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Friendship Is A Relationship

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Friendship is a type of relationship. So when people say they just want to be friends and not lovers, they should realize that being friends is still a type of relationship. Friendship is like a bubble balance of the space between us; too much space and it stretches thin, too little space and pressure shrinks it. Everyone is different in every combination, decide what feels right to you, and if someone else does not feel right, then it will not feel right to you.



Time & Physical Reality

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Interesting metaphysical questions: What is Time? What is Existence?

Here are some aspects of those big questions:

Is ‘existence’ only definable by science in terms of physical reality, or must we use metaphysics only to deal with its aspects of consciousness and archetypal presence?

Does ‘yesterday’ exist?  Did it before, when it was now?

According to some theorists, no yesterday does not anymore than unicorns exist. Can memories be said to exist? If they do, they must exist in a different way than most ‘physical things’ if a memory is able to be defined in physical science way.

Many people might say something like i would, which is – “Yesterday only existed physically when it was now, but now is the only moment that exists, and now is not then.” which is funny to hear it regardless of whether someone agrees or not with what most of us probably intuitively feel.

Ok, but memory exists right?  Depends on definition of ‘existence’, but yeah sure.

What does it mean for a memory to ‘exist‘ in one’s mind?

“Memory is the faculty of the mind by which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved. Memory is vital to experiences and related to limbic systems, it is the retention of information over time for the purpose of influencing future action.” – Wikipedia

“Defining memory is about as difficult as defining time. In general terms, memory is a change to a system that alters the way that system works in the future. “A typical memory is really just a reactivation of connections between different parts of your brain that were active at some previous time,” says neuro-scientist Nikolay Kukushkin.” – Wired, [Your brain doesn’t contain memories. It is memories]

Neurologists can describe electronic impulses between the neuron cells in our brain, and the cells and the energy certain exist and are measurable.

Time is weird, and certainly seems bound up with ‘space’ (aka physical reality), which is called the ‘time and space continuum’ when physicists try to explain reality or existence.

“Dean Zimmerman lays out the two main philosophical conceptions of time (i.e. the A-theory, which is a dynamic conception of time, and the B-theory, which is a static conception), and argues that a certain theological view, called “open theism”, is committed to the dynamic A-theory of time, and hence to the reality of objective temporal Becoming. He then goes on to discuss what is regarded by many to be the decisive objection against the A-theory of time: namely, its apparent incompatibility with relativistic physics. Open theism is motivated by an incompatibilist or libertarian conception free will, which is inconsistent with God’s infallible foreknowledge of our future actions. According to open theism however, God can still be considered omniscient despite the fact that He doesn’t know what His free creatures are going to freely choose since, given the A-theory of time, the future has no genuine existence or reality. And given this indeterminacy, the future remains open rather than eternally fixed and settled ahead of time.” – Philosophy Overdose, Youtube

Gods of religion of course are a way of non-scientifically avoiding the questions, if there is no way to prove that gods exist. So we can talk about time in terms of History; History as a subject tends to say “things happened in the past”, even if physicists might disagree with that phrasing. History is not just a subject of what we think happened in the past, but it can also mean events that took place before now.

Heraclitus’s ‘River of Time’ flux concept ironically still seems as fair a way as any to view change in time, or rather how things change within time.

(to be continued…)

Star Gazer ‘Keep Looking Up!’

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Jack Horkheimer, The ‘Star Gazer’ Remembered….

Jack Foley Horkheimer, died on August 20, 2010. He will be missed by millions, yet remembered in the night sky. This is a memorial essay on the immortal ‘Star Gazer’ (‘Star Hustler’).

Jack Horkheimer was the most recognized public figure to enthusiastically advocate amateur observation of the night sky, for generations. His 5 minute television show began on Florida PBS stations in 1976. In 1985 his show became a national PBS phenomenon, usually aired before station sign-off. It was originally called ‘Star Hustler’, but was changed to ‘Star Gazer’ in 1997.

This is how each show began:

Some people hustle pool,
Some people hustle cars,
But have you ever heard about
The man who hustles stars?

The show’s theme music is Isao Tomita’s electronic rendition of Claude Debussy’s Arabesque No. 1, from Tomita’s album Snowflakes Are Dancing. After the introduction, Jack would say “Greetings, greetings, fellow star gazers!” and end the show with his signature closing line, “Keep looking up!”

Jack was Executive Director of the Miami Museum of Science and Space Transit Planetarium, in Florida for over 35 years. Horkheimer was the foremost commentator on all astronomy related happenings nationwide, affecting millions of viewers with enthusiasm for the cosmos, and passion for our relationship to the Universe. He was truly one of a kind.

Generously his shows are available online, so his national contributions need not fade with time. He truly is among the great advocates of public astronomy, like Stephen Hawking and Neil deGrasse Tyson. At the time of his death at 72 years old, Jack had made thousands of shows, and inspired many people to “keep looking up”. There was no other weekly show on TV that preformed the same function as ‘Star Gazer’, and it remains unique.

Hawkwind “Master Of The Universe”

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Song Title:  Master Of The Universe
Albums:  Masters of the Universe 1971-1977, In Search Of Space, Space Ritual, Live Chronicles, Best of Hawkwind
Written by: Brock & Turner 1970s



(howling riffs, rhythmic power chords)

I am the center of this Universe.
The wind of time is blowing through me
And it’s all moving relative to me,

It’s all a figment of my mind
In a world that I’ve designed
I’m charged with cosmic energy
Has the world gone mad or is it me?


