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Schoenridge Sanctuary Cooperative, Missouri

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“When we came here a quarter of a century ago we bought 80 acres and a caved in house. We raised the little German cottage from the dead, and began to build our dream of raising rare breeds of livestock that are on the endangered list. We began that dream with American Milking Devon Cows, now extinct in England; then added a few rare breeds of chickens. Well, as Buffy Saint Marie says in her song The Circle Game, our dreams had lost some grandeur coming true. Then came Tess, our grand-daughter who we adopted. I home-schooled her and she grew up knowing every rock and tree on Schoenridge. She learned how to save wildlife and birth calves. She rehabed wildlife for M’Shoogy’s (means Crazy in Yiddish)–look them up on the web, they’re right down the road from us. There have been raccoons, falcons, and deer. One deer still begs for treats at our kitchen door and walks in the woods with us. Tess trained a falcon to come to feed at the sound of her flute, even after she had released her. Now-days there are 70 animals living here…maybe more. We have three American Guinea Hogs going to the University of Minnesota next month. Tess has Silver Fox Rabbits coming from North Carolina on Sunday. She has Dexter Cattle and her fiance’ Ivan raises Chocolate Turkeys. They have quail, alpacas, horses, and goats. Drogo calls it our Sanctuary, this strange mixture of Humane farming and wildlife rehab. Well, it’s mostly Tess’s desire to take up the mantle and continue and improve what we can do in this little piece of the world. Downwardly mobile. That’s what we are. This is our purpose and our pleasure. We all need one.”

–  Karen Boe, Steward of Schoenridge