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Past, Present, Future Talks
SCOD Questions to ask people who want to be interviewed:
1. Want to share about your services?
2. Want to share about your crafts or skills?
3. What are your favorite types of projects?
4. What did your life experience teach you about sustainability?
Make sure they are ok with sharing the interview with whoever publicly, or edit it to their preferences if possible. When finished please publish it here on SCOD Blog!

BOG Peeps

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Beautiful Organic Garden People

This art series advocates Organic Agriculture (Gardening / Farming / Foraging), Permaculture, and Sustainable Architecture. A series of ‘beautiful’ images of humans and animals, males and females, working or meditating or playing in the garden, farm field, barn, orchard, or wilderness…. poses not bound to traditional commercial or pinup surface objectification… in favor of equal-rights showing strength, intelligence, and skill. One idea being that people will see attractive or cute people and other sentient beings gardening, and more and more people will want to garden and feel or look like them; and by relating to them, they will want to garden; and vice versa. Based on “Organic Pinup Girls” project, expanded.

Plant Weed*


Mattock Hoes*

SCOD Hoveland*

flower cutngather*


Apollo on Apollo*

angel pixie apples*


Celtic Couple 2*

Grow Together*


Cheri Tyvm*

Keith psyche


* BOG PEEP Book – for sale on Amazon

Journalist Laura Flanders about SCOD Bog Peeps – “If I had to pick an avatar from those cool Organic gardeners, I’d go for the green haired woman with the shoulder tattoo and the shovel. Funnily enough, I just walked inside after a morning spent wielding a machete in an overgrown garden.” – in an email to Drogo 8/2/2017








Barbara Ninde Byfield

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Author & Illustrator Barbara Ninde Byfield 1930-1988

Barbara Ninde Byfield was born in Abilene, Texas. She grew up in the West and Midwest. As a young adult she attended the University of Wyoming and the Art Students League of New York.  For decades later Mrs. Byfield lived in Greenwich Village, NYC with her daughters Barbery and Tamsen in an old farmhouse with 7 fireplaces and Boston ivy. Barbara Byfield was an author and illustrator for many unique books from 1962-1978. Her books have a personal style that mix nostalgia, mystery, and creativity. She built a fountain in her garden on Christopher Street, was a devotee to the occult world, and was a creative chef.


Haunted Spy

Haunted Ghost

Haunted Churchbell

Haunted Tower


Solemn High Murder

Book of Weird

Eating In Bed Cookbook

Upright Hilda

Giant Sandwich

Andrew and the Alchemist


Suicide Surprise

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Suicide Surprise Book Report

Book by: Noel Lana Tavano

Main Characters: Elisa, Larry, Jennifer, Benedict, Charles

Magical Mystery Characters:  Emilio, Edwin, Smith

Bad Characters: Hans, Dirk, Leo, Seren, Julian Augustine

Chapters 1-31

35 year-old Elisa shoots herself in the head. She awakens in a gothic mansion with a mysterious library. She meets Larry, a vampire, who tells her that she is now a half-vampire. Elisa questions Larry, and learns about two more vampires; Hans, Dana, and Benedict. Then Larry takes Elisa out to share a voluntary kill and blood drinking.

Larry’s flashback begins at a library in France. He met Hans there, and begins his life as a vampire. The concept of “guardian testing” is introduced.

Elisa returns to the house after a few days to find a new half-vampire named Jennifer. Elisa and Jennifer chat, but Elisa becomes increasingly annoyed by Jennifer’s peppiness. Elisa ends up killing Jennifer, after Jennifer kills Larry.

Elisa accidentally conjures a demon named Smith from her mystery surprise pendant. Smith tells Elisa that he works for a mage named Emilio, who feels Elisa has potential. Smith leaves in a hurry.

Benedict arrives. He and Hans argue. Benedict and Elisa become instant friends. Benedict tells Elisa that vampires are killed by cutting out their hearts and burning them in the sun and that half-vampires are killed by staking them through the heart, cutting off their heads, and then burning them. Benedict tells Elisa that for her safety she should make her first kill.

Benedict and Elisa go out. Benedict tells Elisa that he is over 600 years old and used to be a bishop. He also tells Elisa about some other vampires that Larry didn’t mention. Benedict and Elisa wait outside a club for a victim. When a suitable victim emerges, Benedict shows Elisa how to kill her. Elisa experiences the full effect of consuming a person’s life-force.

Benedict uses magic to open a portal to another dimension, the demon dimension, through which he stashes the body of the victim. Benedict tells Elisa that when she uses her vampire abilities she is “tapping.” He also tells Elisa that vampires cannot kill guardians, which means that Hans’ efforts are futile. He also tells Elisa that sun will weaken but not kill her.

Elisa goes to a park and calls Smith. Elisa revels in her ability to see in the dark. Elisa meets the mage Emilio. Emilio tells Elisa that he is breaking mage law by speaking to and not killing a vampire. He also tells her that he is over 5000 years old and sees “potential” in her. Emilio gives Elisa a book he wrote for her. The book has the same handwriting as all the books in Hans’ library.

Elisa goes to the university library to read Emilio’s book. She learns that people are composed of three parts: body, soul, and soul connector. Vampires are the way they are because their bodies are destroyed, but due to magic their soul connectors are not destroyed with their bodies as they should be. So, the soul connector uses life-force to construct a new body for a vampire based on the soul’s astral body.

She also learns that vampires were created by a spell called the Godspell. Vampires who drink the Godspell directly are “original vampires.” Vampires who drink other vampires blood are “inherited vampires.”