I am the creator of this Universe.
And all that is was meant to be
So that we might learn to see
This foolishness that lives in us

And stupidity that we must suss
How to banish from our minds
If you call this living I must be blind.


Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters

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Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters

Written in 1989 (inspired by Weird Al)

The US Starquake was orbiting Mars, its crew numbering eight. The 1972 model mining ship passed silently through a radioactive, electric dust cloud. The ship’s haul vibrated violently, shocked by thousands of volts of electricity.

Private Donald, who was busy unloading on the toilet, smiled to himself. The bathroom was the only room on the craft a man could get his peace and quiet. Suddenly the Computer’s voice blared through the intercom.

“There is an emergency. There is still an emergency. The emergency is still taking place. I will repeat myself. There is an emergency. I have just repeated myself. Private Donald and Mechanic Williams, report to Sector 13. Suits are mandatory. There is a radioactive leak and spreading. By the way, there is still an emergency.”

“Just great!” Donald complained. “My only free time I get, and I’m interrupted! Oh no, perfect. I’m stuck!”

Meanwhile in a room far, far away; Williams was punching out Samual for dropping his solidified prune juice down his pants. Samual fell back against a shelf, knocking a hamster cage to the floor. It shattered and Velveeta and Elvis, the two hamsters, escaped.

“I’ll finish with you later!” Williams said as he headed toward Sector 13. He came to the sector door and punched in his code. The computer blared his clearance. “Welcome mop and broom, summer vacuums of the month! Got some fresh sour milk?”

“Darn sponge-head slag, Mark was messing with the speech system again!” Williams shouted as he slammed his fist against the door. It slid open. He attached his body armor and breathing gear. Just as he took a step inside, rusty-orange vapors rushed from within.

“Pressurized radiation!!” Williams yelled as he turned the intercom on. “Attention, there’s a major radiation leak spreading throughout the entire port wing!!”

Hearing the news Bubba awoke violently from his bunk bed. “I’m a comin’ Mamma!” and with that Bubba jerked up, slammed his head against the ceiling, and fell onto the floor. “Oh, man!” Bubba said as he pulled on his jumpsuit.

Tim rolled out of his bed, onto the floor beside Bubba. Then he slowly got on his uniform. “Let’s get some coffee!” Tim said, and the door slid open.

A huge furry mass sat hunched over in the doorway. The 10 foot tall hamster’s red eyes glared down upon them! Tim and Bubba froze in fear.

Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and Karate Kid posters decorated the walls of Kim’s room. When she heard William’s words on the intercom, she leapt out of bed, broke a couple boards, did a few splits, and kicked open her door.

Samual wiped the blood from his lip, grabbed his rifle, and went out into the halls. Samual was looking to shoot Williams for beating him up, so he was surprised to find a giant glowing hamster instead. Samual’s blood and guts were splattered on the walls.

Mark was busy pressing buttons in the control room. “Aliens,” Captain J mumbled as he switched on autopilot. Suddenly the door slid open and Williams stumbled in. The door closed behind him, as Williams collapsed to the floor with the words “Velveeta!”

The crew in the control room rushed to help Williams get his helmet off. “What did he say?” Mark asked. “I think he wants cheese.” Captain said. When they got his helmet off, Williams said it again. “Velveeta!” “What do you make of this Captain?” Mark said. “He said Velveeta.” “Yes, I know what he said Mr. Connect-the-dots.” Captain said. “John Williams, what is the matter?!” They all looked at eachother in desperation.

“Velveeta, big, large, huge! A…she’s um, grown; real big!” Williams exhaustedly said. “He’s evidently crazy Captain. Williams has lost his mind; bonkers,” Mark said. “I’m gonna go get a drink!” “Don’t open that door!” Williams managed to say.

“See, he’s mad!” said Mark as he opened the door and came face with a 9 foot tall Velveeta. Instinctively Mark leapt upon the beastie and grabbed it by it’s neck. “Freeze!” yelled Captain J. Williams finally passed out.

Meanwhile Private Donald had freed himself from the toilet. He washed his hands and prepared to leave. Suddenly the door flew open and Donald starred down the barrel of a lazer rifle. As he slipped backwards, a hand grabbed him and picked him up. “Ah Private Donald, trying to hide?” Corporal Samual demanded.

“I-I was really just trying to…” Donald started. Samual interjected “I don’t think so. We all know you’re scared of Sector 13 ever since Paul, James, and Kurt died there. Ok, now let’s just go get some de-radiation guns, shall we Donald?” Unexpectedly a strange large furry object passed by quickly. “What the heck was that?” Donald asked. “We had better get some cages too.”

Velveeta the Xtra-large-hamster tossed Mark against the wall, knocking him out cold. Then the furry beast headed towards Captain J. He picked up his coffee and threw it at the creature. Velveeta squeaked and shrank back to regular hamster size, which is small, and ceased glowing; with features returning to normal.

“Wow that was amazing!” Captain J said. “Coffee must reduce radioactivity.” “My aren’t we a genius today!” Velveeta said. “The radiation must have affected her vocal cords and mind!” “Stop it, you’re beginning to sound like a nerd in one of those stupid science fiction stories!” Velveeta screamed.

U.S. Starquake

Plan of the mining ship U.S. Starquake

1. control room
2. Store rooms 12.guest quarters
3. Transformer outlet 13.sector 13
4. Environs moderator 14.captains quarters
5. Enlisted quarters 15.observatory-docks
6. Sergeants quarters 16.laboratory
7. cafeteria-kitchen 17.mechanics room
8. meeting room 18.Engine room
9. Officers quarters Fuel / generators rooms Blast engine valves
Air ducts Mining arms