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Odin’s 18 Rune Spells

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In the Hávamál, found in the Elder Edda (or Poetic Edda) there is a section where Odin talks about the 18 rune spell songs (words of power) he has discovered and their uses. Not to be confused with the 9 power songs from Bestla’s father.

  1.  Hope
  2.  Healing
  3.  Defense
  4.  Escape
  5.  Dexterity
  6.  Reverse Magic
  7.  Fire Fighting
  8.  Peace
  9.  Calm
  10.  Confuse
  11.  Blessed Courage
  12.  Death Speak – speak to the dead
  13.  Battle Baptism – for fortune and victory
  14.  Sacred Names – gods and elves
  15.  Dwarven Doors (Thjodrorir) – power, glory, wisdom
  16.  Charm Women – white-armed
  17.  Love Revenge – loath to forsake
  18.  Love Knowledge (self-love and sacrifice)







Talk It Out: Conversation As Art

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Join us as we search for meaningful conversation, that may or may not be pleasant or comfortable. Will we know what we are talking about the whole time? Find out! [SHOW LINK]

in a busy world of working for less and less pay, at jobs that would rather replace you than let you take time off, communication has largely been reduced to texting loved ones and ignoring customers who are forced to deal with machines. is there a natural need to have meaningful conversation, or should those of us who prefer to spend a certain amount of time talking all be therapists or long-distance sex workers??

use caution when listening – we are not trained conversational professionals. any opinions we have are to be considered hear-say or entertainment for legal purposes. We are also not paid to compete against commercial level production, so just sit back and relax, or move on to something else, because it is not worth getting upset about. i agree with experts on somethings about talking, but not everything they say is true for everyone, they give general guides for awareness. Speak the way that is best for you, and silence is ok too sometimes, when communication fails.


Conversation as Science – According to experts

Communication Construction and Deconstruction

Signs & Symbols, Language Families & Standard Rules

When we talk about language rule standards: grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation, Dictionary definitions, Semiology (signs and symbols), and Semantics (semiotic meanings), etc. that could be a transition into word order and how we read the way we prefer to talk, leading into artistic self expression and times we want to mimic others, which leads into artistic styles and interpretation of communication, and self expression, specifically conversation as art.


Julien Treasure – HAIL: Honest, true; Authentic, real; Integrity, responsible; Love, wishing well.

Sugar or honey with honesty is nice. Don’t: gossip, judge, complain, blame, lie, exaggerate, or have flaws (unless joking or there are real problems).


Celeste Headlee – weather and health are not enough. How to talk and have meaningful conversation even with people we disagree with deeply.

  1. Focus on talk, until out of it, be present.
  2. Be open to learning, or at least respectful in responses.
  3. Open ended questions?
  4. Let most things go.
  5. It is ok to say you dont know everything.
  6. Some personalities like to have comparative sympathy, while others think it is too competitive to compare experience values. (i edited)
  7. Dont brag (too much) and Dont repeat (too much)
  8. Details dont (always) matter.
  9. Try to balance (if possible) time talking vs listening (for equality).
  10. Be brief, but interested. (people are busy, but sometimes want more time with someone that can help them, in a time of need)


Ted talks – General guide options, not true for all.


Brene’ Brown – power of vulnerability, empathy


Marc Pachter – interview as art, meaning in life. Energy is more important than intellect. Story worth sharing. Modesty wastes time, you have to think it is worth some value to tell your story. Competing for attention can lead to arguing, not discussing, unless it is fun for everyone. Wrestle for the key to unlock story.


Sherry Turkle – connected but alone? Conversation has depth (emotion, language, sound) of communication that no amount of texting connection can adapt to.


Communication Deconstruction

Signs & Symbols, Language Families & Standard Rules

When we talk about language rule standards: grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation, Dictionary definitions, Semiology (signs and symbols), and Semantics (semiotic meanings), etc. this is the science of communication. The word order and how we ‘read the way we prefer to talk’, based on cultural factors are how we interpret what laws should be. 

From common slang greetings that are not properly correct, to a feeling of fake formal presentation vs real country folk authentic accents; opinions are relative. Rules give general guides, and rebels will break the rules their way.  But not everyone wants to conform to all the rules, in the liberal vs literalist dichotomy. Between mixed families and dialects there is language evolution. Artistic self expression, group styles, and regional markers are as valid as any rules.

