Ruins of the Roman Forum

Ruins of the Roman Forum

These are some of the famous ruins of the Roman Forum in Rome, Italy. I used these sketches based on my memories and personal favorites.

Here is a basic map to show their relative locations.

Only a few columns remain for some of these historic buildings, but they represent past glory and eternal nostalgia. Here are notes on each of them.

1. Senate House Curia Julia – whole

2. Arch of Septimus Severus – whole

3. Temple of Saturn – 8 columns, gable

3. Temple of Vespasian – 3 columns, corner fascia

4. Diocletian Column of Phocas – whole

5. Temple of Vesta – 3 1/2 columns, wall

6. Temple of Gemini – 3 columns, fascia


2 Responses to “Ruins of the Roman Forum”

  1. Excellent drawings … especially if done from memory ! Have you tried Google sketchup ?

    • Ed, Thank you for your excellent compliment. I used my memories to guide which photos I felt represented them best. Then I got the basic lines to represent the ruins from the photos. I like your website images of your creative design and construction projects. Your Google Sketch-ups look great!

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