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RAMBO in Burma was better than expected.

Forging the new blade was reminiscent of Conan.

Stallone did everything for that movie,

rewriting and directing it too.

It is supposed to be toned down in some ways

from the horror reality of the Civil War there;

the rape, pillaging, sacking, and slaughters;

while still being a Rambo film (he survives).

I loved the very end, it helped close

his overseas tours after all these years.

Rambo did great bringing himself full circle.

Its what Conan 3 needs to be,

they did it in 4 films though.

Also they left room for Rambo V,

Using the Mexican concept they had, but

that was not used this time.

If they do Rambo V in Mexico,

It will be different, more like a Western,

As Stallone said.

Drogo’s Favorite Books

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Popular Classics: Travel Fantasy & SciFi-Horror Genres

Plato:  Atlantis, The Republic

Sir Thomas More:  Utopia

Swift:  Gulliver’s Travels

Jules Verne:  Journey to the Center of the Earth, Around the World in 80 Days, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

HG Wells:  Time Machine, War of the Worlds,

George Orwell:  1984, Animal Farm

Aldous Huxley:  Brave New World, Doors of Perception, & Island

Check out a book in which Huxley compares his own book, Brave New World with Orwell’s 1984; and argues why control through reward is more sustainable than control through fear. Brave New World Revisited is 1984 vs. Brave New World. Also Ape and Essence is a planet of apes  (written ironically in 1948).

Ray Bradbury:  Fahrenheit 451,

Philip K. Dick:  Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Blade Runner), Rollerball, Man In High Castle

Stephen King:  Dark House, Running Man


NON-FICTION: Political, Philosophical, Historical, & Biographical

Assault On Reason  – Al Gore 2007

The Revolution: A Manifesto
Dr. Ron Paul

Give Me Liberty – Naomi Wolf 2008

Harper’s Ferry: Strange Stories & Legends
Joseph Barry

8 Pillars of Greek Wisdom – by Stephen Bertman

Blackberry Cove Herbal – by Linda Rago


FICTION: Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller & Horror

Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit
JRR Tolkien

Suicide Surprise
Noel Tavano

Doubtful Guest, Dwindling Party, Gashlycrumb Tinies, Haunted Tea-Cosy
Edward Gorey