There are times we want to mimic others, not to ‘make fun of’ to insult, but to match and sympathize with their way. Individual styles and interpretation of communication, are integral for conversation as art. Art can be harmonious, but also chaotic. I agree with experts on some talking points, to have common language ground, and reference points for discussion about what is important to talk about. It is nice to know how and why to be polite, but also be able to show honest emotions and desires. Speak the way that is best for you, and silence is ok too sometimes, when communication fails. Some people are mute and prefer silence, that is ok too.


This is the art of conversation.

We call to each other from afar,

Approaching we talk of weather and feather

And we come close to whisper in our ears

To say or not to say, or how shall we say it?

Is this the art of conversation?



Harpers Languages

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Languages of Harpers Faery

These are not all the languages, nor are they full dictionaries of the languages, merely a basic guide. It is worth noting that these languages usually have their own alphabet and cultural interpretations of symbols; in addition to word and name differences. In this guide we only use Common symbols for simplification of quick universal translation. There are some hybrid words between human and faerie languages, because cultures have cross-over evolution blending.

Human Languages

Common, most common words of all Humans (Base Root)

Basic, words of Bards

Art, words of Artists

Northern, words of Nordics

Southern, words of Sothians

Eastern, words Atlantians

Western, words of Peaceans

Faerie Languages

Fae, most common words of all Faeries (Base Root)

Nom, words of Gnomes

Dwar, words of Dwarves

El, words of Elves

La, words of Fairies

Gob, words of Goblins

Tol, words of Trolls

Org, words of Ogres



Fae, most common words of all Faeries (Base Root)

Hello / Bye – Aey / La

Please / Thanks – El / Le

Give / Take – Nam / Tenna

Trade – Namtenna

Yes / No – Ha / Na

Nom, words of Gnomes

Hello / Bye – Oi / Noi

Please / Thanks – Wawa / Washi

Give / Take – Glee / Fill

Trade – Gleefool

Yes / No – Ah / Ha

Dwar, words of Dwarves

Hello / Bye – Dow / Tow (also bring)

Please / Thanks – (none) / Warsh

Give / Take – Ship / War

Trade – Warship

Yes / No – Da / Nac

El, words of Elves

Hello / Bye – Ey / Le

Please / Thanks – Ell / Lee vat

Give / Take – Nam / Tenna

Trade – Namtenna

Yes / No – Ha / Na

La, words of Fairies (mainly fairy-elves, but also includes some Pixies and Sprites)

Hello / Bye – Ay / La

Please / Thanks – Al / Le va

Give / Take – Nim / Tinna

Trade – Nimtinna

Yes / No – Ha / Na

Gob, words of Goblins

Hello / Bye – Ya / Ye

Please / Thanks – Yaa / Yee

Give / Take – Lob / Greb

Trade – Gob

Yes / No – Yee / Ka

Tol, words of Trolls

Hello / Bye – Raw / Ash

Please / Thanks – (none) / Tank (means ‘you do not need that’)

Give / Take – Ka / Graw

Trade – Trogg

Yes / No – Tog / Rah

Org, words of Ogres

Hello / Bye – Ho (announces presence)

Give / Take – Grip / Grap

Trade – Gripgrap

Yes / No – Og / Ra

Seeking Authors for SCODzine!

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‘Grass Root Words’ is a Naturalist periodical journal for essays, poems, and short-stories on inspirational themes like history, education, evolution, environmentalism, civil rights, philosophy, arts, and discoveries in science. Contributing authors include all ages; alive or dead; famous or infamous. This is like a grass-roots ‘Leaves of Grass’, except anyone can be in it, not just Walt Whitman.

Grass Root Words ab

Volunteer authors can email me (Drogo) drogo76@hotmail or find me on Facebook and send their short writings (poems, essays, or short stories) for ‘Grass Roots Words’ SCODzine Kindle ebook collections. I will publish anything less than a page that fits! Send your writing any-time because late-comers will just be added to a later issue.

Grassroots – any organic social group supporting at least one common cause, as opposed to a movement that is organized by official power structures. Many local volunteers in various places can lead to massive unified parties, like patches of grass.

