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Stewardship of Trees

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There are so many applications of tree stewardship in America, yet little funds allocated towards the responsible maintenance of our forgotten cousins.

Parking lots

Environmental Summary

Branches Overhang

Seed Products: Nuts, Fruits, and Berries and more

Leaves, Sap, and Seeds

Trunks (bark)



Environmental Summary

Branches Overhang

Seed Products: Nuts, Fruits, and Berries and more

Leaves, Sap, and Seeds

Trunks (bark)



Environmental Summary

Branches Overhang

Seed Products: Nuts, Fruits, and Berries and more

Leaves, Sap, and Seeds

Trunks (bark)



Environmental Summary

Branches Overhang

Seed Products: Nuts, Fruits, and Berries and more

Leaves, Sap, and Seeds

Trunks (bark)



Environmental Summary

Branches Overhang

Seed Products: Nuts, Fruits, and Berries and more

Leaves, Sap, and Seeds

Trunks (bark)


(more to be found in the original SCOD Thesis)


Death to Christmas Trees!

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Every year, millions of perfectly good evergreen trees are slaughtered, decked out, and then thrown out. Yes, in the name of Jesus Christ, we massacre trees in America for our pride in gaudy ritual. We say we love Christmas Trees, much the same as hunters who love animals so much they kill them, and put them on display, dead.

Their dead carcasses are displayed and decorated, in the name of Christmas. However I think it a far more practical Holiday ritual is the Pagan Yule Log, which actually serves to warm and provide light on a dark night. If you are going to kill a tree, I think it should at least be used for something. Killing trees for Christmas Trees makes as much sense to me as human sacrifice.

If the tree is already dead, that is different. If you want to display a dead tree, just use one that is already dead, and then use it for fuel or compost. Artificial trees are more environmental, if they are kept and reused. Every tree killed in the prime of life is a loss, because trees burn or compost better after they have been dead for a few years. The only good use for killing a tree human size or larger is for use in construction.

Another alternative idea to industrial tree slaughter, is to use a smaller tree that a child could carry. Grow it yourself, and harvest it yourself. Then as you display it, it will mean more to you. I have actually had people tell me they would not be able to cut it, as they would be attached to it, but these same people want to buy a large tree every year that someone else has killed. There is also such as thing as a potted tree.

The best conclusion is for most people to have a small dead tree, or a small fake tree indoors, and decorate a living evergreen tree outside. If people do not have a yard, they should be able to decorate a community living tree. Living evergreen trees can grow quite tall, and can be much more impressive than the usual sizes that are dead. Remember, you can have less environmental impact, if you must own an interior tree, by either using a potted tree or at least having a dead one smaller than yourself.

Interview for Drogo Empedocles

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BEGIN INTERVIEW for Drogo Empedocles


1. Why did you start SCOD:


I started SCOD in order to have projects that I can do in life, directly relate to my friends and our common interests. It started with a few of us, and branched out from there. It is like the Round Table at Camelot in many ways, except everyone is more equal as King (or Queen) of their own lives and their own interests in SCOD. Members of SCOD, like at Camelot, were not always the same list of names. There were times when there was a lot of support, and times where no one showed up. The most important thing in both is faith in one’s own dedication to a common purpose.


2. Give some advice for anyone wanting to do what you have done:


Write things down, and be able to later access that writing to remind yourself. Do that and you are less likely to give up on your dreams. Also be hard on yourself more than others. If other people are being shitty and not cooperating, do something because you said you would, then if no one else comes through, at least you were true to yourself. Don’t be a fool trusting people who don’t follow through, but if someone lets you down but really wants to make amends, give them a few tries. Try to make things work without selling all rights to the property (metaphor).


3. How do you view “Sustainability” in what you do?


There are different aspects to that popular term. In architecture Sustainability usually means a structure built to last, and refers to it’s permanence. However Sustainability can also be judged by the structure’s impact on Nature and Ecology. If a building lasts forever but poisons the environment, then it is not a Sustainable habitat for life around it. Therefore sometimes a temporary structure built from renewable materials that bio-degrade is more Sustainable.


4. What is your opinion of “Cooperatives”?


Cooperatives are related to neighborhoods, communities, socialism, communism, and many work situations. Collectives of human beings and other animals, working and/or living together as functionally as possible for the common good. Jesus did it, so it must be a good thing, right?


5. How important is “Organic” design in your life, as opposed to simple mechanical design? For example in the food you eat, buildings you live in, and work you do…


Very important. I love organic things, maybe because I am organic.

6. Do you have any other plans for future “Development” of these or any other goals?





Thank you, Blessed Be.


SCOD Community Network List

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Home Base: (Origin) East Coast, USA

Project Bases: West Virginia, Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Colorado, California, Montana

Network Bases: USA and various other Countries

Network Communities are not publicly exhibited as a list, to protect them from exploitation. SCOD functions to study, archive, and actively communicate with communities; not to make them vulnerable to outside commercial forces.

See also:  Fellowship for Intentional Community

Network Communities by Location / Type (Public):

West Virginia, Spiritual Education

Virginia, Alternative

North Carolina, Alternative Arts

Maryland, Organic Farm

Virginia, Organic Farm

West Virginia, Organic Farm

Shepherdstown, Alternative

Harpers Ferry, Historic

National Park Service

Shenandoah River, Alternative

Florida, Art Farm

Colorado, Alternative Architecture

Wisconsin, Pagan

Yosemite, Miwok Tribe

Yellowstone, Lakota Tribe

Crater Lake, Klamouth Tribe

Wisconsin, Sword Arts

Georgia, Visual Arts

Texas, Military Pagan

Arizona, Alternative Architecture

Montana, Wolf Ranch

Ohio, Alternative Education

Ruigoord, Amsterdam

Rinky Dink Sound System, UK

(not a complete list, to be continued…)

Solar Power

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President Barack Obama toured Solar Energy Plants in 2009. In the spring he toured Las Vegas, Nevada; then he visited Arcadia, Florida; where he announced that $3.4 billion in “smart grid” energy technology grants included $267 million in Tampa, Florida.

A Florida Power & Light project received one of the nation’s largest grants: $200 million to create a smart grid in the company’s service area. The University of South Florida was also involved in the research and technology of the Arcadia Plant, but they received significantly less grant money.

Solar Power has taken a back seat to Oil, along with all other alternative energies for decades. Oil took the Industrial Throne from Coal, although Coal is certainly alive and burning pollution all over the United States. Oil as a dark liquid evil, also inherited the crusades in the Middle East, which Spices once caused for centuries.

It is only by supporting alternative renewable, clean energies like Solar Power that we can begin to take the dominant causes of War and Pollution away. Active Solar Power has come a long way, but not nearly as far as it would have if it were not owned by Oil Companies (see the history of BP Solarex). Passive Solar as well have much potential.

Both Passive and Active Solar Power can be used by almost every home in the United States if we make the technologies more accessible to the public. Advertising campaigns have done nothing to educate the public on these issues for decades as well. Some may still not understand the Power of our own Star, the Sun; and it’s continuing ability to provide us with more Power than we can use.

[notes: Active refers to Solar Panels where sunlight is made into electricity; Passive refers to any designs which harness the thermal energy of sunlight for heat gain]