Elisa meets Edwin who is a college professor and collector of old books. He recognizes the handwriting in Emilio’s book. Elisa is upset that she cannot read Edwin’s emotions like she can other humans.

Elisa realizes that Edwin is an old classmate of hers. Edwin asks Elisa if she is a vampire. Edwin said that his brother taught him how to recognize vampires. Elisa goes to the park and calls Smith. Smith says that Elisa can trust Benedict but not his friend Charles.

Smith’s History

2000 years ago all dimensions were one. The Council of Mages was formed, headed by Zarek, to protect mages from demons. The Godspell is performed by Emilio, Astra (a high ranking mage), Seren (an ex-mage now vampire), and Julian Augustine (a rogue mage now vampire). Zarek fears that newly created vampires pose a threat to mages and finally gets support for the dimensional split, exiling demons to the demon dimension and vampires to the non-magical (techno) dimension.

Smith warns Elisa to stay away from the vampire Julian Augustine, who was once Emilio’s friend. Benedict tells her it would be safer for her if she came to stay with him and his friend Charles. Elisa agrees. She and Benedict go to their hotel. Elisa falls into instant lust with Charles. Benedict and Charles invite Elisa to go to Paris with them to escape Larry and Hans.

Benedict’s Flashback

One night in his cathedral, Bishop Benedict meets and is attacked by Hans the Vampire. Benedict and Hans fight, and eventually Benedict thinks he killed Hans. Benedict has become a vampire himself. He meets Seren, Leo and Julian Augustine.

Chapters 32-41

Elisa suspects Edwin is a guardian. Elisa speaks with Emilio. Emilio gives Elisa advice on controlling her impulses. Charles begins telling Elisa his story.

Charles was a 22 year old aristocrat living in Paris during the French Revolution. He joined an idealistic political group, was arrested, and sent to prison. Charles fights Dirk, and awakens in his own house. Charles finds a note inviting him to a midnight meeting at a cemetery. Charles finds dozens of zombie-like vampires performing some pagan ritual. Charles meets Benedict who is chained to a tombstone. Charles is captured.

Benedict names the three leaders as Leo, Seren, and Julian Augustine. As Charles and Benedict are forced to watch, Julian Augustine commits acts of necrophilia and cannibalism. Seren frees Charles and Benedict.

Charles seeks revenge. Benedict and Charles encounter a very much alive Hans, Dirk, and Dana. Dana explains how full vampires are really killed. Benedict and Charles go to America.

Secrets are revealed and passions flare even more towards the end of the book. Charles, Benedict, and Elisa agree not to go to Paris but to instead stay and see what happens. To be continued in Vampire Surprise

Brother Cadfael Mysteries

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Brother Cadfael Mysteries

Medieval Sherlock Holmes

Series I (1994):
• One Corpse Too Many (Episode 101 – Book 2)
• The Sanctuary Sparrow (Episode 102 – Book 7)
• The Leper of Saint Giles (Episode 103 – Book 5)
• Monk’s Hood (Episode 104 – Book 3)
Series II (1995-1996):
• The Virgin in the Ice (Episode 201 – Book 6)
• The Devil’s Novice (Episode 202 – Book 8)
• A Morbid Taste for Bones (Episode 203 – Book 1)
Series III (1997):
• The Rose Rent (Episode 301 – Book 13)
• Saint Peter’s Fair (Episode 302 – Book 4)
• The Raven in the Foregate (Episode 303 – Book 12)
Series IV (1998):
• The Holy Thief (Episode 401 – Book 19)
• The Potter’s Field (Episode 402 – Book 17)
• The Pilgrim of Hate (Episode 403 – Book 10)

1. A Morbid Taste for Bones (written in 1977, set in 1137)
2. One Corpse Too Many (1979, set in August 1138)
3. Monk’s Hood (1980, set in December 1138)
4. Saint Peter’s Fair (1981, set in July 1139)
5. The Leper of Saint Giles (1981, set in October 1139)
6. The Virgin in the Ice (1982, set in November 1139)
7. The Sanctuary Sparrow (1983, set in the Spring of 1140)
8. The Devil’s Novice (1983, set in September 1140)
9. Dead Man’s Ransom (1984, set in February 1141)
10. The Pilgrim of Hate (1984, set in May 1141)
11. An Excellent Mystery (1985, set in August 1141)
12. The Raven in the Foregate (1986, set in December 1141)
13. The Rose Rent (1986, set in June 1142)
14. The Hermit of Eyton Forest (1988, set in October 1142)
15. The Confession of Brother Haluin (1988, set in December 1142)
16. The Heretic’s Apprentice (1990, set in June 1143)
17. The Potter’s Field (1990, set in August 1143)
18. The Summer of the Danes (1991, set in April 1144)
19. The Holy Thief (1992, set in August 1144)
20. Brother Cadfael’s Penance (1994, set in November 1145)

Shameless Self-Promotion

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Hello, SCODites, this is my first post, and I love SCOD. But, I’m really here for shameless self-promotion of my two (thus far) books: Suicide Surprise and its first sequel Vampire Surprise. They are both available on as paperback or kindle. I have recently lowered prices to $7.99 for paperbacks and $4.99 for kindle, but it may take up to 2 weeks for those changes to show up. These will now be “Sherwood Forest Prices.” This way you can try a new author for less money. Discuss.

In the meantime, visit my site at and make some comments (unless they are mean comments–mean comments suck–hah hah). I’d love to hear from you, unless you are a shameless Twilight fan. Hell, even if you are a Twilight fan, come on over. What the hell. We all like vampires here, even those “vegetarian” kind. Blah.

Your horror-loving SCOD member, Sunshine (aka Noel Lana Tavano)

P.S. Jacob is better than Edward.