Hey You Guys – Green Rap

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Hey You Guys (Green Rap) – AMM SCOD concept by Drogo, lyrics by Codiak, rapped by Codiak


People please wake up, our planet we are killin’;

Polluting all our resources, nothing left for the children.

Please think of the native americans before us.

Show respect for the mountains, open plains, and the forests.

Man-kind extinction, that’s what we are facing.

We maintain our cell phones, but mother earth we are defacing.

There is no way to deny it, there are changes in our climate.

Warfare and shrapnel, we care more about gain capital,

than the reservation (resurrection) of our fragile planet.

(Drogo, they don’t hear me man! Wake em up!)


Man-made chemicals, factories, vehicles; form death called smog.

Best believe we are breathing it all.

Children born with disabilities due to radiation in facilities.

Poisoned waters, West Virginia took it personal, I’m from there.

Nuclear bomb testing, gunned down while protesting.

This ignorance is persistent, mother earth needs our assistance.

Can’t stand by idly, there’s a fight brewing inside of me.

Elephants and rhinos getting murdered for their ivory.

Families misplaced, industries they replace THEM;

It’s all about the money, what about THEM?

Pipeline running through the MOUNTAINS.

Gator belts and shark skins.

Love comes from the heart AND soul.

Our young ones gotta know,

tickin’ time bomb, and the world about to blow….

world about to blow….

not a word about the blow….

word about the blow…


Drogo Quotes 4

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I was told all my life not to pursue a career in Art or Music because they don’t make money; even my liberal artsy parents told me that… now after having died a few times and been reborn, i have a few things to say about that common statement. Popularity and Finances are only two aspects of the game called LIFE. First off we should not all strive to be Mega-stars who ‘make it big’ because the very concept is based on the framework of oligarchy and i do not want to encourage plutocracy. Secondly in an equal democracy of citizen artists we have the ability to schedule or freely live our own lives and walk out our doors without getting assaulted by pop-art-artsy (capitalist journalism). Thirdly i would rather live in a nut-house with no bills to pay, than not be able to draw or make noise and still be expected to pay bills – and not even get free medicine.


Treat yourself good, so you can do good for others, or at least be nice to those that deserve it.


Patience is a key to happiness, influence, and wisdom.  Patience is not always the same thing, sometimes patience means giving way to another; but other times patience is something we teach to others by taking our time in front of them on the road.


I want to take the time to say thank you to all those that take the time to communicate respectfully as equals; or at least as benevolent overlords; thank you! even when communicating in ‘drill instructor’ mode or ‘silent apathy’ mode, there is either an underlying spirit that cares, or there is not… and with patience you can recognize the pattern of behaviors for what they are. A good actor can play a villain, but check safeties on guns and go out for drinks with the actors they killed on set, to make sure there are no ill feelings left over after the parts are played. I think fear stops people from tending bridges.


i dont experience time in a strictly linear way; most moments my mind is leaping back and forth between the past, future, and fiction; like a work song or marching cadence – living in the present flow but transcending with memory and imagination. I am sure this is indeed how most minds work.


In the game of Progress, setbacks remembered become steps forward quite quickly.


Gonzo architecture means becoming the project; and authority is a mask for violence.


Running a system requires knowing problems to solve them, and the wisdom to peacefully rest to renew energy. Measured medicine with meditation can help to calm unquiet minds, to solve problems better. Goddess Sophia grant us the wisdom to know what we have the power to change, and what we have no control over.

SCOD Punk Rock Songs

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Mosh mosh mosh, Oi oi oi

Mosh mosh mosh, Oi oi oi

Run around and show off your color!

If you have a dollar give it to your brother!

Dance around until your souls go dim,

(what i really wanna know is….)

Are you as funked up as I am?!?

Mosh mosh mosh, Oi oi oi






Musician Chris McKinley “Rise of Tides”

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Chris McKinley

Band “Rise of Tides”

1. Why did you start “Rise of Tides”:

To make waves, big waves, little waves, all kinds of ripples in space. Though, it was actually another band when I started, called Sidewalk Renegade. The name Rise of Tides came from an old song we wrote called, “Saw You”. The intro lyrics went:

“Improvised discreetly
A coupe disguised keenly
Masquerading as democracy…
I see waves crashing and crushing
I see masses combined as One rushing
To the lands where the sands of time are sold by the dime
Appearing here before my eyes
A rise of tides”

And so that’s the kind of vision that Rise of Tides was born out of, and the way we found the name.

