bliss, profound sadness, and contentment. These intense feelings sometimes become tears. Some may view my weeping as weakness, but honestly I am experiencing powerful life conclusions akin to one’s life flashing before their eyes during a near death experience, lessons from the lives of others, and countless other thoughts that surprise me like lights or sounds at the ‘end of tunnels.

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Maryland Budget Cuts = Drastic Library Layoffs

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Maryland State Budget Cuts Public Services

County library workers in unions, pay more than $500 a year in dues. What have all those dues done for them? SHIT-ALL. That is the sum total effect that paying all those union dues has done for thousands of workers in 21st Century Maryland. Luxurious Legislators have waited until the State deficit is almost $800 million, before they decided to radically chop down the life-long careers of countless loyal State workers and their families.

Montgomery County Executive Dictator Isiah Leggett is calling for a reduction in government spending for the first time in more than 40 years. Regardless of political party, there is nothing “democratic” about his legacy. He spent all the County’s money on bullet-proofing his personal security, and a gold-leaf bathroom in his office. Now in his $4.3 billion budget Monday, he calls for cuts across the state, including libraries and other services. The plan also gives schools $137 million LESS than required by the state. Leggett is calling for an energy tax that would cost about $3 per month for the average household. He has called for a $62 million ambulance fee that was rejected by the county council in the past.

All of these drastic cuts are his attempts to address his own political follies that have aggregated into one of the largest budget deficits in the region. Leggett is proposing no pay increase for county employees. He would eliminate hundreds of currently filled jobs and impose 10 days of furloughs for non-public-safety employees. The overall job reduction amounts to well over 750 work years.

This massive reduction in much needed public service, is almost as bad as the General Assembly cuts to Baltimore’s highway aid from the state. The evidence is clear that the public demands more access to these services, yet the wrong decisions are made. There are many ways to cut budgets over a period of years, without forcing a mass exodus.

The future of civilization in Maryland does not look good. Already homeless and people without internet access clamor at the doors of the libraries. What will all those thousands of people do? Get a job with all these cuts? Yeah, right.

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