It’s been an ongoing process of co-creation. Initially I was just a shy poet at heart that was fortunate enough to be encouraged to sing and suddenly found in music that most potent form of communication and greatest fulfillment I’d ever experienced, so the rest just fell into place.

2. Tell us a little bit about your band:

It’s really just us and our hearts, so perhaps saying anything’s saying too much when the music itself is the best communication.

We are like minded artists with a shared deep appreciation for the power of music, (art in general)’s capacity to effect change and inspire progression, inside one’s own self and the outside world.

We all have a deep love for the art, are moved and inspired by that vital, most open expression this rich medium grants us. We enjoy music of every variety (that is, honest music made for open-hearted creation’s sake) and find the phenomenon of sounds as music fascinating for when brought together they seem to be able to engender high-level communion, fullest communication, share joy, make sadness beautiful, offer reflection, empathy and personal connection, even revelation in so many emotionally riveting ways.

3. How does your music express progressive ideas?
Rise of Tides supports all progressive movements where Peace is the Way, supporting eco-consciousness, co-creation, self-reflection, and growth through expansion of self.

I would say that there’s a lot that can be read into lyrics-wise, for those interested, though it’s the music the guys in the band create that gives the context.

For me our music simply feels like a natural evolution of rock music with various influences that help us push the boundaries, thus in this way it could be said to be progressive as well (though commercial radio may have confused things a bit over the years). Fortunately we’re no longer limited to radio to explore and find new music to appreciate.

4. What are some of your favorite progressive ideas?
I’ll provide a few quotes that chime with me.

“The true value of a human being is determined primarily by the measure and the sense in which he he has attained to liberation from self.” -Einstein

“To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men,—that is genius.” -Emerson

And Martin Luther King Jr:
“I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values….
True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it is not haphazard and superficial. It comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring….
This call for a world-wide fellowship that lifts neighborly concern beyond one’s tribe, race, class and nation is in reality a call for an all-embracing and unconditional love for all men. This oft misunderstood and misinterpreted concept — so readily dismissed by the Nietzsches of the world as a weak and cowardly force — has now become an absolute necessity for the survival of man. When I speak of love I am not speaking of some sentimental and weak response. I am speaking of that force which all of the great religions have seen as the supreme unifying principle of life. Love is somehow the key that unlocks the door which leads to ultimate reality.”

5. How important is “Organic” design in your life, as opposed to simple mechanical design? For example in the food you eat, buildings you live in, and work you do…

Poetry, music and artistic-activism are my life’s true work. Aside from that I’ve been health conscious as far as what I eat and drink for a large part my life now, buying from organic farmers through Fair-Trade whenever possible. Especially by supporting local farmers by visiting local farmer’s markets.

I support the rising world revolutions for peace and justice, free and open software movements, the KillerCoke campaign, GnosticMedia, TragedyandHope, among many other positive-action groups.

Organic just makes sense. Eco-consciousness allows us work with naturally efficiency that is most conducive to long term enjoyment and survival of this living, Earthen mother-ship. The excess industrialization our living planet suffers can be heavy and distressing, I’ve found it helpful to remember this wonder that has created us as such able stewards and this gives me great hope, understanding that this is all just part of the process. Ever seen Woody Harrelson’s flash-poem? “Thoughts from Within?”

6. Do you have any other plans for future “Development” of these or any other goals? Advice for others?

Rise of Tides supports Ubuntu/Linux and the free and open software movement and look forward to doing a lot of work in this regard. We are excited to be kicking it off this year with the Ubuntu partnership and coming very soon, as well as new tracks from our first official album release!!!
We are presently preparing a couple of new members to tour with us, though very soon you shall be able to find us supporting various righteous, progressive movements, positive campaigns, festivals, benefits and would love suggestions if anyone knows of something they feel Rise of Tides should be involved in.
Advice for others? To live an authentic life. To question everything. To seek Truth and inquire within. Love without condition. Be willing to be wrong in order to know what’s right. Watch Paul Stamets Ted Talks on 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World. Stay young at heart. Always leave room to grow, and don’t eat the yellow snow, unless it’s after a reindeer that looks like he thinks he’s flying and you want to go flying with him, then go for it, but really, that’s at your own risk.

Chris’s related links:

links to the band’s pages!/riseoftides

Video for Lullaby can be found online as well @

Woody Harrelson’s “Thoughts From Within”

Woody Harrelson’s Video for his Poem

Japanese Words

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Drogo’s favorite Japanese Words


yes – hai


no – eiyae


good afternoon / day – konnichi wa


good evening – konban wa


good bye – sayonara


thank you (very much) – domo (oregato)


please – dozo


call – denwa




school – gakko


class – jikyo


friend – tomodachi


blackboard – kokuban


pencil – empitsu


paper – kami


after school class – juku


small work group – han


straw mat – tatami


apartment building – danchi


pinball machine – panchinko


Japanese writing character – kanji


warrior – samurai


warlord – shogun


foreigners – gaikokujin


cashier – kaikei


cash – genkin


uketori – receipt


today – kyo


yesterday – kino


bath – basu


book – hon


car – jidosha


chewing gum – mu


rain – ame


cloud – kumo


fog – kiri


wind – kaze


hot – atsui


fire – kaji


man – hitori


cow – meushi


crab – kani


ant – ari


fly – hae


earth – chikyu


teeth – ha


diving – tobikomi


wise – kashikoi









Celtic Welsh Words

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Drogo’s List of Celtic Welsh Words

adeilad = building           aderyn (adar) = bird

ahnod = difficult

afon = river                   agor = open

allan = out                      afal = apple     alban= scotland

amser= time                  anfon = send

anghofio = forget          = remember

anghywir = wrong        de = right, south

anferth = huge              anadlu = breathe

annwyd, sal = illness             ar = on

ar unwaith = at once    araf = slow   argoll= lost

arbennig = special arian = money

aros = stay, wait           arwydd = sign

at = to, at, located

bach, bychan = small     byr = short

bardd- bird singer        balch = proud, happy

bara = bread

byd = world

bellach, nawr= now              beth = what

blodyn, blodau= flower blwyddyn = year

bob = always, every              bodlon = satisfied, willing

bore = morning      brifo = hurt

brokk- by rocks (brook), badger

bron = almost (brown=brown)     brwnt, budr = dirty

bryn = hill              bys = finger   byw = live

bwydo = feed          bwthyn = cottage

cadair = chair        cae. maes = field    cael = get

cath = cat               casau = hate           cartre = home

caled = hard           canu = sing     caru = love

carr (karr) – to carry, a cart

ceg = mouth   cegin = kitchen      celwydd – lie

ci (gi)= dog               cig = meat       clwb=club       coch=red

coed = wood   coffi=coffee   costus=expensive

cor – short, dwarf

corff = body   crac = angry         crwn=round

cywm, cwm, quim, dyfryn= valley, feminine

cwrw =beer   cychwyn =start

cyfarchion = greetings        croeso = welcome

cyllell = knife         cymorth = help      cymru = wales

cystal = so, equal   cysgu = sleep         cynnes = warm

chi = you         chwalu = destroy          chwarae = play

da = good, right      do = yes  de = right, south

dal, tal= tall, catch        danfon = send

darn = piece   diflannu = disappear

diwedd = end          din = home, hearth        dinas = city

diod = drink            diolch = thank you

dod = come, bring          dogfen = document

dolmen = daol (long flat) + maen (main stone)

deon, dion = dune, hill, fort, man

drwg = bad     drws = door           dwr = water

derwydd = der (oak) + (wydd) wood, druid

dydd = day

(llun = Monday, mawrth = Tuesday, mercher = Wednesday, iau = Thursday, gwener = Friday, sadwrn = Saturday, sul =Sunday)

dyfodol = future for a man         dyn, dion = man

e, fe = he, him, it

efo = with       eistedd= sit     ennill = win, earn

eto = again

fanna = there        fel = like, as    finnau, i = i, me

fferm = farm         ffordd= way  fforest=forest

gaea= winter gawl= call       gan = by

gardd=garden        golygus= good looking

gwanwyn= spring         gwynt = wind

gogledd= north      gorllewin= west

haf = summer        heulog= sunny       hi= she, her, it

heno = tonight

hithau= she, it        hwon= this, one

hunan= self            isal = lower    ian = up

karr- car, cart, carry

lloegr= england     llong= ship

mai= that

mab, mabon= son            mam= mother

math = type of kind       mawr= big

mel = honey    menywn = woman, butter

mynd = go       naddo, nage = no            neb= no-one

nature=nature      neis=nice        newydd=new

ni = we, us      nesa = next, near

nofio= swim

nol = fetch      nos= night               o = of, from

oer= cold        os, pe = if

pan = when     pen= head, end       peth= thing

pleant= child          poeth= hot      pont= bridge

pwy= who               rhoi= give, put

sut= how         syth= straight

tad = father   tan = until       teg= fair    tegan=toy

talu= pay        taro = hit        tirlun= landscape

torri= break, cut          tau= about apx.      tu= side

troed = foot, trod         ty= house

wyneb = face         wedyn= then, later       wy = egg

yr= the           yma= here      yn= in      un= one


dw i = i am              wt ti = you are

o’n i = i was             o’t ti =  you were

maen nhw = they are

“keep-a-look” = look       -ydd, -nnod, -oedd, -nau

na fydda= no i wont be

Celtic Gaelic Words

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Drogo’s Guide to Gaelic (Remnants of an ancient Celtic Language)

Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic), Gaidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)

(An evolved into Am= a, an, the) Ann=in it   -an = plural

Abair (radh)= say          Agus = and, as

Alba = Scotland     Alasdair= Alexander

Abhainn (aving)= River

Am Maireach (amarach) = Tomorrow

An Nochd(nochk)= tonight   An Raoir(rawir)=lastnight

An De = yesterday      Maduinn (ma-ting)= morning

An Drasda= Now         An Seo(sho)= here

Air= On it     Air son= for          Air Falbh= Away, off

Arm = Army         Aran= bread          As = Out, off

Barton = Britain           Blathan (blahan)= flowers

Buail (boil)= strike         Baile (bala)= Town

Boidheach (boyach) = bonnie, beautiful

Boirionnach (borunach)= woman

Bruich (brooech)= boil, cook        Beag, bige(beeka)= tiny

Cearn (-a, -an)=region, corner, kitchen

Creidsinn (kretshing)= believing, thinking

Cuir = put       Caileag (kalag)= girl

Car (cuir)= twist, bend, trick      Co= who

Cor= (coir, cuir)= condition, state

Coille (kyleya), fiodha= wood       Craobh (kroov)=tree

Ceo (kyo)= Mist     Ceum (kaym)= step, walk

Cum (cumail) = keep, hold             Crion = withered

Dail (dalach, dailthean)= riverside meadow

Damhair= October      Dana= bold     Dara= second

Dhachaidh (dachy) =Home   Taigh (taee) =House

Dheas = South       Dheasol= southern

Dion(a) = protect, shelter            Druidh=Druid

Dona = Bad            Math (ma)= Good

Doon = Fort          Do / Gus / chun= To

Dorra= difficult           Doire = grove       Droch = bad

Each = Horse         Ear, Sear= East

Eire (Ire or Erin)= Ireland   Fasa= easier

Fan=stay  Fann(faoon)= weak

Fios (fiss)/Eolas= knowledge       Graidh = Love

Gaidhlig = Gaelic   Gearr= short, cut        Gun=that

Iain = John             Iasg = fish      Iar, Siar= West

Im (eem)=butter

Lugha, beag = smaller, less

Loch (loch)= lake            Leig (lyayk)= let

Mal =rent      Mac= son       Math= (Maa)

Maighstir (maystir)=Master

Mo= my         Mor= bigger         Moran = many

Nollaig (nolig)= Birth / Christmas

Oran = song          Oraid = speech

Pogue = Kiss / Male prostitute

Righ Deorsa (ree jorsa)= King George

Banrigh Ealasaid = Queen Elizabeth

Rug = catch, bore, lay

Seomar(shomar)= room       Sgriobh(skreev)= Write

Seolta (sholta) = wide-awake, cute      Solair = supply

Sid (side) = weather

Sinn (shin)= shall not     Sine (Sheena)= Jean, older

Sion = Something, anything          Sith = peace, quietness

Sgian(skean)= knife        Suidh (sooee)= sit

Siubhail (seubal)= go, walk, die

Slainte (slanche)= (toast to your) health, toast, cheers!

Slighe = way, path, road       Sluagh = people, public

Sneachd (snaech)= snow

Samhuinn (Samna) = November

Samhradh (samhraid) = Summer

Smaoin / Smuain (smooin) = thought

T= ch              Tart = thirst

Tapa Leat/Leibh(layv) = Thank you

Teine = a fire        Teth = hot      Tearlach= Charles

Tir (cheer)= land, country          Tog = lift

Trath (tra)= early

Tuath = North, left, deiseil (against the sun)

Deiseil, deiseal = ready, southward

Ulaidh(e) = Treasure

Ululo (Latin= I howl) Ululatus = Celtic Warcry / Ululare = To Cry or Cheer

Ur = your              Ubh (oo)= Egg

Drogo Quotes II

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I try to think to myself, “How can I make things better?”

Regarding communication, society, and friendship; i am most grateful to know others that are grateful, and I love giving to those who give. Trust of reciprocation is a treasure earned.


The more a warrior knows War, Death, and Violence; the more that warrior should seek Peace, if there is any compassion or empathy for humanity within them.


Ringo of the Beatles said it was all about the music for him; but for me when i play any type of art with others it is about the emotional passion (like love) and self expression, and with friends it is more about my connection with them than what notes anyone hits.


There must be a conscious effort to change our dependence on an addiction, if it is not taken away.


Sometimes one can become so used to physically fighting, sometimes one forgets that other people do not do it at all.  Sometimes I forget, and it is very hard to explain to people that are scared or abhor violence of any kind, that not all strikes are meant to kill or even to maim.


“A Favor for a Favor”
“Appearance of Reality”
“Leave no turn unstoned.”
“All Things In Moderation”
“All Things Are Relative”
“All Things are merely are re-mingling of things past”
Its going to be safer, after this dangerous part.


Service: people dont care how much we know, until we show them how much we care.


Here are 2 interviews I did that will help explain my positions and opinions regarding art.




Redefining and Rewording some terms for modern personal use: ‘Finding The One’ = ‘Realizing what kinds of human interaction i like, and finding at least one person to do some of those with’; ‘Slut’ = ‘Seeker’ (one open to or wanting sexuality, sensuality, or at least affection with certain people); ‘Stuck-up Prude’ = ‘Guard’ (not wanting sexuality or even affection from certain people, not wanting to give affection); ‘Good’ = changes from impossible critical standards to human local organic standards….

Trainor Poems: Flame Daggers

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They burn brightly when close
Their bodies casts shadows and each is eclipsed
Both fail to act and plan to act again tomorrow
Wearing smiles like makeup but not getting too close
To avoid the wrinkles and their rightful focus
Broken promises have become currency
Words now light and meaningless
unless sharpened and used as intimate daggers
Intent to invent reasons to destroy us
Without understanding how deeply connected
Alone they cannot sever the soul tendrils
That will pain them forever

Thoughts spark and memory burns
Cloaked as smoke the past escapes
Returning to the chamber of conception
I try to remember what it was
Replete with emptiness new and old
Yesterday is homeless and emotion is gravity
Folding in on itself like a star
Back to the confinement of cells
Whatever it is I feel it in my arms

– The Trainor

Symbolic Sticks and Stones

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This is what Bi-Polar actor Stephen Fry said when he received a rude comment and decided to leave Twitter: “Well maybe I’ll see how I feel in a few days. Very low and depressed at the moment and any drop of meanness makes it so much worse. Sorry.”

When famous people are affected by other people’s comments, it can be exponentially worse than people with less social networking because there are more people to potentially bring them down. Although sometimes all it takes is one comment when one is vulnerable. If someone only has one friend in the World, and they feel offended by them; it can be even worse as so much rides on that one opinion.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” This old spell is a common mind-over-mind mantra, and there are others. “I’m rubber, you’re glue; words bounce off of me and stick to you.” These can be used as a Ward against Words. Its only when we allow our perceived sentiments of other people’s opinions to bother us, that our feelings become symbolic sticks and stones. Symbolic sticks and stones may not directly break our bones, but can break our Will and Spirit to Live.